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Lord Rama, an epitome of virtue(Shri Rama Navami: 1st April) (From Pujya Bapuji’s nectarean disdourses)

The gods realized that the people were severely distressed by Ravana’s tyranny and were crying for help. Sacrifices and other religious rite were not perfomed. Ravana did not even allow people to make offerings to gods and manes. So, they prayed to Lord Brahma. When Lord Brahma appeared, the gods narrated the tale of people’s woes that Ravana had become highly conceited possessing as he was unparalleled might.

Lord Brahma said, ”Ravana  is a devotee of Lord Shiva. He has been blessed by Him. So, let us go to Lord Shiva.”

They went to Lord Shiva and sang His praises. Lord Shiva was pleased. Lord Brahma said on behalf of the gods, “O Lord! Bestow some mercy. People are oppressed by the tyranny of Ravana, they are crying for help.” Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva but originally he had been a gatekeeper of Lord Narayane. So it will not be appropriate of I combat him now. Let his fate be decided by the Lord, whose attendant he is. ‘As it had been predestined, Lord Shiva said, “Invoke Lord Narayana by songing His praises. He alone will find a solution to the problem.”

Ordinary problems are solved by Lord Brahma; the medium ones are taclked by Lord Shiva. But this was a big problem because Ravana was not an ordinary man; he possessed many powers and abilities. He was a devotee of Lord Shiva; gods, demigods and demons all feared him. He had planned to construct a staircase to heaven as would enable all humans to go there.  

One’s own good lies doing to others (From Pujya Bapuji’s Nectarean Discourses)

If you are a daughter in law, see whether or not you are helpful to your mother-in law. If you are sister-in law, see whether you are help ful to your sister –in law. Are you helpful to your neighbour? Are you helpful to the society to God? Do you do good to a fellow being? Make a note of occasions when you helped or did good to others. The more your are helpful to others, the more you do good to others, the more will good happen to you. The logic is very simple. When everyone around you eats well and maintains good health, you too will get enough food. If all around you are happy, you too will be happy. And if your attitude is, ‘let other go to and I should get happiness and respect,’ you will go to the lowly species like sheep and goat.

‘’O man, lamenting about your miserable conditions, learn to smile Be helpful to others; learn to alleviate their pains and suffering. Eating is not as enjoyable as feeding others is. The life is very short; learn to be helpful to others.’’

What is the difference in the attitudes of Arjuna and Duryodhana? Arjuna says ‘They for whose sake I want to wage a war stand here in battle on both sides ready to die. How can I enjoy the kingship of Hastinapur if they die? I’ll not fight such a war. When there will be a bloodbath and the killers too are wiped out then what shall I do with this kingdom? So I’ not fight.’ To the contrary, what does Duryodhana say? His attitude is devoid of thoughtfulness whereas Arjuna’s is considerate. Duryodhana gives command thoughtlessly and recklessly for his selfish gains. Duryodhana says:

‘They are ready to lay down their live for my sake.’ (Gita:1.9)
They will die but I’ll get the kingdom (of Hastinpur).’ His attitude is egocentric. The selfish person is unhappy and restless. His intellect become stunted what does Arjuna say? His attitude is altruistic.
‘They for whose sake we desire kingdom enjoyments and pleasures stand here in battle, having renounced life and wealth.

(Gita: 1.33)
‘They for whose sake I want to wage a war stand here in battle. The why should I fight?’ Arjuna’s attitude aims at good of all. As the war was waged with a beneficent motive behind it, Yudhishtra became victorious, and attained the kingship of Hastinapur. Lord Krishna’s supreme knowledge is glorified. It was for public good. It served the virtuous people and oppressed the wicked. Arjuna fights for the good of others whereas Duryodhana fights to satisfy his egomaniacal desire.

What makes your life divine? It is when your resolves and actions are for the wellbeing of many. Say you think for the good of your family members. Then your soothing words would remove their suffering. Your demeanour should be conducive to good of others. It should not hurt their feelings. Do not wear such clothes that could cause jealousy or vexation others. Never speak harsh and acerbic words.  `Blind is the progeny of a blind man.`These harsh words harsh the great war of Mahabharata in which millions were killed.
“Speak such words that destroy your egotism. You yourself are composed and make other calm.
Whose wealth does the crow steal; to whom does the cuckoo give? The cuckoo`s sweet songs win the hearts
Of all.”

As Arjuna wishes good of all how can evil befall him? Similarly when I wish good of all, don’t they exend a respectful welcome to me? Is this not the sign of an intellect blessed with divine grace? If I come with some

Selfish motive, I`m sure none can wait for long hours so respectfully.            

 “Brother, there is no virtue like benevolence and no sin like causing pain to other.”
Your good lies in the good of others because the Supreme Lord abiding in heart is the same
Abiding in your heart.

Pearls of wisdom (from Pujya Bapuji`s nectream discourses)

A hot iron pan cannot be cooked be until and unless cold water is poured on it. Similarly, the fires of lust, anger, greed, and delusion continue to torment the embodied soul until and unless the nectarine water of worship of Supereme Lord, I the form Omkara, is sprinkled on his heart.

 Conceit of Garuda and Sudarshana laid low
(From Pujya Bapuji`s Nectarean precepts)

Once upon a tine Hanumanji laid low  the conceit of Garuda and Sudarshana. Sudarhana and Garuda
Did not recognize anyone superior to them.
Lord  Krishna sent Garuda Hanumanji to invite him. Garuda went,and said to Hanumanji, “Let`s go, Krishna has invited you.”

Hanumanji said, “you g, I am coming.” “You will take many days to reach. You come with me.”
“No you go. I`ll meet you there.”

There was a squabble between Hanumanji and Garuda. Hanumanji  Hanumanji caught  Garuda and
Hurled him so forcefully that he started flapping his wings near the sea of Dwarika, (the City of Krishna).

Lord Krishna had ordered Sudarshana that Hanumanji had been invited but nobody should be allowed
To enter Dwarika . Sudarshana guarded the city of Dwarika patrolling on all sides. Hanumanji reached
Dwarika before Garuda. Sudarshana said, “I will not let you enter.”

Hanumanji  said, “Oh child, why do you stop me” Lord has invite me, Garuda is coming behind. You can ask him.” Yet Sudarshana didn’t allow him to enter. Then Hanumanji caught him and placed in own mouth and thus laid low the concient of Sudarshana. Though he had laid low the conceit of Garuda, he did not feel proud of it. Habumanji was such a servant. So it is said,

‘Victory, victory, victory, to the saint Hanuman,
Like a Guru, please show mercy on us.’
Hanumanji is not expected to show mercy like a Guru.

Young Revolutionary Saint Dinesh Bahraini (Who Played a Crucial Role In The Amarnath Shrine Board):

 O people of India! Send your youth to Bapujis’s ‘Dhyana Yoga Shivir’; send your children to Bapuji’s Bal Sanskar Kendra so that mother India may get protected from division. Let parents’ worship be performed at every village, every street. We will present the brilliance of Indian to the whole world.

 Dr. Acharya Ramgopal Shukla (Managing Director, varadana T.V Channel):
We should bow to our parents and touch their feet. This country has made progress under the protective shelter of Bapuji and others saints. Just think whether it is desirable to greet passions, desires in the name of offering a rose. Indian Culture says:

‘God is in you, god is in me, god pervades all, Love all beings in the world; there is nobody not-own.’

Therefore, turn your love towards self-study and good samskaras and surrender yourself at Bapuji’s feet. You receive His blessings. At the same time. Ganga of Knowledge will flow and sweep away the muck of ignorance. Let us worship the parents as also other elders on 14th February every year.

Swami Ghanshyamanandji the Chairman of vedic Divine AssociationL,
Western scholar once said, ‘if wealth is lost, nothing, is lost; if health is lost; something is but if character is lost, everything is lost.’ But the fellow did not know about our Bapuji I say to him, Even refuge with Bapuji will make him virtuous and pure.’

Dr. Bhishmanarayana Singh (formerly served as the governor In seven states, former union minister and renowned Gandhian):
Don’t forget three mothers. First is you own mother. You owe your earthly existence to her; second is your mother tongue and third is the motherland. Gandhiji also used to say so.
‘Your mother and your motherland are greater than even the heaven.’
Dr. Ajayprakash Mishra, Chairman, indoAmerican Friendship Association:
Whenever our culture has been attacked it has been protected by our able saints right the beginning. Alexander the great defeated Porus but he could not rule this county. His Macedonian general, Seleucus conducted a study and came to know that saints of this county give education to the people. They have united the society and that makes it impossible for alien forces to achieve their objectives.

Chairman, prerana Sabha, worldReverd Sant Sri Asharamji Bapu:
Narayana- Narayana… heart deeply anguished for the reason that while people say it is the ‘age growth and advancement’ I find it to be the age of ruination for the youth. Never before in past was such an age as destructive as the present one. Pure milk is not available; pure air is not available; pure thoughts are not available. As soon as the vibrancy of youth comes, it is nipped in the bud by evil thoughts. L am not against anybody but my heart is pained to see the ruin of humanity. Youths of our country as well as other countries are ruining themselves by giving rose flowers to one another and gazing at each other lecherously. It anguished my heart. I tried on my own for the last six years. Now I have involved all these saints. It is the Asha (hope) of Asharam that this world should be freed from the fatal grip of depravity with the joint effort of all these saints and great souls.

When a child respects mother, father, the Father of the Universe gives joy in his heart most certainly.
This storm has come from foreign countries. We don’t oppose it we want to change the direction this western storm which will do good to them also. Do celebrate love day but with the feeling Regard your mother as a god; regard your father as a god; passion and lust give a bad name to love. There is a big difference between love and lust.

‘Where there is God there is no lust, where there is lust there is no God’, Tulsidas says, Lust and God do not go together Justas the sun and night do not go together.
Lust is centre in the lower Chakras. It gives rise to sexual excitement, thoughtless gratification of desires. And love is centre in the upper Chakras. It makes one thoughtful, it give eternal Joy. And it helps one behold oneself in all creatures.
 Lecherous people show love by giving flowers and using obscene words, which I don’t have in my vocabulary. This leads man to destruction. I don‘t want that people only of this country should be elevated. May the whole of humanity be saved from the storm of lust and go forward on the path of self-restraint and virtue and live a healthy, happy and honourable life, and may good come to the whole world-this is the cultural heritage of India.

‘May all be happy.’ I don’t want to contradict any body I do want that if one of our brethren has gone astray and is giving a flower to neighbor girl thereby losing his right of calling her sister’ and the sister by accepting the flower from him is becoming an object of lust-I do want that such sons and daughters of mine should get proper guidance to come on the right path.

Even otherwise they are getting a raw deal…they don’t get a nutritious diet; pure ghee is not available, pure milk is not available; clean environment is not available. Just at the onset of puberty they start wasting their sexual fluid giving flowers to each other under the influence of obscene materials and traits they get today. Parents of such students come to me and complain, ‘Bapuji! He secured good marks until eighth class but now he doesn’t study properly and is unable to get through.’ Parents are distressed. I feel distressed on their miserable condition. My heart feels pain on seeing the shrunken cheeks of our children. On seeing the loss of memory power of children, I thought of doing something for them. I am not interested in countering anybody but I am interested in spreading the cultural values taught by my Gurudev. In stead of saying, ‘Don’t do this’, I tell people, ‘Do this’. When the good things are practiced.

Evil habits are automatically abandoned imagine a child is sucking an earthen mango toy.. Mother says, Leave it; otherwise I will break your hand.’ The child leaves it out of fear but as soon as the mother left the place, he picks it again. But what did a wise mother do? She gave her child a real mango and said, ‘My son! The mango you are sucking is made of clay. Sucking it will make is made of clay. Sucking it will make you ill. Take this real mango.’

Sucking the real mango, the child en joys its taste and never thinks of sucking the toy mango similarly by celebrating parents’ worship Day, children will learn true virtue and they will also get their parents’ blessing. They will be saved from lust passions, and will excel in their studies. After marriage, they will give birth to children, of course living a life of restraint and moderation. The Lord says:
‘In (all) beings, I am the desire unopposed to Dharma, O Arjuna!’ (Gita:7.11)

The desire not contrary to Dharma is Divine; it sustains the Creation. But it pains me to see boys and girls ruining their live by indulging in dalliance even before marriage at the stage of life meant for studies. Any harm of any kind to humanity makes my heart melt. –

 pujya Bapuji’s hearet Acharya Devaprakash Devashreeji:
The anguish of pujya Bapuji is now shared by all of us because he does not feet it for his personal interest but for the whole country, society and the world, for our present, and for our secure future. If this anguish is ignored, it will cause a great difficulty for the country. Future of our young generation will be doomed. i want only to say that my nine lakhs followers will remain ready to serve you, and to serve the nation, whenever you may command. All of us will have to work to together for protection and preservation of Dharma.

Pujya Bapuji’s Holy Message to young Generation
‘Spread the fragrance like a rose. May the world know you.’
Lead a healthy, happy and honourable life, a life of self-control and virtue, saving yourself from the storming of passions and desires.  Live with the pious motive of bringing peace and prosperity to yourself and to your parents. May all good come to you and to all who meet you.
What’s the relation of worshipping parents with good performance in studles?
 Those in doubt about it should study the conclusion of research work carried out in USA by Jane Kim, an attorney immigration specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Soo Kim Abboud, a surgeon and clinical assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania. ‘How do Asian students get to the top of the class in American universities and schools?’ Research carried out on this subject revealed that was so because they respect their elders obey their parents. They study hard and do well in school to secure a bright future. Even those who don’t believe in saints and Shastras of Indian culture have to accept these teachings (of Shastras), and have to teach western students to respect their parents to get good results.

Those who respect their parents can’t spool their character by celebrating Valentine Day. Living with selfcontrol, they will protect their Brahmacharya and will develop their intellectual faculties, which will help them to get good academic results.

Shri kalki peethadhish Acharya Swami pramod krishnamji Maharaj, Chairman, Northern India Chapter of Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti:

We know that if no saint is borne, there will be no body to promote and protect dharma. But how many people want a saint or a Bhagat Singh (a patriot) to take birth in their families? It is a bitter truth we want our country produce Bhagat Singh and saints but in others, homes. A king should be born in my home. Lf this goes on and we don’ t stop making our children marketers a day will come when there will be a question mark over our family system and the day is not far when the relationship between a brother and a sister, between a son or daughter and parents will be history.

I haven’t attended any shivir of Bapuji till now. I have seen Bapuji for the first time today. O Bapuji! I have come face to face with you today but I heartily devoted to you for a long time. What you are alluding to is pure and pious.Our scriptures say to the Lord:

‘O Lord! Thou art my mother; Thou art my father…’
Kabirji goes one step further. He says, ‘O Lord! You are my mother and I am your child. Why don’t you forgive my faults? A son goes on committing mistakes but mother does not heed them.’

Bapuji! Your pious initiative is not for you nor for the saints that have assembled here, It is the message for the future of our nation. I offer my whole-hearted sup-port and cooperation in this Endeavour and pay obeisance to you. I salute you. I respect your initiative.

Sant Shri Devakinandan Thakurji Maharaj:
Even today our country is world-teacher because nobody in the world has fathomed the greatness of our culture and tradition till this day.

Pujya Bapuji has kindled the lamp to inaugurate a new tradition to celebrate parents’ worship Day in place of Valentine Day. It will get established in our home forever like the kumbha Mala.

We are leaving this place with pujya Bapuji’s inspiration to worship parents every year on 14th February for the whole life. We will do it and the next generation too will do it. And they will pass on this tradition to their successors telling them who initiated it.

Acharya yuva Lokesh Munishreeji Maharaj, Ahimsa Vishwa Bharati, Jain Samaj:
On this great occasion, I salute Sant Sri Asharamji Bapu who has accepted a great challenge to protect and pro-mote the Indian culture. He has given a call to celebrate parents’ Worship Day in accordance with the Indian culture instead of Valentine Day. The biggest crisis today is that of cultural Values. There was a time when one could find just one cinema hall in a suburb if at all. But today bedroom of every home has become a cinema hall. In such critical times, if we want to preserve our Indian culture, we can do only through greats like pujya Bapuji. As the name is Asharamji Bapu, he is a ray of Asha (hope) to the entire world.

Bapuji. You call in respect of celebrations on 14th February is bilateral.On one side, we have to enlighten the next generation about our great culture; and on the other, we have to awaken the guardians to their duties and responsibilities.

The voice of the people assembled at this Ramlila Maidan of Noida, in response to pujya Bapuji’ s call make a new history of the Indian nation. I assure you on behalf of ‘Vishwabharati and the jain community; rather express my determination that in the times to come, we will create an atmosphere fully conducive to this Endeavour and will achieve new goals in this direction.

Swami Shri Gangadasji, Vice president, Virakta Vaishnav Mandal, Punjab Sadhu samaj:
The purpose behind the incarnation of our beloved Bapuji is only to make this world auspicious, joyous and blissful. Saints are living God. Therefore, I heartily congratulate all present and wish that we all may follow Bapuji’s advice in our life and thereby transform the whole nation.

Bhai Chamanjit Singhji:
Saints come to unite us with God and they give a gift to the jiva. Some give gift of wealth, some clothes, some silver, gold and land etc. but saints give us the gift of Bahakti. It is impossible to count as to how many births we have taken. Let us give this birth to our Sadguru. Let us spend the rest of our lives remembering the Sadguru and obeying his commands.

Prerana Sabha: Guiding the world from decadence to divine life

The saints of India are initiators and propagators of such great traditions that place India in the forefront of peace, happiness and harmony in the world. Today even foreigners get joy, and peace from the gifts of yoga, Self knowledge, and meditation received from sages, and Self-Realized great men of India. On the contrary the society in general and young men and women in particular are aping blindly the western customs and manners being over-whelmed by them. The mad rush for Valentine Day and other imported festivals is a clear design to weaken the students and youth. To save the society this social evil, a campaign for celebrating 14th February as ‘parents’ worship Day’ in stead of Valentine Day  has launched under pujya Sant sri Asharamji Bapu’ s auspices for the last six years. To inspire the whole world to observe parents’ worship Day, a prerana Sabha was held on 14th February this year at Ramalila Maidan, Noida (U.P) wherein many saints awakened the society with their brilliant and vibrant thoughts:

Mahamandaleshwar Swami parmatmanandji Maharj: I bow at the feet of highly venerable, highly revered, Sadguru, Sant Sri Asharmaji Bapu, a glorious great man of the world. Would like to express the reverence for him that fills my heart in the following words:

‘There is no creature more industrious than the ant; there is nothing higher than the sky; there is nothing deeper than the sea, there is no mountain higher the Himalayas; There is no paramhamsa like Sanaka and his brothers; And there is no Saint like Sant Sri Asharmji Bapu.’

His Divine Holiness has suggested for the celebration of parents’ worship Day. They (western people) have glorified desire. It is not good for an unmarried girl to celebrate any Day with a boy. It is blemish to our country. Today I salute Bapuji for this. He has created a new idea of ‘parents’ Worship Day‘ to erase this national stigma. It is to be remembered that when a girl celebrates any Day with any boy, it is an expression of and indulgence in desire. And when the same girl and boy bow at the feet of their parents, It is a form of worship. His Divine Holiness saved the young generation from desire and opened the door to worship.

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Devendernanda Giriji (Secretary-General, Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti):
 If there is true love in the heart, it turns even a stone into God. And to the true love if the holy company of the Guru is added, it becomes all the more inspiring! Bapuji!‘I have seen even a stone melting with
the warmth of your love.

I have seen fortune smile on many a wretched soul.
Whoever was blessed by you was
saved from the jaws of death.’
I just want to say about Bapuji that:
‘How can we the describe your virtues,
You are a sea of virtues?
With your gracious glance bestow life even on death.’
The way the programme is planned, I am sure Bapuji is leading us to a new destination.

Pujya Bapujis’ birthday: A day of altruistic activities for the sadhakas

(Pujya Bapuji’s 72nd birth anniversary: 11th April)
(From pujya Bapuji’s nectarean discourses)

Why do we celebrate birthday? The idea is to take stock of the knowledge, peace of mind and Bhakti cultivated in the past years and to make further progress on the path of attaining God- realization, equanimity and glory of the real self.

What is ‘birth’? Manifestation of the Unmanifest is caller birth. And what is Avatarna (incarnation)? Avatara means descent from above. For example, if the president of a nation comes to his office to help a stenographer, works with him and assists him in his work, it is Avatarana. The terms Avatarana, birth, manifestation, have their respective meanings and interpretations; but the question is what benefit we derive from comprehending these. By understanding the meaning of these and reflecting thereon we will be delivered from the bondage of karma body-consciousness, identification with pain, and delusion of pleasure and pain.

 Celebrating the jayanti of the Lord, Avatarana divas of a saint, or our own birth-day, if it is celebrated in accordance with scriptural dicta, it appears to be a worldly karma (ceremony) but it aims making for progress in the otherworldly sphere. If the celebration takes place in the presence of a saint, it elevates one spiritually as well.

Some people celebrate their birthdays by cutting cakes, blowing out lighted candles and with the blown air send droplets of saliva contaminating the cake with millions of bacteria. People eat that and sing’ Happy birthday to you.’ This is the western style of birthday celebration, but the Indian culture disapproves of it Out life should proceed from darkness to light we have come through many a species living in the in the dark. Now we should illuminate our life with the radiance of our real Self. Take me from darkness to light’ is a Vedic prayer. Blowing out lighted candle, cutting stale cakes and distributing it! Horrible!  A sensible man will find the sight of one eating such cake nauseating. For the cake has been contaminated with millions of bacteria coming with puffs while blowing out the candles Some people celebrate birth-day by this western style. Satsang has enlightened the people on this subject. So there is a decline in the number of people following this style blindly. Yet some people continue to blindly ape the western style.

 The objective the celebration of birthday should to make a resolve to expand the servicer we rendered in the past with our body, to increase the loving remembrance of God we have done by our mind in the past, to increase the Knowledge we have attained by our intellect in past year. Thus we should increase the field of selfless services, knowledge of the Truth (Supreme Self), and devotional love in our life. These three things will make your birthday tremendously helpful in elevating you. But drinking and revelries make the birthday more of a ruin-day.

The body is ADHI BHAUTIK or the physical reality mind, intellect and ego belong to the ADHI DAIVK or transcendental. The knower of these two is ADHYTMIK Truth that transcends both. Lord Krishna mercifully reveals His own experience:
‘He who thus knows, in true light, my divine birth and action, leaving the body he is not born again: he attains to Me, O Arjuna.’ (Gita:4.9)

 The Lord says, ‘’O Arjuna! He who knows MY birth and action to divine, his birth and action too become divine and he come to me. He becomes one with Me.’’ Their state is like two lakes whose waters mix after the separating wall is demolished. It is not possible then to distinguish the water of one lake from that of the other. Similarly when the jive forgets its body-consciousness and the Lord, divinity is constrained, their substratum, the Supreme Brahman forth in its own glory.

 When the unmanifest jiva gets manifested it is said to have been. But what has come into manifestation is bound to get dissolved into its when. Then Jive is said to have died when the body is dead, it is con-signed to flames. Its water element will merge with cosmic element; its air and fire elements merge into their respective comic counterparts. The remaining earth element ashes and bones will merge into the earth element. Thus the manifest become Unmanifest and it is called death. Again elements be come manifest and it called birth. So the dissolution of elements or body becoming Unman fest is death, and elements coming together to from a body which is Mani fasted is birth. This cycle of birth of birth and death goes on. So The Lord says:

‘He who thus knows, in true light, my divine birth and action, leaving the body he not born again: he attains to Me, O Arjuna. (Gita:4.9)

So the Lord descends to the earth and that He dose out compassion and mercifulness. Because He descends out compassion, the Lord’s birth is said to divine; it is an incarnation. The Lord comes to the earth to save us from trouble, and to reinstall Love, Knowledge or propriety of conduct in the society. He lives Like we do; He laughs and we cries; He eats and drinks all does like we do but all this is done for elevating us. He is always equanimous in all circumstances. The birth that takes place to elevate us called incarnation.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspiration for virtue

There was once a highly successful and famous personality, always engaged in doing good to others. He was not good-looking. He had the habit of keeping a mirror with himself and several times in a day he used to himself the mirror. People wondered this strange habit of and were curious to know the reason behind this behavior

One of his close friends could not hold this curiosity and asked him as to why he looked into mirror so often. He replied in all humility, ‘Looking into the mirror inspires me to think that since God has given me an unsightly body, I should do good deeds with so much earnestness that it becomes an ideal or model for world. Those endowed with good looks should also see their faces in the mirror and think that they should not do anything that would disgrace such a wonderful gift of nature.’ This self-reflection by this pious personality inspires us to always pursue virtue. All of you are either handsome or not so handsome. Those who are handsome should be careful lest they should disgrace their handsomeness by an unwholesome act. Those who do not have good looks should think of making up the lack of good should think of making up the lack of good looks by good deeds. Work as an instrument of the Lord for the sake of the Lord. Work for the good of others.
Sri Paramhamsa Avataarji Maharaj *Those who, instead of complying with the Guru’s teachings and commandments and of practice of reverential Japa of Lord’s name, act according to the wishes of their mind cannot escape the consequence of actions.
*A perfect Sadguru holds away in all the universes. He is with his true disciple in this universes.
He with his true disciple in this as well as in other worlds.

*An earnest and sincere devotee remembers the Lord every moment of his life. Therefore, the messengers of Yama dare not come near him at the time of death

*An earnest and sincere devotee remembers the Lord every moment of his life. Therefore, the messengers of Yama dare not come near him at the time of death.

*obeying Sadguru’s command as true and perfect is verily equivalent to abiding by the Supreme Lord’s command

*If you do Sumiran (remembrance)of Lord’s You will comprehend the true glory of Sadguru and will be filled with gratitude for him.

*A perfect Guru directs the disciple towards the simplest and easiest path of spiritual practice which is enormously rewarding. There is no difficulty or in following this path and body can perform this practice every moment of his life.

One has to make sacrifices in body, mind and wealth to achieve something great even in this illusory Maya. How can one hope to attain the True and perfect Lord without renunciation?

One can attain the State of Immortality only through constant practice of reverential Japa of lord’s name

*Only if one is endowed with inner vision, is able to distinguish between one’s well wishers and selfish people. Otherwise like a sightless person, who has lost his power of discernment, one considers the Sadguru, who is supreme well wisher, as distant considers selfish men as his own

*Do all what you do for the Lord’s sake. This will save you from the bondage of ‘karma.’ If consider yourself to be the doer of actions, you will have to bear the consequences thereof.

*Do not ever misuse the endowments of the ‘supreme Benefactor.’ That is don’t be conceited don‘t cause misery to your fellow beings.

*Whatever you think or do is known to your Indweller Lord. Therefore, let every thought and every action of yours be yours be for the Lord’s pleasure.

*If you want to attain success on the spiritual path, open and honest. Do not let your mental desires and intellectual cleverness derail you from the path ordained by Sadguru.

*Do not feel jealous of others’ prosperity. Do not waste your energy feuding with them. Strive to attain self-Glory instead. Success attained by repressing others is bound to be transient.

*Be remorseful for your own misdeeds. Only if a strong revulsion for such evil deeds develops in your heart does it denote that your heart does it denote that you have atoned for the sins. Do atone for the sins committed by you do not ever feel disheartened

*Evaluate and assess your mind whether it is moving towards love and devotion for revered Sadguru’s lotus feet or towards worldly attractions. Love for the Sadguru will take you to the Supreme State whereas affection the illusory Maya will entrap you in the cycle of birth and death.