Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ways to strengthen Insightful Discrimination

(From Pujya Bapuji’s satsang)
The faculty of insightful discrimination develops from the age of ten to the age of forty. If one does not increase this faculty in this period, it starts depleting after forty. In case of one who endeavours and strengthens the faculty of insightful discrimination the period between ten and forty years of age, the faculty continues to develop even after forty years. There is a measure which if undertaken can strengthen the faculty of insightful discrimination even after forty years of age.We can divide it into seven steps. The first is to keep listening satsang.
Withot satsang there can be no sense of discrimination.
Here Tulsidasji in respect of eating and drinking, hospitality to guests and other worldly matters; the discrimination being talked about here is discriminative insight into the questions-what is Atman; what is the and what is God?

The Atman is indestructible and immortal; we are indestructible and the world is destructible. We are eternal; This kind of discrimination is the basis of all spiritual practices.
One, who has renounced all desires and has decided to repose in the True Self, in the Supreme Being, has completed all his learning, all his education, all anushthans (systematic performance of religious practices). This is discrimination! The seven methods given here are to awaken such discrimination for attaining God-Realization.
The second is study of sacred texts. The third method is to do tribandh pranayam followed by japa in the three sandhyas (dawn, noon san sunset). Meditating on God and practice of the methods or guidance for attaining God-Realization that the Guru has given will increase discrimination. The fourth method is to speak less, eat less and sleep less, to avoid laziness. Four to five hours are sufficient for sleep; don’t keep lying in bed like a do-nothing. Not to much of sleep, no laziness, not to much food, not too much indulgence of speech. The fifth is to eat pur, sattvic food and the sixth method is observance of Brahmacharya. One may read the book ‘Divya Prerna Prakash’ (‘Divine Inspiration’ in English) to that end. This book has transformed countless lives and many have been revived from the brink of death. Read ‘Divya Prerna Prakash’ and serve others by reaching this book to them. The seventh method is simplicity. These seven methods will save you from worldly troubles and will illuminate your life with the discrimination required for attaining God-Realization.

Fasts, Holy Days and Festivals
19th July; Fourth lunar day falling on Tuesday considered to be auspicious (up to 14.49 hrs.)
26th July: Kamika Ekadashi
4th August: Naag Panchmi, Kalki Jayanti
5th August: Sant Tulsidas Jayanti
9th August: Putrada Ekadashi
13th August: Rakshabandhan (after 12.03), Naariyali purnima, Shravani upakarm, Sanskrit day.

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