Monday, May 3, 2010

‘Mantra initiation in dream relives from pain’

I suffered severe pain in abdomen on 6th August 2009. I consulted a doctor. The sonography report confirmed a renal stone. I took Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurevedica medicines for four months but there was no improvement. At last on 24th November failing in all efforts, I sat before pujya Bapuji’s photo and cried bitterly praying to Him o lord either cure this disease or just end my life.’
At night, Bapuji gave a mantra in dream and said do japa of this mantra. Stone will be excreted with out any operation. I started the mantra japa with utmost faith and belief. On others insistence I consulted a doctor again that gave me medicines for seven days and said, There is a sixteen mm. Stone in the urinary bladder. You must be operated, Even that medicine proved useless. Everyone told me to get operated but I had complete faith that when Bapuji has said it would be removed without operation. I had resolved not to get operated. I asked the doctor to give me deduces for fifteen days. The doctor said the stone cannot be excreted by medicines. I said when I have waited for four month then why not for fifteen days more.’
I returned home with medicine. On 14th December at five a.m. that sixteen mm. Stone was excreted with urine. I still have that stone with me. If a mantra initiation in the dream state can cure disease then it is no wonder that mantra initaion in waking state can relives on of the worldly sufferings. I offer millions salutations at the feet of such mighty sadguru who can answer to the prayers of his disciple in a dram sitting a thousand kilometers away and protect him.

-G Dandpani.
Millinidangaer, kurla (w), Mumbai-70.
(Presently staying in the Ahmedabad Ashram)

Fasts and Festivals
24th April:: Kamla Ekadashi (smarth)
25th April: Kamla Ekadashi (Bhagavat)
28th April:: Poornima Holy dip at Haridwar Kumbha.
30th April:: Ending to Haridwar Kumbha Mela.
9th May:: Kamda Ekadashi (Smarth)
10th May:: Kamda Ekasashi (Bhagavat)
14th May; Ending of Adhik Maas
18th May; Srimad Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti, Sri Ramanujyacharya Jayanti
Akshaya Tritiya: A Grantor Of Inexhaustible virtues
Propition and inexhaustible are the religious merits of charity bath japa austerities and fire sacrifices performed on Akshaya Tritiya which is celebrated on the third lunar day of the bright fortnight of the month of vasishakha.

As per the Bhavishya purana the merits of all deeds carried out on Akshaya Tritiya become imperishable (Akshaya) That is why it has been given the epithet of Akshaya. The Matsya purana enjoins that even fasting on this day bestows inexhaustible religious merits. The Treating started from this day. Therefore this day destroys all sins and brings all good fortunes. It is also counted amounts the auspicious moments.

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