Friday, May 7, 2010

The lord alone is lovable;

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)

There were tow friends. One farmer would do selfless serivcs perform devotional practices and meditation and thereby experience fulfillment. The other friend used to be busy acquiring wealth and would tell his friends why do you go to satsnag every day?

Once the farmer said to his friends I need 5 kg live frogs. If weigh 5kg of live frogs for me I will compensate you five thousand rupess.

The greedy friends put in all effort and collected a good quantity of frogs form ponds. The condition was to give 5kg f live frogs. So he kept a 5kg weight on one scale of the balance and started putting forgs on the other. As he put the frogs some of then jumped out of the scale. In the process the complete day was wasted but to no avail.

In a similar way it is impossible for you to maintain a balance between the five passions and the five great elements of nature and get relaxed. :Like it is impossible to attain peace of min day setting right all your worldly demands. You will face one or another problem form time to time about your son or daughter. Who has accomplished all his tasks in the world?

Most people fail to do so visibly but even those who seem to have things well under control depart leaving things unfinished when death strikes. There fore don’t worry about worldly affairs don’t be obsessed with worldly thoughts. A person who possesses these six qualities enterprise courage patience intelligence streght and bravery in his life is helped by God at every step. So your work diligently but contemplate only on god.

Says Tulsi develop attachment towards the lord and equanimity towards the world.
This is the way to be free from attachment hatred and misery; this is the way to salvation.


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All good things come to an end..............................................

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