Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What for him who gave everything?

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsnag)
When in mother’s womb man prays to prays to wretched condition! Let me out of this hell and I promise to engage myself in Bhakti. I will not waste time an will make my like meaningful by doing Bhakti. Man comes out man is out of the womb, he forgets his promise. In stead of being engaged in Bhakti, he get entangled in worldly affairs so much so that he doesn’t find time to spare a thought for the lord who gave all to him. Reminding man of this fact Kabirji says.

‘Kabir tells you to remember the time when you were hanging upside down in the mother’s womb. After coming to the world, you have forgotten the lord.
Have you ever given a thought to the process of your birth and bringing up in the world? After coming out you were fed on mother’s milk. The mother eats the same bread and vegetables as before. Who made milk out of that food and what have done for him? What have you done for the one who provided to you this earth that gives you an abode and all the food we need? What have you air to sustain your life? You live n this earth and excrete all shit here itself you drink clean water and excrete it in the form of impure urine. Who goes on providing the pure water to your and what have you done for him?
For small amount of electricity consumed for lighting your house your have to pay bills to the authority spooling electricity. What have you give to the lord who sun an who moon are lighting the world and the light of which we are using right form birth?

The potter makes pots but the material for making the pots the clay the water and the fire are not made by the potter. The clay, the after and the fire all are God’s the earth on which the pots are made is his the energy to the hands to make the pots; is supplied by him. Yet, you have to pay to the potter I you get pots from him. It you get milk from somebody you have to pay to him. The grass belongs to whom and who creates milk etc. in cows, buffaloes etc, one can imagine the extent of his blissfulness of compassion and feeling of welfare of the mankind. How kind, gracious and a wall wisher he world be The supreme lord of the universe who owns the clay, the water and fire who makes our heart beat who provided the power of vision to the eyes of hearing to the ears of thinking to the mind of decision to the intellect how gives us power to know the ever changing decisions we make he is our every own. He doesn’t us even at the times of death. What have we done for the lord. Can’t we give anything to him? Can’t we be filled with love while remembering him affectionately? Would a remembrance filled with gratitude and love be not more advantageous than beings ungrateful and faithless? O Ignorant Man O ungrateful mind Why did you forget the one how gave everyone? The one who protected you in the womb, gave all did everything engross yourself with a feeling of gratified while recalling him with supreme affection!

‘The lord polishes you up for you are his own you ignore him for the sake of the world Neither you performed devotional worship not had trust in did Neither did you pray to him nor remembered his name.

Never even out of shame did you carn merits And would not be able to endure the curse later commission of guilts will compel you to face reproof when no son or daughter side intoxicated of the world you say the kingdom is mine. When death comes nothing remains yours.

So, at least now my dear children seat out when you go back to the lord abode you will be asked you had promised to do Bhakit; What did you do? You were provided with so much of water earth mother milk air and foods, how much Bhakti did you to in return? How much time did you listen to? How much effort did you make in following the at indicate by saints How help did you provide to others for doing so? How much japa or kirtan did you perform? How many people did you inspire for doing japa or kirtan by telling them of its glory To how many people did you take the knowledge of the Gita and the literature constraining saints’ experiential wisdom? What reply will you give t these question?

You did earn lots of money but how could you eat if the lord had not provided you either appetite? The appetite is given by God. Even if you eat the power to digest and the power make blood etc. From foods is given by god. What have you gives to god in retune for these things?
Just think it over.
The least you can do is to say to the lord with a heart full of love while going to bed at night an getting up in the morning o lord I pay obeisance to you. You are may very own. O grantor of riches Be merciful o lord be Thou victorious We avail of your Sun your winds your earth your water and don’t even thank you still your to on giving o supreme giver This is your mercifulness. Be thou victories.

Tell the lord o lord you are mine, Whether or not I know you whiter or not I be liven in you your always protect me. You give me pains to deliver me form attachment to the world and you give attachment to the world and you give me pleasure to teach me the attitude of serives to humanity now I shall do nothing but Bhakit of yours.

Such expressions of gratitude to the lord will fill your heart with devoting. You will be doubly benefited. You will save your self from the sin of ingratitude on one hand and will nature Bhakit on the other. And when you attain devotion to god you attain everything.

In the worldly dealings we thank even if somebody gives us a glass of water. And the lord is giving us everything. If we are not grateful to him. We will be termed as ungrateful. In sir Ramcharitmanas It is said It is by good fortune that you have secured a human body which as declared by all scriptures is difficult even for gods to attain.

(Sri Ramcharitmanas as Uttar kand)

Even after having secured such invaluable human body if you do not do Bhakit, You have wasted a great opportunity. That house in which no satsnag is done end devotional songs such and where saints are not ever hounoured guests in that house death is dwellings in its tent it is like a cremation ground.

The people living in a village where the glories of the lord have not been sung satsang of Brahamjnai saint have not been orgainsed and their literature has not been made available for years lead diabolical life. They eat and drink in standing positing ( as in buffet dinner) they quarrel with one another; they believe in sorcery ghosts and goblins they are obvious; they are oblivious to the lord and to the real goal of human life; and thus they are always miserable and live a watched life. The people devoid of satsang do not know that they are being ungrateful to the lord.

Therefore satsang japa mediation,

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