Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Descent of holy Ganga

(Sri Ganga Jayanti- 20th may)
(Sri Gaga Dussehra 13th – 21st June)
According to Ramayan of Valmiki, Ganga ji is himalaya’s daughter for some reason the gods received Ganga ji as alms near the near the himalaya mountains. Since then the she was living in Brahmaji’s beggian bowl. As a result of sage kapil sure, king sagar sons were reduced to ashres. Due to this the kings of the sagar clan began to make attempts to bring pure Ganga down on the earth but they failed. After many days, kind Bhagirath of the sagar calm resigned his royal duties to his ministers and started doing a penance to assure braham’s favour. After one thousand years of rigorous penances Brahmaji’s reached king Bhagirath. Bhagirath presented his objective in front of Brahamji. He told him that by bringing Gangaji to earth his ancestors will ascend to heaven.

Since lord shankar was able to hold Gangaji’s torrential descent under Brahamji’s command king Bhagirath got engaged in worshipping shivji for a gear. After being pleased with his penance, shivji appeared and took responsibility of holding Gangaji on his head. At the right time Gangaji descended form heaven on shivji head. Her stream not finding the was to earth stopped in the tangles of lord shiva hari. Not having seen Gangaji, Bhagirath started his penance again. Being pleased with his peance Bhootapti (lord Shiva) ended wanderings of Gangaji and she fell into the bindu lake. By sinking in the Bindu lake seven rivers came form Gangaji. Hladini Ravani and Nalini rolled towards the eastern side; suchakshua, sita and sindhu towards the region of the west one flowed where Bhagirath lead. Hence she got named Bhagirath.’

One of the names of Gangaji is jahnavi kind Bhagirath riding a chariot led the way. The flowing Gangaji also passed through villages towns forest gardens etc, and followed king Bhagirath rapidly. Great sage jahnu was performing sacrificial rites in his ashram. The sacrificial ground got flooded with Gangaji water. With the sacrificial rites getting interrupted the sage got angora and using his yogic powers he drank up Gangaji.

Gods Gandharavas and the people got worried as to what their condition would be without Gangaji. All got together and prayed to the sage to release Ganga. The mighty and great, sage jahnu was moved and made Gangaji loose her waters form his ears. Since then Gangaji is also know as sage jahnu’s daughter jahnavi. Following kind Bhagirath’s chariot, Gangaji ultimately reached the ocean.

Like this Gangaji descended on earth so that kind Bhagirath ancestors could ascend to heaven and washing the ashes of the sons of the sagar line she started flowing along. The day Gangaji was born in celebrated as Ganga Jayanti (seventh day of the bright forming of month of Vasishakha and the day Gangaji descended n earth is celebrated as Ganga Dussehra (lenth day of the bright fortnight of dietitian Month. By taking a punge into Gangaji on these days one gets sattivc qualities happiness and great merits. In addition by taking a bath on the full moon days of vaishakh karthik and magah and by also bathing on new moon day and on the eight day of the dark fortnight of magha one learns great merits..

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