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Truth and Untruth

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsnag)
‘There is no panance greater then the truth, no office greater then falsehood. In whose heart truth resides, there resides good.
Whether you look after wealth or whether you interact in relationships, you must be able to discriminate between what is the truth and what is the untruth. Many times the truth is apparent yet its result is not truth and many times the untruth is apparent still its truth. A lack of understanding transform truths into untruth. If someone says, I speak the truth but as a consequence someone loses his life then such truth will get transformed into an untruth. Just as a cow chased by a butcher somehow crossed trails in a jungle here and there and while rerunning passed by hut of a sage. Even the butcher passed by the hut and asked the sage, Did you see a cow passing by? The sage was an on server of silence so he signaled that the cow went this way. The botched reached there and killed the innocent cow with detachment. A voice in the sky sad. Oh foolish truthful sage you changed this truth into an untruth.

So let out speech be truthful for the welfare of the other be and to the point. Sometimes in order to protect out country religion our lives an innocent cow and an innocent life untruth also gives the result of truth.
There was a dangerous man. Early in the morning he spread fishing net across a lake near the banks either as a hobby or for his business. When a sage saw this he remarked, why are you committing an office just to earn your food or for the sake of your hobby?’

He replied, Maharaj will you feed me I am not married and I have committed so any offences I have killed so any people Make me your disciple.

The sage said I will make you a disciple later but this karma of yours will create more karma you kill fish to earn your living so do some serives in the ashram and you will get your food.

After rendering some service in the ashram his wisdom in the ashram his wisdom awakened and he said Baba Give me Diksha (mantra initaion by an enlightened master).
The sage replied no the time is no ripe yet. God on a pilgrimage. If you have ceased suffering then on a pilgrimage you will endure suffering for the sake of God thus erasing your offence. Baba how will I know if I ma ready for diskha.

The sage broke a branch for his ashram and gave broach from his ashram and gave it to the man saying This si green stick The and this turns yellows and dries up then understand that your offers have been caressed and you are fit for diksha.
He was an ace at wielding the stick. He set out on his pilgrimages. He curse tow to four villages. At night he rested on the platform of a temple. Some terrorists discussed the following. From the right side so and so from the left side so and so, form the west dies so and so like this form all form all directions under the charge of the above appointed people this villages will be set to fire.

He listened to everything while lying down. The man himself was of violent temperance. He thought in this innocent villages many cows will be killed many houses will be brunt down and many helpless woman will become victims of the fire. I have committed many offices and Guruji has sent me on a poilgrimage for my offices to be erased. Now what should do?

They of course were drunkenly making their plan. That was it He picked up the stick and made tow to four chief ones of all down. So then how would the remaining people have nay guts?

Then he thought I have committed so many murders in the past. Now more have occurred when will this green turn yellow.

In the morning he observed that he stick had turned yellow and had dried up. He said Guru Maharaji had laid a bet that the green stick will turn yellow by doing good deeds but this has turned yellow by committing an office. Where has Guru Maharaja mad ea mistake.

He ran back and declined Guruji I hadn’t even reached the banks of the Ganges river. I had crossed only tow to four villages when I foiled their plan of destroying the villages. Whater then were killed or six died I don’t remember by the whole village got saved.

Guruji said this appears contrary to the Dharam but in order to save lives of many you killed a few terrorists this is in accordance with the Dharam.”

Just as while you are doing japa and meditation on the banks of the Ganges River in case someone is drowning in the save him then this good karma while sitting at a place of Truth becomes a negative deed.
The nature of action is very profound Even to be able to understand truth and untruth a very refunded intellect in needed. I am telling the truth indeed he is telling the truth but are sure he isn’t telling the truth to demean the person just as Daksh Prajapati in the course of his pancake did says the truth about shivji. Shiv wears a garland of snakes and skull. He wears an ugly attire and is the lord of ghost spirits and demons. But Daksh Prajapati spoke with hatred and thus his head got cut off. Perfuming yajna is a good deed. The people who performed rituals for Daksh were also skilled but a karam that gets is motivation form an intellect of hatred also yields a result of untruth.

Truth cases the well being of person but don’t unitize it in such a way it works negatively for the person. So let there be truth and let it also be favorable for the person. If you perform karma without and aversion then your liberation your life will be favorable for you and others.

So someone can say is truth right or is the welfare of the person right? Something a contradiction can occult. TI should be for the welfare of the person concerned. So if it is favorable and not ture then what do you do? If it is truthful but not favorable for the person the what do you do?

According to the Ramayan There is no other religion like truth. The highest religion is truth. Then again in the Ramayan there is reference to religion which increases your curiously to relict. There is no religion like caring for the welfare of others. Now which is the better one lout of both? Out scriptures give strategies to solve this also. Where there is delusion about the truth, then check if truth is for the welfare of others or does it nourish our own ago? If there is a delusion about it being for the welfare of others then challenge truth. It there is a delusion about truth then challenge it being for the welfare of others. Then the path will become clear by itself.]
It should be truthful and factorable. It is okay if at this point of time the well being of the person in question is not apparent but we should tell the person the truth without being motivated by liking and aversion and also the feeling of harming his self respect. Sooner or later that individual will, will and will respect that truth.

Someone has committed an error. Being the Guru or the person’s parents your heart takes the support of truth in order to explain to in and to remove that particular flaw in him. So he may feel sleigh bad about his assent to it.
So only the truth is favorable for a person and not be untruth. Truth always nourishes protects, enhances love and hence while saying the truth if there is no hatred, arrogance felling of superiority and revenge then the truth proves to be beneficial for the person. In truth is indeed favorable for the person. In reality ins indeed favorable for the person.
What is the nature of truth? According to the Shanti parva chapter of Mahabharata in the explanation of truth, there are thirteen classification of truth excluding that of truth.

Truth equanimity control of the senses lack of jealousy forgiveness dignity tolerance over looking faults in others sacrifice meditation highest conduct patience non violence compassion. All these form nature of truth.
Truth lacks negativity and is pure. A truthful person has equanimity has the ability of controlling his sense and is free of jealousy. A person how speaks the truth has the quality of compassion dignity i.e. has the quality of being a peaceful soul as regards his mind and speech. A truthful person is tolerant and doesn’t feel jealous when he sees others progress. He has the eighth quality within the ability to sacrifice. The ninth quality is to repose as result of meditation on God The tenth quality is notable behavior not to want or commit any ill will towards anybody. A truthful person has the eleventh quality of being patient and the twelfth quality is enriched with non violent habits. The thirteenth quality is compassion. A truth full person is one who is filled with these thirteen virtues. It does not take time for him to attain one with God. We try to speak the truth built we also take the support of a little untruth. We implement the means prescribed but we also do the forbidden. To form group to form a lobby is untruthful behavior. Speaking falsehood ins untrue but forming a lobby is the falsest of the false. This suppresses our abilities.
To the extent we understand this form satsang a honestly and quickly as possible we can never understand it or implement it to that extent truth out peance. Therefore it is very elevated act to render satsnag and to facilitate then for others to listen to satsang and to make to others listen.

Those who want to extort money by organizing satsang invite colossal disaster for them selves they are taking the path of rendering their as any as seven futre generations paupers. To the contrary those who organize honestly and not for it misuse their seven generations attain liberation their parent sere really blessed.

Now days in some small satsang programs the organizers try to fill their pockets. This has eddied invites their huge loss. Such organizers cannot show them selves before me. They search for others orators.

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