Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Science of Happiness

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
Each an every creature has only one goal to remain happy forever and never be miserable. From morning till evening and from birth to death this is what man does removes sorrow and holds on to happiness. If he earns money he does it for happiness: if he spends money he does that also for happiness. He gets married for happiness and he sends his wife to her parent’s house also for happiness. He buys her diamonds and jewels for happiness and he gets divorce also for happiness. Whatever attempts man makes he makes only to get happiness. Still it is observed that man continues to ramin unhappy because he has not searched for happiness where it is.

It we tell someone God Willing you be happy for tow days and then problems creep into you life. Then that man will say, Brother! Don’t talk like that.
Okay be happy for ten years may problems come later on.’

No no.. Justify Full
May you ramin happy all life? You go to hell after death. No I don’t want that I don’t want sorrow I wan happiness forever so the goal is get permanent happiness butt the desire is to derive it form the perishable to chase momentary joys.

That is why we stumble
Why do we desire monetary joys? It because the sense of reality of the ever changing world is deeply ingarained in our mind. The mind is obsessed with the reality of the perishable world so much and we attribute so much reality to the transient world to perishable relationships to passing circumstances that we end up losing our ability to understand the Truth.

In actuality our goal is to attain eternal happiness but we desire transient happiness perishable things. So till your desire are at variance with your goal your life will not resound with the music of soham I am That till there is a disparity between your goal and you desire your will continue to be in a stature of the one who pursues tow hares catches neither. You will continue to suffer.

You want to attain happiness; you want to ramin happy always which is natural. The goal that you purse is natural and your desire emerges form ignorance.

Just as with out right guidance without having the right knowledge of any thing. Man goes astray if you want to observe the constellation or the moon and the of the telescope is not clean the you cannot see then clearly. Similar without having the right wisdom the right understanding. Your eye of wisdom does not open. And till you eye of wisdom does not open you cannot preconceive that all joys and sorrows come for out progress. For right perception we need the right internal faculty. For the right internal faculty we require the supreme discrimination. Saint Tulsidasji said.

Discrimination dawns not without association with saints and.

Such association cannot be easily had without the grace Rama.’

Only by god’s grace does a person tread the path of such discrimination and his attachments towards the non self gradually goes on diminishing. His journey continues towards the knowledge’s love loft h self towards self repose self satisfaction and satisfaction of the supreme Being.

One attains his perfect ture nature very quickly if he doesn’t slip into evil tendencies shivji says.

He uma who understands the ture nature of Rama has no relish for anything other then his worship. After attaining that nectar of the self bliss he does not get attuned to the sensory pleasure. This is what is jivanmukit i.e. liberation while living Become a Great Man who is free form the effects of sorrows, allurements sappreciation and slanders. Ashtavakraji says: With whom will you compare such Great man who has arisen in his self the supreme spirit? The joys of even indra become trivial informant of that bliss of the self .

It comes in Ashtavakra Gita. The state or position which has not been achieved by indra and infront of with even indra becomes meek after attaining such position the Great Men engrossed in the self neither swell with pride by praises nor get distressed anxious or disturbed by dishonest. Such is the bliss of the supreme nature.

Nanakji says to his mind::
“Consider that person liberated for whom nectar and poison are same; who remains equanimous at times of hounoured and dishonor: who neither becomes happy nor sad and for whom there is no difference between friends or foe.?
Such discernment which arises thought satsang makes a person liberation a great soul. Keep distancing yourself from the mean sensory pleasure and keep moving towards imperishable bliss, which is devoid of any defect. That is what is the achievement of human life. The permanent bliss in one own self The mortal body made of five Clements mind intellect and egoism come with in periphery of the eightfold nature gods says.

Earth water fir air ether mind intellect and egoism thus is my nature divided eightfold. Lord is kind enough to tell his own nature that he is actually distinct form these and just he is actually distinct form these and just as he is we also are distinct form the eightfold nature the body made of five elements mind intellect and egoism. Which are inconstant while your are unchangeable. You are the soul immortal you do not die even if your body dies and you are changeless. Arise and get established in you immortality. The imperishable store of bliss is your own self.

The soul is a reservoir of joy and ease it is the supreme bliss why do you forget yourself That you are devoid of the pair of opposites.

God is our supreme friends if the individual sould listening to such friends spiritual instructions crèmes to his own Being he becomes liberated while living transcending the blows of pains and pleasures. The desire for happiness persists till the individual soul is not liberated.

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