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Towards Sattvic Faith

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji satsang)
The faith of each of is in accordance with his nature, O Arujna The man consists of his faith as a man faith is so is he.’
“Sri Bhabavadgita the world acclaimed scripture enfolds the lord sir Krishna divine song which is meant to redeem the entire world,. The sacred Bhagabadgita is acknowledged as the realization of the lord mine. In the 3rd verse of the seventeenth chapter the lord himself elucidates o Arujna o Bharata Bha a means knowledge Rut means the country where the populace remains absorbed in true knowledge, is known a Bharat Even Arujna was named as Bharat! Arujna who remains ever absorbed in true knowledge The faith of each being is shaped to his own inner consciousness.

The outer appearance of a person may be varied but his notions are formed according to his faith and devotion an his action become impacted accordingly. The progeny of a couple possess different notions and hence seem to perform diverse acts. One can even perceive different behavior parterres in the people of one section with their dissimilar views and deeds. People belonging to the same religion oreed or faction express their faith by their actions depending upon their established beliefs and convictions.

As a matter of fact faith is a supreme thought wave of the immaculate lord an embodiment of the supreme truth the supreme consciousness and the supreme blissfulness. But in relation to is virtues it can be classified into three sections Sattvic. Rajas and Tames faith.

Those who possess Sattvic faith will have inclination for pure and Sattvic food righteous actions, patronage of the Guru and the scriptures. As a result of sativa character the suspiration for God attainment will definitely and absolutely get awakened in their hearts.
If the demigods kinners (mythical being with a human body and the head of horse or vice versa) And celestial musicians inclination for wealth or power such a faith can be named Rajas will be just an opportunist faith that can cross any limit for his selfish motives. If he holds faith in religion and God in spite of the that he longs for power and opposition he will refrain form indulging in committing murders or other evil deeds. The person who enjoys tam sic and raja sic faith eventually indulges in various wikded activities like drinking wine eating neat entering in brawls and slashes. His all endeavors will lead to individual wish fulfillment only I’m the king of lank even thought if sita has to be abducted I’ll certainly fulfill my cravings such a statement only depicts Raja sic mixed Tamasic disposition.
The faith does not dwell perpetually in rajas and Tamas. The one with Rajas faith will carry out misdeeds but later or repents. His repentance is part of his sattiv tendencies. He customarily imparts recognition of superior takes to his own account where the inferior ones are mostly passed on to the lord by saying What to do brother your decently worked against you it is the will of the lord such a comment comes form a being with Rajas disposition to the contrary the one with sattiv character will know and comprehend way ahead of times. For higher tasks he naturally express gratituade to the lord and for the poorer he take the blame on his own shoulders or he may consider his sins being eradicated by the supreme power in order to cleanse him. Hence such a man considers every act as superb and outstanding.

The being with Sattvic faith will remain indebted to the Amighty in every approving or disapproving situation. Where as a person with Rajas disposition will fell conceited in wining situation and point the finger at the supreme lord during vanquished ones. The one with Tamas tendencies will not only hold himself accountable for the unpleasant happenings but also work untiringly to harm others him. The supreme consciousness dwells absolutely in every being but in disparity in types and intensity faith creates variance in the being.

One how dwells in Rajas faith will wail and whine at any bereavement. The being with Tamasic faith will even become desperate to depart his own life or maybe he prefers to lie in an intoxicated state to avoid dejection. To the contrary the sattvic being will remain composed and say not much difficult

Rajas and Tamasic faith drive the being into extremes of pain or pleasure but sativa and religions person deems both pleasure and pain as mere dreams. He shares but his happiness to march ahead on the truthful path.
Neither happiness nor sorrow is pleasing wherever the lord positions.

Wonderful is that condition. We don’t have any aspiration or aversion. We’re happy and delighted in your accord.

Thus the being replete with Sattvic faith by considering the episodes of pain pleasure esteem censure admiration castigation. Birth death as mere means for aching the cherished aim, succeeds in the ultimate objective of equanimity and god attainment. In this world that comprises of tri fold virtues faith is of three ways similarly food is also of three categories. Barley wheat rice, ghee milk vegetables etc. Juicy and oily diet will always be liked by the person of static character. Those who relish bitter sour aside, sizzling hot pungent parched and seared food that is bound to reign about worldly sorrow and sickness are verily the possessor of Rajas faith. On the other hand he who is found of half baked, desiccated racking stale impure and impious food to devour food form irregular sources is know as a person of Tamasic character.

Devrishi Naradji says: Faith is the basis of all religions (righteous elations as ordained by scriputes) In order to succeed in any technique of accomplishment whether tams Rajas or Sattvic one verily requires faith only. Even in various mundane activities like earning a livelihood doing a job or receiving education etc. Practically every sphere of life demands faith in one form or the other That I’ll study well and celar the exdan to become an L.A.S. officer people foster such a faith in order to attain the coveted post of L.A.S. Though each L.A.S. officer cannot become a District Magistrate. In a nutshell nobody can do without faith. As a matter of fact faith is the embodiment of the supreme lord. Those who remark that they nothing to do with any faith or do not believe in any form of god, actually dwell in an illusion. As a matter of facts faith precedes each activktily whether Raja Tamas or Sattvic. Faith acts as foundation and performs the task of an engine. Only then the person carries out his various mundane activates. What is you undertaking at the moment? Minimize the effect of Tamasic faith to make over Raja. Reduce the Raja sic effect to take it towards Sattvic faith. Thereafter when you succeed in attaining Sattvic faith you gain competence in availing the blissfulness of the self realized Guru dev your journey towards perfection will inadvertently gain accomplishment with supersonic speed.

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