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Satsang News

(Rishi Prasad Correspondent)
30th March 2010 poonam Vrata Dharis were endowed with darshan and satsnag by pujya Bapuji at three places Haridwar Delhi and Ahmedabad on a single day on 30 the march 2010. Instructing people in the art of living on the occasion of Human Jayanti pujya Bapuji said in the Ramayan lord shiva is considered to be the master of the path of knowledge kahbhuhsuniji is considered to be the master of the path of Bhakti; yajnavalkyaji is considered to be the master of the path of karam; Tulsidakji is considered to be the master of the path of self surrender. But Hanumnji is acknowledged as the master of all the four paths. He use of all the four paths according to the requirement of the situation and gests going. While dealing with the world we are overbearing at times while at other times we may approach in a friendly manner. At times we resort to requesting the others one or evoking sympathy; and at times we may simply wait for the right times. We cannot apply the same approach everywhere. Likewise there should be balanced use of the paths of karam Knowledge and Bhakti;’

Pujya Bapuji incarnation day, 4th April: An illustrious saint once said Darshan of a god realized saint is as good as getting a glimpse of a the ultimate Truth and imbibing his pious vibes is like reflecting on the ultimate Truth. The worship of the saint is worship of the ultimate Truth singing the saint’s praises is singling the praise is singing the praises of God the Ultimate Truth. The human form that is full of supreme knowledge’s diving love of aloofness equanimity fearless beatitude sweetness and Pease the incarnation of such saint on the earth is certainly propitious for making The sadhakas got the opportunity to celebrated the incarnation day of such saint as a festival and to thereby express their gratitude and their blessedness and also to develop saintliness in their own selves. The incarnation day of world renowned sant sir Asaeramji Bapu the darling of the masses was celebrated by all sadhakas around the globe in the form of seva sadhana Diwas.

Samkirtan Yatras were taken out and activates like distribution of grain clothes and other necessities of life among the poor, recitation of s Shir Maharamayana distribution of fruit in the hospitals distribution of butte milk and sherbet distribution of Rishi Prasad and Ashram books and bhandra feasts were under taken by samiti and Ashrams all around the country. This year pujya Bapuji incarnation day was celebrated on an extensive scale. On the occasion of incarnation day. Pujyashree’s said in his satsang which as usual was nectarine and capable of taking one across the ocean of Samsara The material body dies not know that is born not the Atman or self. Between the tow is subtle body or the mind principle . Life is to subtle body what it thinks it si. It the mind thinks one is a sinner on lives a sinful life and if the mind thinks one is a virtous person one live a life and if the mind thinks one is a virtuous person one life a life of virtue. If the mind thinks one cannot understand one lives a life of ignorance. Steer caler of all these yarning thoughts and move towards a divine life.

All actions are done by the material body as per the metal makeup one has. The knower of all this I ma the knowledge principle and form birth and death. One who know this becomes liberated. Becomes great his life and action are divine. Pujyashree’s enjoined people to celesta the day so as to make it a means of saving the world and working for its ultimate good. Pujyashree’s said today day is service day. It is the day of service and sadhan. And I am not content with even this much. I want you to cerebration this days as the day of seve sadhan satsnag and reposing in the Tue self.’

Devotees congregation at Hardware the city of god other occasion of Kumbha from 12 to 18th April came by the golden opportunity of attending mediation yoga and sadhana shibir in pujyashree’s pious company. In addition to pious feelings of Bhakit and with knowledge. Pujya Bapuji said to devotes present there when the sadhaka site mediation on God he attains Dharam media Samadhi a state of Samadhi in which his intellect is drenched in Dharam. As the clods shower vast quaites of water on attains limitless about of religiousness by mediating on God.

Taking a dip in hold revivers gives you only one benefit that religiousness if you come by a saint you get four benefits the four goals of human life righteousness wealth desire and liberation. But if you have the blessed fortune of coming by a sadguru you attain infinite benedict untold virtue. This is the conclusion Kabirji arrived at after careful thoughts.

As the clouds shower vast quantities of water. One attains limitless amount of religiousness Peace and bliss in Dharam Samadhi on chives by mutation in sadguru pious company. Fatality thoughts desires and ignorance are automatically washed away.

Heavy risen makes theater of drains etc. Cleaner and wash away even the stains of diesel and mud etc on the roads miscarry Dharam meha seamed washes away the desires and lusts accumulated over past livers. One becomes blessed one becomes worthy of respect and reverses. One attains bliss. He gets delivered and without even knowing he becomes capable of delivering others. He attains the yoga of self repose.
As Bhagirath in ancient times was successful in bringing the holy Ganga to the earth through his determined efforts people of hilly Uttraakhand through their perseverance were successful in brining the Ganga of pujya Bapuji satsnag to Uttraakhand. Mammoth crowds devotees congregated at roadway on 18th and 19th April for pujya Bapuji’s darshan. Elucidating the gorily of satsang Pujya Bapuji. Said let your body be healthy let your mind be cheerful let your intellect be illuminated by the sun of knowledge’ may the secrets of mantra scicne be revealed to you may you be able to trample over the stores and to make the most of trample over the sorrows and to make the most of fortunate situations even after I depart may you be able to tame and conquer death even without anybody help and to thereby attain God realization this is what is known as satsang.

Satsang programmers were help in one single day on 19th April at katwa poacher were unprecedented by al counts you endow us with bliss Grant us the knowledge of ultimate Truth May were never critics even by mistake May we never be malicious of malicious to anybody May we shun falsehood and be truthful my we be amicable mayor be divine may we ever sign your praises.

This message of Mutual cherishing was give by pujyashree’s. The adorable mountain people were filled with the feeling fo healthy living and mutual cherishing. Giving a wake up call to people of the hill pujya Bapuji’s said the people of those hill should refrain form watching obscene films consuming fast foods and using mobile phones. They should recall their glorious past and should work for the brilliant future that awaits them.

At signage giving people the technique to cultivate an attitude conducive to success in life pujya Bapuji said This world is an abode of sour. One who wants to be happy with the helped of worldly things and worldly people is utterly foolish. The trick is to seve the world and go to your True self for joy. This is what Shabri did.Btu those who want o be happy by adopting the means that were adopted by Hitler Ravana, Alexander etc. Fail miserably.
In the evening of 20th April and the morning of 21st April people of Tihi had the good fortune of availing of satsang. Warning people against the false logic of people who are out to promote asceticism towards the customs and traditions of Hinduism pujya Bapuji’s said, Those who announce that the hilly people are fools because have to many gods and they are wise of they have only one god are themselves foods. They do not know the gory of this place. The lord himself says among the mountains himalaya am in the Himalayas are blessed with vibes in eth atnomophere that are conducive to concentration and mention. Secondly from immemorial ascetics saints sages and Rishi have been residing here. Thirdly this land is blessed by the scriptures. Everywhere on this land people have been engaged in sadhan. When people do sadhan and worship God the dive element in them becomes manifest. In the hills the divine element of many people become manifest. There fore there have been many gods and goddesses in the hills. That is the reason why the hilly people have tradition of believing in a numbers of gods and goddesses. This is their foolishness. Those who proclaim hilly people to be fools should med themselves and should reform themselves . The time is conducive to such reformation.

There aging was a Mahumbha (huge gathering) of devotees at Haridwar form 24th to 28th April with each passing day the crowds of devotees cantoned to swell in the yoga sadhan shibir orgainsed here and made the arrangements looks woefully inadequate. In the Poornima day mammoth crowd of devotes gathered here. The chief Minster of Uttraakhand Dr Ramesh pokariyal nishank and uraban development minister, Shir Madan kaushik too came to the shibir and received blessings form pujya Bapuji’s. The people accompanying the tow misters were amazed to see how lakhs of people were listening peacefully to pujya Bapuji’s . Bapuji said and this is the first day an the gathering is about 25 percent of what it will be on 27th and 28th of April.

Chief Minister pokariyal said I have been blessed to have the fortune of getting darshan of sant sir asramji’s Bapu. I pay my obeisance at the feet of pujya Bapuji and welcome him in this and of gods Uttraakhand in the godly soul himalaya and in the territory of Ganga I also applaud and welcome you al present here in the satsang who have arrived here form different regions of the country and world at the bank of ganga to anvil yourself or Bapuji vacantly.

Pujya Bapuji it is solely because of you that this massive Kumbha programme has been condoled in a very pleasant manner. We have received form you your blessings guidance and all the strength refried for its conclusion. For this I offer my salutation at you lotus feet. I would life to make a request that you may arrive in this state which is the incarnation place of vedvyasij who divided the vada of the great teacher of Ayurveda charak of Bharat in whose name this county was named Bharat and of Ma Ganga and that we may continue to get your billings. This part of the earth is the land of gods. Whatever massage you would convey form here would reach the entire world which will give us streght.

Once agisn I would life to welcome you on behalf of the Uttraakhand Government and public. I bow to thee.

Pujyashree’s declared faith in god to be the mainstay of life and inculcated sadhakas heats with discrimination and with faith and belief in god don’t think that your body will to fall ill or grow old or die if you belie in god. Dear ones if your believe in the body and material things the body will grow old and will die sooner rather then later. You will be deprived of peaces of mind when you believe in god the body will still grow old an will die but sooner or later you will realize the one you believe in. And if you believe in the material world you will be born and destroyed agisn like matter. If you cherish god you will realize him end if you cherish something else you will hanker after that. The moth cherishers the fame what does it get,?

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