Saturday, June 5, 2010

Amrit Prajapati confessed his misdeeds

Some wily, selfish miscreants ganged up against the Ashram and did all that was in their power to malign the Ashram and to thereby mislead the society by spreading rumors and making false and baseless allegations through media. They cooked up false stories and leveled false and fabricated allegations against the Ashram before the magistrate D.K. Trivedi of the commission investigating the missing from Ahmedabad Guru in July 2008. Mr. B.M. Gupta an advocate practicing in Gujarat High court got them summoned again for cross examination. In the course of cross examination the calumniators them selves spoke out and lay bare the truth of the allegation and admitted the reality.
Vaidya Amrit Gulabchandra Prajapati who had been expelled form the ashram had earlier alleged that black magic was being practiced in the Ashram. In the course of 6 hours long cross examination on 13th march 2010 he admitted I don’t know anything about black magic I have not enquired into the questions as to what black magic is and how it is pracised. In the cores of my saw any act of black magic. It is correct that my reference to black magic pertains to the time after I left the ashram. I have no personal information about the incident of death of Dipesh and Abhlishek.

On 8th of August 2008 a murder threat was give of pujya Bapuji thought a fax message and a sum of Rs 50 crores was demanded. The fax message threatened That in case of ashram failure to any the sum asked for pujya Bapuji and shri Narayan sai will be implicated in false and fabricated cases of practicing sorcery land grabbing immorality etc. In respect of the fax message Amrit Prajapati admitted the mobile and land lying phone numbers give in the fax message are mine. I know and recognize all the people dinesh Bhagchandai Ahmedabad shekahra Delhi Mahaendra Chawla paniat, Raju Chandak sabarmati sharkil ahmed and k patel whose names are mentioned in the fax message.”

On not receiving the sum demanded executing the threat given in the fax message within a week thereof Amrit Prajapati indulged in the wretched deed of presenting a burke clad woman before the media and thought her making false allegations against pujya Bapuji. On being cross examined on this issue.

Amrit Prajapati admitted I and my life have given statements against pujya Bapuji to newspersons. To this purpose I with my own hands helped my wife to put on the and then presented her before newspersons who then photographed her. My wife is from Delhi Her name is saroj.”

This fact had been admitted by Amrit Prajapati also on 17th October 2008 a trader police station Surat where as while presenting her wife before the media the icon of deception Amir Prajapati had stated she is form Punjab. I don’t know her.
Amrit Prajapati had made an unsuccessful attempt at disrupting pujya Bapuji’s satsang programme help in vadodara in November 2008. Admitting this Amrit Prajapati said It is correct that when the date of asramji’s decided I opposed it and for this reason the police arrested me.”

Amrit Prajapati admitted the fact also that on 20th August 2008 he and Raju Chandak had met the so called Aughad sukharam in a guest house mere the power house in Ahmedabad and that even before their meeting he had telephonic discussions with Raju Chandak and sukharam a number of times. Raju Chandak admitted in a sting operation that he and his associates had engaged sukharam to make accusations against pujya Bapuji by paying 4000 rupees and by supplying liquor and girls to him. Five days after the secret meeting of these three, on 26th August 2008 sukharam made accusation against pujya Bapuji.

A video CD recording the event of amrit explusion from the Ashram on 9th February 2005 was produced before the commission. In the C D vaidya Amrit Prajapati had admitted having violated Ashram rules. He had taken off his saffron clothes and put on other clothes with his own had. When justice D.K. Trivedi who was astonished to view the Cd asked it you? A mortified Amrit Prajapati said, yes sir it is me Finally faced with the truth Amrit Prajapati had to admit, This CD I have seen only now, I was expelled form the Ashram. It is fact.’

It is wroth mentioning that harikrishan Thakkar as young ph.D Student of Vadodara died due to injudicious treatment and negligence of the quack Amrit vaidya, Amrit vaidya proved to be poison vaidya. The quack who had been duping vaidya, The quack who had been duping people by writing m.d against his name on his name plate admitted before newspersons that not obtained the M.D degree form any medical college or university. He had also been claiming to be a recognized consultant of a renowned Ayurvedic Pharmacy charak A manager of Charak told the media we have expelled him long ago out company had nothing to do with him.

Finally the truth about the deceitful vaidya is revealed after being exposed such calumniators are now facing public reproach form all around. There is more to come. The evil doings of the other members of the conspiotacy will be exposed in coming issues.

Readign of scriptures narration of glories of the lord and singing of devotional songs should be done in every home. The saint have put it in a beautiful manner.

‘That house in which satsang is help and devotional songs are sung and where saints are hounoured guests in that house the lord abides it is like Vaikuntha.’

Those who take Diksha of divine name, who do japa and meditation with the effect of this Bhakti attain to the lord abode, heaven or lord Braham abode sooner or later and the more determined among them realize god here and now. Take a pledge today itself to attain to the lord who has endowed me with all the riches to express my gratitude for him. I will do at least this much japa of Guru mantra listen to satsang for the much time perform serives to humanity for so much time I will consider every divine a as auspicious and will behold the lord in all person things and circumstances..

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