Sunday, May 2, 2010

The most Troublesome Planet

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
No matter how many miseries and afflictions one may experience one life, by comprehding his Justify Fullgracious compassion the aspirant heart should always be abounding with the supreme lord’s diction and gratitude. A multitude of problem have thronged headlong in the lives of great saints like meera and Rabia still they always acknowledged the divine benevolence of the compassion lord. Supreme incarnation like Krishan and lord Rama saints like Kabirji, Grur Nanakji and several devotees have also encountered lads of treble and tribulation in their lives but they never felt the sting of anguish. As we require both feet for walking similarly pain and pleasure both are necessary for the progression o life. One who insists on persistent pleasure will certainly ramin distressed. As a matter of facet recurrent pleasure is not desirable because excessive intake of sweetmeats will finally result in diabetes both sweet and salty even occasional observance of fast is also essential for robust health. In this mundane worlds there is a recurrent influx of both pain and pleasure. So stay away from grumbling. Do not bolster any status or situation.

I m distured distressed and forlorn…. Nay you the master fosuch an amazing latent vigor that no one no one dare disturb you, the supreme conscious soul. No body an angel devil or human being even the lord Himself is divested with the power to disconcert you. What for you howl and bawl with dejected shrieks and indulge in hard insistence? Such a carping grousing and gripping nature fritters always the entrie life. Do not allow such feelings to weigh up your mind that finally beget fear anxiety and afflictions. If such thoughts keep hovering around you take upon yourself that these peevish reflections are just the product of this mind These can’t belong to me.

Another thing that pesters many devotees is the mind lacks adoration and application. Such people wrongly uphold the assertion that the mind must attain constancy. It is god if it can become profound and gripped otherwise let it be damned. Your conscious endeavor to wrap it up may rebound it instead. It is better to abandon the effort to incorporate it. Let remain unshackled. The lord is mine, I verily belong to him. The submission of mind is of no consequence to me. This wretched fellow’s obedience or disobedience is not with worrying about. Why should I disconcert myself Damn it with such thoughts one must make endeavors to relinquish one tough assertion. Inhabit in the reams of your true consciousness? Where does lie the holdup? Neither the indweller is unapproachable not is he unattainable.

People keep asking for various benedictions do like this Bapuji grant me this boon. Such awkward insistence is verily unmerited and uncalled for. Say someone asking the sun to bestow radiance, the moon to bequeath luminosity or the sacred Ganges to grant pious water.. O dear take a plunge and you find water all over the place look around and catch sight of the sun brightness far and wide.
I m upset on account of this or that. I aspire for one thing or the next. No nothing. It is better you could learn from revered saints the knack of leading a life that is free from the bondage of any demanding insistence. You acquire their beliefs and values. Lives the life king size there after Why do you worry and expend your life hankering after these trivial appels?

One should no give way to any rock hard insistence in one life. Such an unyielding assertion could be more perilous than even the effect of nine planets on a being life. It is not binging upon anyone to live according to you notions. In a family some times the husband stance will be given due regards while at another the ideas of the wife be some moments for you son as well as your daughter opinion also. Similarly in the society also the viewpoint of both the leader and the masses will be recognized.

When ever any being holds stiff assertion to always get acknowledgement he confronts agony and distress. Concurrence grant him happiness whereas he finds himself at odds with any contradiction. So there could be no other malady as damaging as the syndrome or tenacious assertion. Any dogged insistence like it should so happen and be in our support is practically uncalled for.

Rather one should strive to lead an unpretentious and unaffected life like that of self realized and fathom any situation forthrightly. They discern the inherent fact that the indweller of all sects and factions is may own aura and persona. Thereafter their are no knocked down by nay despair, attachment or tenacity.

Live as the lord wishes us to be.
When do we feel the sting of pain and anguish? Only when our mind remains occupied with intense desire, the assertion or our mind desire to have something or avoid the other. No doubt the devout has to live up to certain assertions in life that let the appropriate be abandoned. During the process of accepting the equitable and rejecting the inequitable the seeker’s realization becomes unsullied insight becomes penetrating and all encompass ion there after his behavior amends to becomes natural and unassuming.

The person bearing doggedness will constantly gripe and grumble about the inadequacies and complexities of life whether these arise our to non conformity of children or from any other holdup. Such people can aptly be designated as Dukhagrahui i.e the trouble creators because they engender worry and misfortune only. What if one out of thirty tow teeth is lost the mind will frequently reminds that loses. Thirty one teeth are not worth mentioning for such beings but the loss of single tooth is the noteworthy cuse of worry or then considerably; I don’t possess this or that.. o uncrowned king of fools enjoy whatever you possess why do you unnecessarily fret and cause uneasiness for yourself.

The major ignorance of one life lies in unearthing defects making endeavors to fill then up and expending one life ineffectually. This tendency digress the being from the celestial path and eventually can be termed as the most distressing plant. This planet of doggedness can’t be forestalled till death unless one forsakes it by himself.

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