Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Satsang News

(Rishi Prasad correspondent)

A great satsang was help along with holi celebration on 25th and 26th February Mumbai were initiated into the technique of converting one’s karam into Yoga. Pujya Bapuji said. Don’t seek to serve your own interest be ever wiling to do good to others. And the people will be eager to do good to you. Even within our family we think of our individual benefit not of the family as whole. We should think of the welfare of the family of the villages of the world. If you are not unduly concerned about your individually come to you. If you forgo self interest and become unselfish you will attain divine peace. Your karma will becomes karam yoga. Your bhakta become Bhakti yoga your Dyane (mediation) will become dhyana yoga.

Hoil festival was celebrated as usual at Surat from 27th February to 1st march in pujya Bapuji pious company. Pujya Bapuji taught people how to steer clear of the current appalling manner of playing holi and to play holi in a pious and pleasing manner. The use of chemical Colour in holi gives an open invitation to skin and eye disorders. Therefore one should avoid these chemical colours and should play holi with natural colours made from tesu flowers which have a salubrious effect on the body the mind. The method of preparing natural colors has been described in detail in the march 2010 issue of Rishi Prasad.

The sadhakas were dancing to the tunes of devotional songs n that sublime atmosphere while they were being washed with Tesu flowers colours. The sea of divine delectation divine joy and divine bliss was waving in their hearts. Pujya Guru dev said inspiring words denoting affectionate bonding with the supreme being god ins everywhere and cares for you quite as a mothers cares for her children or as you a care for organs of your body. It is certain Even if you don’t agree it is certain all the same but if you agree you accomplish your supreme goal.

The people of Delhi too had their share of holi joy on 1st and 2nd march. Imitating them in the art of geeing steatite by their inner bliss. Which is man’s innate nature pujya Bapuji said do help a friend but don’t expect anything form him. Care for your children but don’t expend them to bring happiness to you. Be a giver of happiness not a beggar of it and your intrinsic nature of divine bliss will be awakened.

One who sees the world as a source of happiness is an atheist and the one who sass the world as a manifestation of the supreme being and deals with it accordingly is a theist.’

The intense prayers of the people of Bihar and Jharakhand wren answered and their long wait came to a jubilant end and the twin states swayed to tunes of devotions divine love and divine bliss in the holy company of pujya Bapuji.

From 5th to 7th March the sea of devotion was seen undulating in patan the capital of Bihar. A mammoth congregation of devotes was soaked with the rain of compassion showered by pujyashree’s divine glances and was blessed with pujyashree’s ambrosial satsnag pujya Bapuji imparted the technique of accomplishing both the worldly and the sptirual goals in simple and uncomplicated words. Do not criticize anybody have no malice towards anybody nor help those who are malicious towards anybody nor help those who are malicious towards others. Have goodwill for on and all. Have god will for your neighbors and for humankind in general. Be considerate even towards for one and all. Have goodwill for your for humming in general. Be considerate even towers cows buffaloes and others animals and protect them for vagaries of weathers form hunger an thirst and from pain an suffering of all kinds. Deal with all living beings as your deal with your own self. This please the indweller lord and he reveals himself to you. He is not outside you he is not away for your: His not inaccessible to you he is not beyond you he is uncaring towards you.

In the satsnag programme at the sacred gaya on 8th march pujya Bapuji reminded people of glorious history of the place and said the people of Bihar should regain their past glory by attaining material wealth thoughs pious deeds by attaining ethered riches through good will and by attaining spiritual wealth through sadguru instruction mediation and bhakti.

The long standing prayers of people of Bokao steel plant were acceded today satsang was held a Bokaro on 9th and 10th march. The profits of Bokao steel plant increased with the increase of temples and of satsnag lovers and it reached Rs. 200 crores. Pujya Bapuji applauded the sadhakas who had worked in the steel plant with dedication and said work with zeal and alacrity work with diligence and work for the pleasure of indweller lord not as a painful duty.

Satsnag was orgainsed on 10th to 12th of March at Rancho the capital of Jharakhand and the people there were immensely benefited form satsang and pujya Bapuji pious company. Awakening people to the ransack of human body, pujyashree’s said it is possible to worship the eternal and to attain the knowledge of the eternal with this transient body. One who does not do so is an enemy of oneself. The perseverance and devotions of people of Bihar and Jharakhand had such a mirachulor safety that Bapuji had to deliver satsang at as many as three places in a single day.

On 12th march after delivering satsang at Ranchi and Jamshedpur pujya Bapuji arrived at Bhagalpur where satsnag was help on 12th ,and 13th march. Giving the message of all this is god to the people of Bhagalpur Bapuji said the vices of the body the mind and the intellect are all in nature they are superficial. The scum looks to be dirty, to be containing filth insects etc. but in real terms it is nothing it water. Waves look to be distinct and separate but there is tranquil water underneath. Similarly we see different being with apparently different natures but with in all of them is the same pure consciousness. Contemplation of this kind will make you experience the truth of :All this is God:

The satsang on 14th to 16th March fell into the lap of people congregation to Haridwar from all over the country and aborad on the occasion of Kumbha explaining. Explaining the philosophy of life Gurudev said you are miserable only so long as you seek happiness form the world. If you stop seeking happiness form the world there is no way misery can come to your if at all it comes it cannot survive for long. Therefore you should repose in your true self which is an embodiment of seprem Bliss.

This year chetichoudn festival was celebrated at tow places at Amdaved on 16th and 17th March and at indore form 19th to 21st March. Devotes form all over the world who imbibed the three day satsang through internet etc. praised noble and altruistic spite of the chetichoudn festival organizing commitess of indore who organized the satsnag as finale to the seven day chetichoudn celebrations.

Bapuji said There are many people engaged in orgaged in oranising entertainment events but the celebration of incarnction day of lord jhuleal is not for entertainment nor is it for sprucing oneself up it is for giving up one ego and sprucing up soul it is for seeking an opportunity for God realization. The 11 years long prayers of the devotees of divas wren fructified when on 22nd march they were blessed with pujyashree’s satsang and his pious company.

In the Kumbha festival at Haridwar form 24th to 30th march. People from all over theory made a beeline to have pujyashree’s Darshan. The satsnag shires orgainsed in the days of Kumbha festival are displaying a unique and amazing magnificence. Two three or even four sessions of satsnag are help during the day. In these sessions devotes benefit form Gurudev satsnag and pious company are led into meditation are gives apposite and fail sage tips for sadhana they pracits those tips under Gurudev direct supervision. At times their hearts are filled with divine love, whereby they cry laugh call out intensely in east attic love what happens in those barbarities of people intoxicated with dive love can only be expedited in person it can not be described. These blessed people the darling disciples of the Guru are going on filling the pitchers of theirs hearts with the ambrosial water of Guru’s pious company and sadhana and they are not getting the least satiated doing so..

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