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Jaya Ekadashi (14TH February)

‘Jaya Ekadashi’ and ‘Parents’ worship Day’ are falling on the same day. Lovers give flowers to each other and celebrate the day of love. It is ruinous. In worshipping the parents, on the other hand, Lies an opportunity to attain inner joy and to develop self-restraint and virtue. Blessed are the children who worship the parents, and embark on the path of virtue. Blessed are the parents
who usher their children towards divine inspiration .

Wretched are the boys and girls who approach one another with prurient thoughts and ruin themselves. Blessed are those who prefer self-restraint.

‘Jaya Ekadashi’ and ‘Parents’ worship day’ is a doubly auspicious day to reach the blessed message of self restraint and virtue to every home.

Blessed are the parents, the clan and lineage so also the lands.
Where a true devotee to Guru is born and live.’ (Sri Guru Gita: 150) Bliss, peace … sweet sublime peace… sweet associations on the parents’ worship day! No lustful thoughts! Divine joy flowing from all over! …smile in your mind… bliss, peace … enterprise, courage, patience, wisdom, strength, valour, self-restraint – God blesses, inspires and helps at every step those who possess these virtues.

Yudhisthira beseeched Lord Krishna “Lord! Kindly enlighten me as to which Ekadashi falls in the bright fornight of the month of Magha, how to observe it and which deity is worshipped on that day .
Lord Krishna said, “O Lord of kings! The Ekadashi falling in the bright for night of the month of Magha is known jaya.
Not only is it pious and a destroyer of all sins, but it also endows one with worldly pleasures and salvation. Even heinous sins like Brahmahatya are destroyer and one is delivered from the state of ghost-hood.
One observing this vrata will never have to suffer in the ghostly planes of existence. Therefore, O King! One must, by all means, observe the vrata of Jaya Ekadashi.

Once upon a time, Indra, the king of gods, ruled over the heavens. The gods were enjoying their time with celestial damsels in Nandanavana laden with parijata tress. King Indra, the Lord of 50crore Gandharvas, was rejoicing in the woods to his heart’s fill. He organized a dance programme with great fanfare. The Gandharvas were engrossed in singing with Pushpadanta, Chitrasena and his son giving the lead. Chitrasena wife’s name was Malini. She had a daughter well known as Pushpavanti.

Pushpadanta had a son named Malyavana who was completely enamored with Pushpavanti. These two had also come to participate in the dance to gratify Lord Indra. Both were singing accompanied by a bevy of celestial beauties. Hit by Cupid’s arrow, they were overcome by infatuation. As their minds went astray, they could not render a good performance. Sometime the rhythm would be broken and at others, the singing would abruptly cease. Indra noted this careless lapse and took umbrage of the same assuming it to be his personal insult.

Infuriated to the hilt, he pronounced a curse upon them, “You fools! Fie upon you! You are depraved and have disobeyed me; therefore you will turn into a ghost couple.”

They both were extremely distressed on being cursed like that. They went to the Himalayas and suffered terrible miseries s ghost. Tormented by the afflictions brought about by their physical sins, they roamed in mountain caves. One day, the husband said to his wife, “What sin have we committed that brought us this ghost-hood? Extremely frightful are the suffering in hell, but ghost-hood so just as painful. Therefore, by all means one should desist from committing sins.

They were turning frail due to sorrow and anxiety. As destiny would have it, once they came by the Ekadashi in the month of Magha. Name as Jaya, it is considered to be the most auspicious of all lunar days. That day, they abstained from all types of food and did not take water either. They did not kill any living being, did not even eat any fruit. Thus suffering untold agony, they spent their time sitting under a pipal tree. With the sun set, the deadly night descended upon them. They could not sleep, not indulge in sex or enjoy any other pleasure.

The sun rose and with it dawned Dwadashi. In this way, the ghost couple willy nilly observed the excellent vrata of Jaya. They had remained awake during the night as well. By virtue of observing this vrata and by the benign grace of Lord, Vishnu, they were delivered form ghost-hood. They regained their original forms of Pushpavanti and Malyavana with their hearts abounding with the same love and affections, and ornaments adorning their bodies as before.

Endowed with beautiful forms they mounted a celestial plane and reached the heavens, where they cheerfully paid obeisance to Lord Indra.

Lord Indra was surprised to see them in divine forms, and asked, “What virtue has relieved you from the curse of ghost-hood? Which God released you from my curse?”

Malyavana replied, “O Lord! By the grace of lord vasudeva and the virtue of observing the vrata of Jaya ekadashi, we have been released from ghost-hood.”

Indra said, “Then take a few sips of ambrosia. Those who observe Ekadashi, diligently and take refuge in Lord Krishna are revered by us as well.”

Lord Krishna says “O King! This is the reason why one should observe the Ekadashi vrata. O great King! Jaya absolves one of sins even as grave as Brahmahatya. One, who observes Jaya, does in effect perform all kind of charity and all yajnas. Even listening or reading about its glory yields the fruits of performing an Agnisthoma sacrifice,”

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