Tuesday, March 8, 2011

;Self study’

Fill in the blanks below to get the answers read this Rishi Prasad issue carefully, This answers still be gives in the next issue.
1. There is no safer boat then Guru’s to cross the ocean of the world.
2. in order to have firm devotion it is very important to have in life.
3. Only the fruit of wisdom only the fruit of God realization is..
4. You get when you forget being one with the body and you become one with god.
5. One who thinks negatively one who thinks hateful thoughts gets only and goes …
6. Reflecting on god will make you..
7. The insistence on keeping interactions with the outside world tied to our negative habits that itself leads to….
8. Even death does not cause the amount of destruction that thought of cause to man.
9. While doing one should not have the feeling that people should praise me people should applaud me.
10. In lie God’s incarnation and non- dualistic wisdom.
11. Where nectar rains in the form of Bapuji’s satsang kirtan medtiationyoga Vedanta there the of greenery exists.

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