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Detachment from this material world is difficult to attain. Even if one develops dispassion towards the world it is difficult to overcome the penchant for rituals. Somehow It one extricates oneself form rituals then it is difficult to engage one self in worshipping the lord. Even if this too is achieved. It is difficult to find a self realized Guru. Even if one has got a self realized Guru is difficult to have unwavering implicit faith in Him. Even among those with unwavering faith in the sadguru it is rare to be devoted to self knowledge. To knowledge is rarer. And once one gets established to the need of hanging upside down in mother wombs and to the endless cycle of birth and death forever. The hinges purshartha goal is to attain the state of jivanmukta liberation while living by removing the Avaran the veiling power or ignorance through raising The Brahmachrai vritti while listening to the teachings on self knowledge and lathe foundation stone of the mansion of this purshartha is faith or Devotion.
A Sadhaka with tamsic faith complains at every step. Such a sadhak does not surrender himself to the Sadguru of course he may be laboring under an illusion of having surrendered himself to his Guru. He will resist sadguru attempts to elevate him. A sadhak with rajas is faith keeps on wavering. He tends to abandon the spiritual path and at times strays from it. The Sadhaka with static faith is unique. Howsoever severe the test gives by god or sir Gurudev may be he accepts all of their saying to he accepts to all core of his heart thankfully and with a feeling of gratitude.
The people with raja sic and tamsic faith are in large number. A person with tamsic faith will resist and disco by at every step; hw ill not submit his ego. He will contradict the thoughts of his Gurudev as also of his abandon the spatula path completely with draw from it temporarily the moment he were to face Grur dev slight admonitions or were put to any king to test. But one with sattivc faith will never deter nor react in any condign
Once sattivc faith is awakened in a sadhaka his mind gets engaged in contemplation on Absolute Truth in self enquiry. Other wise it is difficult to edge even after meeting a self realized sadguru. Even on attaining a self realized Guru and having faith in him it is not necessary that every body will set off for self realization . Those with rajasic an tamasic faith cannot trade the path to self knowledge. They are more likely to use the God realized sadguru for fulfilling their wishes and desires. They cannot make efforts to eradicate desires. Consequently they ramin deprived of the real benefit that self Gurudev wishes to bestow upon them.
Only the sadhaka with sattivc faith is considered to be a qualified aspirant for self knowledge for the he alone can keep unswerving faith in sri Gurudev till he attains self knowledge. He neither flees form adversities nor is he allured by temptation.

It is difficult to keep constant faith. Out faith is repeatedly affected by rajas and tenses. Therefore the sake at times becomes shaky in his faith and at times even starts opposing sri Gurudev. So always try to increase sattva guna in your life. Purely of food and thoughts safeguards the sattva guna. One should avoid the company of people who take impure and harbors evil thoughts. Carelessness in living the sadkha takes years to achieve his uptimes goal. The life itself comes to an and but the goal of self realization is not attained. Just six months of intense an careful sadhan brings the world and its objects at the sadhaka feet. He is able to unravel the secrets of the subtle world. Constant sadhana with sattivc faith takes the sadhaka to immense heights. It the shake saves himself rajas and tams as. And fills his hearts predominantly with sativa faith he becomes eligible for the self knowledge imputed by his Gurudev. The he feels no about in doing spiritual practice for attaining self knowledge practice is required to increase sattva guna and to minting sattivc faith. Once this happens the minds gets automatically engaged in self enquiry. To attain that state of mind the sadhak should remain intent on doing japa meditation self enquiry and in serving a self realized Guru selflessly and should remain every careful in safeguarding the sattivc faith. Once should keep sattiva faith in God in one’s presiding deity and in self Gurudev.
Many sadhakas get sptirual instructions on self knowledge but they do not establish them selves therein. Even if they want to establish themselves in self knowledge they do not take care to raise Brahmakwear vritti. Once attain self knowledge through sheer grace of the sadguru even with out having pracised upasan but there are chances of distraction in mind, which may start building castles in the air. The wiser among top level sadhakas careful keep placating Brahambhyasa even after attaining self realization. The great man who have attained the goal of self realization still ramin caution in the matters of purity and deeply engrossed in devotional mediation too increase sattva, Careless attitude deprives us of virtue and leads to the loss of the effect of sadhan.

The level of our inner journey depends upon the enthusiasm in out life careful ones in self restraint, and the value we attach to the Bestowed of life. Raising of Brahmachrai vritti is possblble only through the supreme grace of God. The accomplishment of this takes is made possible only through sattiva faith and sincerely surrendering one ego to the supreme self Tulsidakji says.

It self knowledge cannot be attained on the streght merely of sadhan.
Brahmajana is not the result of any sadhan. Practice of spatula discipline develops sattivc faith. It is sittic faith that makes one self. The iron may praise the fire it may bow before it but unless it enters the fire surrenders itself there to it cannot get imbued with fire. Once the iron enters the fire it itself becomes fire, Fire permeates every participle of it. Similarly the Brahman may sign Bhajans eulogizing the self realizes sadguru of coleus he will be benefited by these spatula and devotional efforts; but until and unless he surrenders himself to Brahman he will not becomes one with the sadguru or Brahman or they divine. When he surrenders himself to the lord or to the sadguru he himself becomes perfect Brahman.

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