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The Significance of the Intercalary Month

In the intercalary the sun does not travel form one sing of the zodiac to another. Therefore it has been termed as the malmas (unclean month). Since this month was devoid of any lord it was considered inauspicious for worship of gods paternal ancestors etc. and for auspicious undertakings. People there by stared criticizing this month harshly.

Then Lord Sri Krishan said I make it supreme comparable to me. The virtues, glory influence majesty valour, power to grant boon to devotes etc, These all quaites that I posses I hereby grant all of them to this month.

The way I am famous by the name Purshartha because of theses virtues, similarly this Malmas will also be know on this earth by the name of purshartha’ and I myself its lord.

This way Malmas acquired the name purshottan mas.
Lord sri Krishan says whatever pious acts, such as early morning bath (while remembering lord) charities libation to manes and worship of gods etc, are done for may sake in this month become imperishable.

Those who carelessly fritter away the interlay month doomed to a wretched life beset with poverty sin and loss of sons; there is no doubt about it.

Along with ma Lakshmi worship the Eternal Lord (Vishnu) and also Bhisham pitamaha with aromatic sandalwood various flowers sweetmeats oblations incense, lamps etc. One should perform arati with camphor and sandalwood amidst pious sounds of bells drums and conches, it one cannot arrange for all these things one should simply wave the arati lamp lit with a cotton wic. This gives immense religious merits. One should with utmost devotion offer libation of water utmost devotion offer libation of water taken in copper vessel and mixed with sandalwood paste unbroken rice and flowers either early in the morning before the ritual of worship or after it. One should offer the liberation by remembering me along with lord Brahma chanting the following mantra.

O god of gods o supreme lord o creator and destroyer lord Be king to me and accept this libation. O pay obeisance’s to you the self existent lord and you the supremely effulgent lord Brahma o lord infinite Be merciful and with ma Lakshmi shower you grace on me.

One doing vrata of the purshottan month is saved from poverty separation from sons an widowhood. Observance of this vrata destroys all including even that of killing a Brahmin.

Every third year. In the purushottam month one who engages himself with due faith and devotion in the auspicious acts of vratas, fasting worship and other auspicious practices goes along with his entrie family to my (lord sir Krishan’s ) abode to get my Divine Company.

In the month holy endeavors like japa, satsnag listening to the lord’s divine tales chanting the lord name vrata, fasting taking a bath charity worship etc done solely for the sake of the lord yield imperishable merits and eradicate all the misfortune of the misfortunes of the performer there of. This is an extremely as pious period for carrying out ansuhthanas that are done with a spirit of selflessness. As per the devi Bhagacta if one doesn’t have the capacity to donate etc. then rendering selfless service to saints and holy thing to do. This bestows merits equal to that of visiting a place of pilgrimage taking a holy bath etc.

Early morning bath donations performance of austerities religious oervance meritorious vrata worship and japa (repetition of lord name or Guru mantra) is specifically significant.

In this month donation of Lamps fulis ones wishes eradicates misery and sorrow, sustains and promotes the ancestral line takes, one to the company of elevated souls and promotes longevity.

The practices to taking bath after applying the unguent made from amlas and sesame seeds and taking food under the amla tree please and lord Sri Krishan immensely. Besides it healthful and pleasing as well. That observing this vrata becomes highly meritorious.
Prohibited in the intercalary month.

All actions and vratas performed with a desire, for example commencement and establishment of wells ponds lakes and gardens etc. arrival of a newly web bride installing the idols of gods sacred thread ceremony wedding naming ceremony, building a new house wearing new clothiers and ornaments etc, are porhildited in this month.

Prescribed in intercalary month.

Ansuhthanas likes Rudrajapa etc for removing fatal disease etc. charity japa chanting for the lord name rites ordained during the birth of a son, shraddha etc, for the manes and sacramental ceremonies like Garbhadhana pumsavan etc. can be performed in this month.

Auspicious beginning of Internet T.V by the Ashram.

Good news for the devotees and disciples of pujya Bapuji’s across the world the Ahmedabad ashram is starting an internet T.V which will be telecasted for all 24 hours. You can watch it at and You will be able to watch the following programs on it.

1. Live telecast of pujya Bapuji’s satsnag. 2. Trikal sandhya (morning midday and evening worship) of Ahmedabad Ashram.

Morning from 5.45 a.m.
Noon from 11.45 am
Evening from 6.30 pm

3. Recitation of sri Yogavasishtha Maharamayana from 9.30 p.m Apart from this you will get to see from time to time programmers based on pujya Bapuji life and his leela (divine sports) precious old sattivc substantial satsang. Kirtan programmers instilling virtues in the students and other useful things for days to day life. Pujya Bapuji satsang based on heath shri sureshandji satsang bhajan kirtan processions revelations of the allegations on Ashram and many more…

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