Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Supreme Endeavor

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
Man always keeps on blaming his external circumstances. Had it been like this or that I would have done that. Reformists usually exclaim. If we had such resources available. We would have quaked the entire world everyone looks around externally but on one bother to delve with in. The fact is this that one who exacts his inner self finds his external circumstances just apt and right automatically. He who manages to raise himself affirmative from with in His entire range of external adversities turn out a be constructive and encouraging.
Only such person finds his external circumstances favorable who has corrected his state of inner faculty. One who has dived with in and attained self realization one who is composed an spitted form with in can never see any external disorder; such a person beholds only happiness all around.

One should always try to remain happy and contented by we speak our instinctively what to do we are basically householder. From morning till evening we remain caught up in our mundane tasks. How can we expect to lead a happy life?

O dear king janak was also a household. You have to look after your family only whereas he has to be in command of the entire state. In spire of all the hassles did he not maintain his liveliness? And what to talk of saints who ensure the welfare of the entire society. It is absolutely not opportune to becomes a saint. Whatever the saints get from the society. They are bound to restore the same in multiples to the society itself. Not only this they also generously impart the blissful treasure that they have gained by dint of penance and austerely, thought their selfless service to the Guru to the beneficent cause of the society. The magnificence and grandeur of even three world’s inconswquntloa in font of this celestial treasure.

A householder if leads his life judiciously can be termed as a saint whereas a saint when expends hi life in an indiscreet and reckless manner is no less then a householder. A sensible an dwell judged conduit becomes piety. On the contrary an imprudent approach towards devoutness can be easily named as a mere mundane behavior. People assume and tale for granted that accomplishment of the ultimate reality is only the dorm in of saints and sages whereas we being the households have nothing to do whit it. O dear The saints are not to go in for this arced pursuit because they already attained self realization Rather the households requires this supreme attainment the most. Then people further exclaims. This is the for our amusement and merry making we not yet rip to take up piety or godliness. Let the old age knock at our door for this to proceed. It appears as if they doing obligation in the name of the lord little do they realize that this supreme talks is only for the sake of their personal development? As a matter of fact people have take in to account the adoration of the lord as their leisure pastime. Their absurdity is the predominate cause behind their woes and affections. When you remember him during the hour of distress why not to recall his sacred name beforehand?

Everyone evokes the lord during misery. No one remember him in harmony.
Had the reminiscence been in peaces.
Agony won’t have occurred.

Lord Vasishthaji espouses in Sri Yogasishth, o Ramji in order to witness the extent of misery go to see the world. On account of one agony or the other. The unfortunate householders are terribly affected. As the sun and the moon are testily afflicted by Rahu and ketu names of demons supposed to seize the sun and the moon and so as to cuse elipose. Similarly the worldly beings remain agonized by the illusory pain anpleauser of life.
People do not tend to forsake their imprudence even at the behest of others advices. They hold on to their dualities of likes is likes mine thins avarice attachment anger deception till they reach their graves. Hardly do they ever wish to gives any substance to piety in their lives,. Most of their times expends in harboring pleasure and dreading sorrow He who wishes to embrace happiness and scare distress is inadvertently encountered by woes only. To the contrary an indignual who neither longs for happiness nor dreads miseries by and larges attains divines blissfulness.

Nobody in this world can ever succeed in fulfilling every desire not even the prime minister himself. Not to talk of human beings every aspiration of even indra the lord of gods does not get fulfilled. No matter how much and fame and acclaim we may acquire in our life we still discover our sander around us. They very thought that the people around should always speak high of us is silly and inane. Cirmstances have never and will never favor anyone. The wheel of destiny’s bound to take a turn. Favorable situation will get supplanted by unfavorable ones. The only endeavor the beigns should make is to ramin detached form the approving situation and refrain form ill will incase disproving ones. Rather one should try to maintain equanimity in both the positive as well as negative situations.

He who has learnt to keep himself unruffled in all times is nonetheless granted glimpse of the divine blissfulness. Only such a bign has duly succeeded in perfuming a stupendous takes in this world.
He has made marvelous progress in this world Who has verily attained his ture self.

Amassing wealth evince power or position swelling varous kuzury times likes automobiles or mansions is not a bign thinning ones life. The greatest attainment is to know your ture self. There fleeting situation and earthly possession are nothing else but a dream and will slip away like that only. I am witnessing everything like and fantasy or a delusion This is the are technique for the supreme attainment. This is the only path which delivers the being form all torments and tribulations. No body else but only self realized saints know this celestial path. You may endlessly keep on tuning the deeds of rosary lead a life full of austerities and pens aces or absorb yourself in various means of worship. But if you do not take into account this vital knack you be badly knocked down by even a marginal unfavorable situation. If the mind remains perturbed and unruffled it means our spiritual progress gets thwarted.

Satsang yoga and mediation facilitate the composure of our mind. Many persons renounce their homes and wander in search of truth but as and when they encounter any dispaooroving situation there are old anger, interns up surges. No wonder such people meticulously maintained piety and worship of the lord but unfortunately they could not dwell in the sacred vicinity of a self realized saint.

So the real knack of self Attainment lies only with self realized saints who have verily established themselves in their true self. One may come across innumerable in one life but the vacantly of self realized great saints comes to the sacred lot of.

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