Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bal Sanskar Kendra towards a new direction……..

The following classification has been made of the 21000 Bal Sanskar Kendra’s in India as well as all over the world;
1. Bal Sanskar Kendra; Children from age 6 to 11 will participate in these centers.
2. Student Bal Sanskar Kendra; Young children above the age of 11 will participate in these centers.
3. Girls Bal Sanskar Kendra: Girls above the age of 11 will participate in these centers. These centers will be run by sadhikas (females) only.
From the self realization day of Pujya Bapuji’s all the bal Sanskar kendras will have above motioned discipline.
‘Jyot se Jyot jagao campaign’s successful journey;
From 2009 Guru poormina to 2010 guru poormina 33 samitits opened 108 new centers and got rewarded god medals form Pujya Bapuji’s lotus hands. During this period 5,551 new Bal Sanskar Kendra’s were opened. The duration of this mission has been increased till Uttarayan 2011.
First she became a doctor then L.A.S.
When I was studying in 8th standard then I got initiated into sarawatya mantra by Pujya Bapuji’s. I practiced mantra jap, prnayma and mention roguery and took part in students shivirs organized by Bapuji’s I heard Bapuji’s in satsnag saying.

Get up wake up and don’t stop till you reach your destination. Discipline, devoted and intelligent effort an self confidence are the keys to success.’

These inspiring words of Bapuji’s filled me with enthusiasm and elation. I felt as if I an become whet ever I want to. I can excel in every fields of life because the sarawatya mantra and Bapuji’s grace is with us. I set a goal to become a doctor an with the grace of Bapuji’s I became an M.B.B.S doctor very easily. Even now in take out time to listen to Bapuji’s Satsang. I got inspired to serve the suffering humanity by reading the literature of Bapuji’s. Then I felt that I will not be able to serve so many people as doctor. So I tried for I.A.S by the grace of Bapuji’s who teaches the lesson of self control patentee and success I have got selected in Indian Administrative services (I.A.S) . Now I request only this to Pujya Bapuji’s that with his grace I may be able to serve the properly.
A beautiful new year gift
One gains the fruit of a corer holy expeditions by mere Durham of a saint. Wall calendars for the year 2010 containing captivating peace giving an spring photographs of Pujya Bapuji’s an studded with his juiceless quotes are available.
Those ordering 250 o more calendars can get the name of their firm or establishment printed. You early lords are invited. Available at all sent sir ashram Ashrams sri yoga Vedanta seva samitits an seva Kendra’s of sadhaka families..

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