Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ownness With God.

Saints tell us that if one believes in God, God takes it on Himself to reveal his Real nature to him. What a wonderful fat! One does not need to enquire What is the Real nature of God? One just believes that God is. One does not entertain nay doubts in respect of that Real nature of God.
First one has to accepts the existence go God. Then on automatically starts believing in God. In fact the belief in the phenomenal world does not last for we know that things an people etc, did not exist in the past will not exist in the future an are going towards extinction even at present. But this not the case with god existed, exist a typeset and will always exist. This belief in god to the feeling that god is our own. The scriptures say-
The embodies soul in the world is an eternal portion Myself. So god id our own. There for theist should firmly believe that god exists and that god in our won. One this belief is filmy ingrained in one mind, One is bound to have communion with god. When a child gets into treble he thinks of seeing his mother. He never thinks whether is worthy or not eligible or not.

If one believes in god one also believes in one creation with god. There is not place for questions what is the nature of God? What is my nature? One should filmy believe, God is mien I will certainly attain to him this feeling of god being one own is the highest of all spiritual practice . Asceticism self mortification, Observance forbearance wren good but own ness with god is the best means to reach god. There is not second thought in this feeling of own ness. Those who engage themselves in actions will get the fruit of their action but those who believe god to be their own will attain to god in his fullness an that too with out effort.

Those who do action gain fruits in proportion there to but those who believes god be their will get entitle to attain god. A child that the mother belongs to him completely. He know Mother is mien, I can get anything done through her or get anything form her what the child banks upon. His only force is crying. Crying is what is even the weakest of the weak can do what is the big deal in crying. But when the child cries the mother has to accede to his demands. The devotee should cry in the same way and say, god! You are my own . Why then is it that you don bless me with your Darshan? Why is it that I am not able to behold You ? There should arise in the devotee hearts a yearning for lord darshan a king of restlessness as to why god does not bless him with his darshan . This craving this impatiens destroys his sins of innumerable past lives and he is purged of all evils. One who becomes restless for god is automatically purged of all evil. The enquiry into the mystery the self too destroys sins an evils but not so quickly an easily as does the fire restlessness for god. One is completely purged of restlessness for god one is completely purged of evil only when the desire to know consumes the enquire complete I when the enquiry become so intense that the enquire is lost complete. Complete purge do evil one attains the Ultimate Truth.
So long a she ego identify I am an enquirer into Ultimate Truth persist the object of enquiry. Truth absolute is not reveals edit gets revealed when the I am ness the individuality is destroyed. The is revealed when either the enquiry or the belief in god reaches its culmination. Performance of duty is incidental to both the man of enquiry and the man of belief in god. Both the inquisitives one and the believer will diligently their duty.
The belier does not discharge his duty a matte of duty. He cries in grief do separation form the lord and simply by doing that his duty is perfumed. He crakes for god. He thinks of god and only he relishes nothing but god he says.

‘My mind is engrossed in You:
Nothing interest me anyone.
This continuum restlessness in a wonderful force. It make son lost huger and sleep. Devotional practices, remembering god asceticism self mortification listing pilgrim fasting etc. Are all god but they destroy sins gradually over a period of time. But restless craving for god is like fire which consumes its instantly. All shadhana riches it culmination an that shadhana attains his goal his the setae of jivanmamukit. He attain liberation while living.

The sadhak should remember; The pied cuckoo the fish and the moth cannot stand being separated form their beloved. Why should the an aspirant not attaches goal.
Kindle the fire of the anguish separation in which your sins miseries ego attaché yours I mine everything shall be burnt. The fire should be so intense that the self Braham which is basis of everything may become evident god when will that time come.. O Lord .. O Hari!

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