Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Delay?

(Revered Bapuji’s Ambrosial Precepts)
Our god can’t dwell merely in one temple. How ever he was not confined to one temple even when we believed him to be in one temple due to our childish understanding. Now we have a conception that He is abiding in infinite number of universes. Not that our god has now become great. He was great even before but now. His grace has enable us to behold him with a new vision a new conception.
If you unable to behold your her every where at least behold him in any one person whom you an love selflessly, Behold him in such a person whose presence soothes yours eyes. Then gradually see your god in second person then in third fourth; thus extend your vision if you like. Alternatively you may meet the beloved of god fear third edperin4al words and open your eye to behold god in all. Choice is purely your ultimately you will have to come to this point only in the experience of unlived consciousness…
Where alone there is repose and this verily should be the objective of our life. You should set the highest ideal. Then d not fear even if you made a thousand mistakes. Try once against . one who does not have a sacred goal of attaining realization of all pervading supreme lord of all will make thousands of mistakes an the man having the highest goal will make fifty mistakes. Still own how has an elevated goal will finally win. One having no supreme goal would not stop over hundreds. Thousands lakes or millions of mistakes in million of births because he does not have the goal of liberation the goal of attaining the knowledge one supreme lord abides in all the goal of transcending pains and pleasures. He will always experience pains and pleasure and therefore he will continually commit mistakes. That I is why you have not attained perfection even after taking thousands of baths in thousands of ages because you did not fix the highest goal. There fore my dear sadhaka Set the highest goal in you life Behold the lord of all every where Behold him with in your self.

The lord is not far of you verily that the home within is filled with is filled with Ambrosial Nectar but the self willed manumkh does not get to taste it.
Those who searched for the lord attained by diving in deep water of the hart I kept sitting on the bank for I was naïve afraid of drowning.
Enquire within yourself wherefrom does arise? What is there source of diaries and worries? And why did they arise? Enquire seek and you reach your supreme goal if eve you stumble do not worry set out against if you halt some where or some one stops you do not stuck forever forward. You onto have to walk on foot but on your thoughts and virtuous acts. What do you actually mean by waking? You to step the hectic activates of the body and mind to take repose in the immovable self of complete the real journey. God is not in some fir off please that you should walk to reach that place. Does he reside in Delhi. Kokata or in vaikuntha local? The power the enables you to walk is verily his and he is present at the point form where your quest begins. Still you seek him you attain the absolute rest on seeking the lord with devotional feigns and after tremors efforts you will finally reach the point form where you had started the journey. But with our questing after god absolute repose can never be attained. If you sit with our searching you will get lethargy indolence an death. If anybody his honey in search of the end of the earth in straight direction finely he reach the form where he actually commenced his journey.
Bliss and sheer bless on you nothing but you or only I no separation no duality. Either you ka real or if am all. You are conceited with the incite. Actually you are infinite. The air you breath is inseparable form the immeasurable quantity of air outside. The space limited by your heart an body is one with the ignite cosmic space. Your body composed of water fire and earth elects is inseparably connected with the infinite cosmic space. You body compose of water fire and each elements is imputably connected with incite water fire and matter, these five elements present in your body are actually connected with the five great cements of the consons. You consciousness space that animates the five elements is always united with the About Brahman the self is inseparably united with supreme self. It is half truth to say that it is united . Actually your Atman is to sperm self. As the wave is nothing but water the space enclosed in all pot is noting but the space. Similar the jiva is the embodiment of Brahman the jiva trouble itself with our any reason.
Remember your divine nature and awake by the grease of lord Krishna. Marijuana gained the memory of his real being in the battle field and said by your grace my delusion has fled an wisdom has been gibed by me you too her on the bank of river sabarmarit listen to that knowledge and do the same Destroyed is my delusion and I have gained my memory knowledge why are you sluggish? Why do you delay? This is the jet age My dear sons my loving daughters.
Fasts, Festivals and Festivity .
18th October: Papankusha Ekadashi.
22nd October: Sharad Poornima
26th October: Karva Chauth
2nd November : Rama Ekadshi, Mahanir vans day of Brahamaleena Mother sir, sir ma mehgiba
3rd November: Dhan teras Dhanvantri jayanti
5h November: Dipawali worship of Mahalakshmi .
6th November; Govardhan puja.
7th November; Bali pratipada Bhai duj.
9th November; Angarak chaturthi (falling on Tuesday)
10th November; Labha Panchami
15th November; Mahanirvan day of pujyapada Bhagvatpada swami sir lisashaahji maharj

One and a half auspicious days from the three and half auspiouics day of the year.
On the whole days of Vijaya dashmai the tenth day the bright fortnight of the month of aswin 17 October and half day of the kartik shukla pratipada are self established as pious mutants means one can do any as auspicious work on these days without consulting the almance for asupicious. These bestow success in all works

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