Monday, December 20, 2010

Pujya Bapuji’s self Realization day.

How the gross physical body and the material world can be spiritualized is exemplified by Pujya Bapuji self realization day. Ordinary people throw arteries on their birthdays and delude people pulling the wool of feasting and reveries over their yes. But self Reposed saints like Pujya Bapuji use the occasion of their birthday or self realizing day of both which are celebrated with great adoration by his devotes by engaging their devotes in altruistic actives.
Not only in India butting many other countries of the world Bapuji Ashrams samrits and disciples devotees followers are engaged in serving poor and destitute people these altruistic activates re taken up with added vigor on Pujya Bapuji birthday or self realization day like post years this year to food grins prepared food sweetmeats utensils clothes and cash assistance were distributed amongst the poor and the turban people on the occasion of Bapuji self realization day (9th October) candles and matches were given to them so that they world have some light in their dark cottages. given also were shoes chapels to save their feet damage walking to save their feet from damage walking on stony paths; caps to save their heads form the sun; blankets to save them form cold fruits dates amla churan Chyavanpars etc. to save their debilitated bodes form father maturation mote boos text books, pens pencils school bags etc to remove the badge of illiterate form the foreheads of their children and above all satsnag of self knowledge to bring the radiance of knowledge to the poor and the wealthy poor living of ignorance the great good work continues till this going to print.

Lahks of people celebrate their birthday, every days. There may be rare instances of same saints celebrating self realization days but some of us world have witnessed self realization day being celebrated on such a massive scales and in such a novel and wonderful way.
Apart form the altruistic mentioned above a number of nationwide and world wide campaigns are being conducted under Bapuji auspices for all round development of people like dead diction programmed yuvadhan surakhsha Adrian environment protection curve children development programmed be Bal sansakar Kendra’s youth development porgramme by youth wing distributions of rishi Parsed for spiritual awakening etc yuva sang the youth wing of the Ashram the sapling of which was panted on Pujya Bapuji self realization day last year has gotten wino a plant and is well it ways to becoming a big tree. Thousands of yogurts across the country have become its member.
The good fortune have Bapuji darshan an satsnag on Pujya Bapuji self realization die this year feel into the lap of the people of pune in the form of a satsang porgramme on 9th and 10th October this pious virtue of forbearance in the form of bearing the long wait for Pujya Bapuji darshan and satsnag was witnessed in the people reacted many delectable and inspiriting incidents of his life. The people of pure were so active and delighted as if seashells always yearning for drop of rain in the swati had torrential rains in that Nakshatra.
The inspiring message Pujya Bapuji gave to the people of pune and to lakhs of disciples listening to satsnag on the website and telephone was on follows;
If these are tow ponds of nectarine water and the boundary mound between then is broken as it append on 2nd day of the month of asoj water of one pond can not be distingualished form the other. If tow lamps are lit in a room the light onramp cannot be differential form of the other. Similarly our turn self the Brahman are same as gold and god ornaments sea same as gold and gold ornaments sea and its waves etc. The day of realigning true self the days of attaining to the supreme sate 2nd days of the month of Asoj god is far away form us we shall realize him after death this foolishness was destroyed by gurudev he saved me form labors of attuning to god of my choice with the helps of devotion everybody likes god of his choice. A lot of efforts is requested to attain to god of one chose the god of one may be attired but only for while my guru told me not to go in search for the god of my choice. God should be accepted as he is with guru blessing I have known my turn self what you need is only to firmly deice to know yours.
Learn to convert sorrow into joy.
Learns to convert enmity into love.
Learn to convert malice into good will.
Life is short.
Learns the art of attuning to your immolator self with the help of the moral holy.’
In the course of pujyashree quiet sojourn at Ahmedabad ashram four Ist to 8th October pujyashree said in satsnag what shall the superficial sensory do to the proceeded of self knowledge and self Bliss ma arati serves lord shiva with all guru god but lord shiva is not attracted even to such parvatiji how can he be impressed by a monkey saving him and dancing before him.

The Maya and sense enjoyments are like monkey those oblivious to their true self and impressed by the illusory world get enamored of Maya. Those reposed in their true self in suchbstnce same a the supreme consciousness find this world much like a dram or a sporting event.
On 16th October dispending the ambrosial gift of satsnag gin a single day to the people of Uruly Kaancha Bramati Ahmedabad and pathardi Bapuji arrived a pitman the land where the great eknathji was born and lived a mammoth gathering devotees form pitman aurangbad and nearby areas assembled at the pious an pitman in the satsang porgramme on 17th and 18 October reminding one of kumbha festival addressing the devotes Pujya Bapuji said so long as one does have not the lord do long as one is interested only in building in empire or assign wealth one is bound to suffer disastrous consequences how sever high may be his world achievements as it happened to raven their fore one should pray to the lord for only his love to get his love constantly reamed your self that all is god loving the lord when you will have charitable feelings for all lord will endow your intellect with the yoga of wisdom the pleasure of Raven lanks hiranyashya’s hrimayaar an even the Kind of heaven are nothing when compared to the yoga of wisdom when compared to the yoga of wisdom such is the greatness of yoga of wisdom. Such is the greatness of yoga of wisdom. So rammer the lord with love pary to him grant you liking for the great blessing. And the lord knows that the great blessing is self knowledge on the request of people of Dhulia ashram there was satsnag there eon gated there and took a dip in the Ganga of satsang.

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