Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Magha, the month to get devotion to god.

(Vrata of Magha: 19 January to 18th February)
Describing the significance of the month of Magha scriptures say that lord Vishnu is propitiated not so much by pious vows fasts charities an austerities, as he is by up and taking bath during the Brahma Muhurta (Around 4:00a.m) in the month of Magha Therefore person should observe the vow of taking the Mega bath to get delivered from sins and to attain devotion to god it begins form the full moon day of the month of pausha.
The significase of the month of Magha of I that a waters becomes as sacred as water of holy Ganga. Every day of the month is a festival Shatters have prescribed that If one can not take Magha bath’ for the whole month due to debility he should observe the vrata for at least three days or even one day during this month holy bath charity fast and prayers etc, give great religion merits.
The Ekadashi falling on the dark fortnight of the month of Magha is known as shatatila Ekadashi, giving black sesame seeds and black cow on this day (falling on 29th January) affords great religious merits Taking bath with water mixed with sesame seeds smearing sesame seeds unguent on the body fire sacrifice with sesame deeds drinking and offering libation of water mixed with sesame seeds eating sesame seeds and giving sesame seeds in alms these six acts destroy sins.
The amavasya no moon night of the dark fortnight of magha is know as Mauna amavasya it is of great realigns importance to observe Mauna silence or to take bath given charity while living like a sage on this day falling on (2nd February).
Amavasya falling on a Monday is so meritorious time that even gods long for it. Ganga Pushkar and all other pilgrim place of heaven and earth best how region merits to the one engaged in jape meditation and prayer etc, on such a day.
Fourth lunar day falling on a Tuesday seventh lunar day falling on a sudsy. Eight lunar day falling on a Wednesday 12 the January and amavasya falling on a Monday 3rd January jape done on these four dates given religion merits equal to that obtained during the solar eclipse. Bath charities ashraaddha on these days affords inexhaustible merits.
The faith lunar day of the birth forte night of magha 8 February is beloved to be the manifestation day of goddess Saraswati. It is called vacant panchami. Goddess Saraswati should be worshipped on this day .Books and pens are beloved to be the abode of goddess sar4aswati. There fore these are worshipped too.
The seventh lunar day of the bright fortnight of magha is called Achaia saptami one should take only one meal on the sixth lunar day 10 February and should take bath before dawn on the seventh. by doing one sins are destroyed..

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