Friday, February 25, 2011

The Spring Season Health Special

(From 18th February to 19th April)
1. Select your food cautiously:
one should not take heavy you oily and sweet foods during season Also one hold avoid sleep during the day’ During spring season cough is increase in the body and the digestives fire gets diminished Therefore milk condensed into lump sweets strengthening preparations dry fruits curd oily foods sugar and candy jiggery or eatable prepared form them not be consumed Sleep during day times also incases kapha, so better avoid it.
One should take easily digestible pungent better astringent an heating foods especially the low fat foods ginger dried ginger black pepper cinnamon asafetida methi biiter gourd tender seedless urinal Punaranav reddish, elephant’s foot sehjan (Moringa jpterigosperma) seasoned wheat barley and grams are wholesome foods.
2. Significance of Exercise: In the spring season there in increase in Kapha which causes heaviness of the body. Hardness and coolness. At time one becomes indolent and feels loss of appetite. Yoga Asana surya Namaskrar a brisk or light Stoll jogging an physical exercises produces heat in the body in the body in which in turn melts the kapha. The body becomes light, supple an agile. It also stimulates appetite it is rightly sailed.
Brisk walking is beneficial in spring.
3. Need of Fasting:
Fasting pacifies kapha. Weekly or fortnightly observance of complete fast during this season protect the body form kapha relate ailments one the fast day one should drink water boiled with dried ginger.
4. A few times tested payolas: Taking the mixture of 2 to 3 gms each of hared power and honey on empty stomach every day gives the benefit of rejuvenation. According to shir charaka achrayji one should drink Luke warm water during spring season and apply some ointment such as a mixture of seven grains wheat barley rive mooing grams black beans and seam sesame seed in equal quantities it good for health. It is auspicious. According to shri Vagbhata achrayji, during these days one should drink water billed with Naagramotha honey is cindered to be the best drink honey of kapha. Jets beneficial to drink honey mixed with Luke warm water. Consumption of basil and cow urine is beneficial. Taking ginger sprinkled juice statutes appetite.
Dhuma (the Therapeutic inhalation of somke)of Guggle on burring cow dung cake burning of camphor applying a tilaka of sandalwood camphor or saffron on the forehead applying collyrium or moment to the yes instilling lukewarm sesame seed oil moose and ears are all special health promotion tips during the spring season. The new grain are heavy to digest hence seasoned wheat barley rice etc should be preferred resisted grins are easy to digest . Regular practice of 3-4 suryabhedi pranayamas’ and sleeping while lying on the lying on the left side activates surya naiad which helps in eradicating kapha.
Precaution: Kapha borne disease are chronic so as soon as its symptoms appear one should carefully try to remove it for quick relief one should try gajakarani and jala neti ( For further reference see the book Yogasansa pg 43-44 published by the ashram) Under the expert advices of physicians it is also advisable to go or vamana karma (medicated emesis).

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