Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Lord of the Devotees

(Excerpts form pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
There was mahatma by the name of kasha swami in mahmarashtra. He knew that jape of divine saves one for the vices of kaliyaga. In the initaila stage if one does the japa of dive name for lips then thought the throat, then form the heart and finally contemplates on the meaning the divine name then god can even become manifest
Once kasha swami went to bijaur. It was ekadashi on that day. At night kasha swami said; today is the night of keeping vigil. All the devotees are here, so bring prasads. Now the what fruit to take as praashad? One should not eat fruits at night. He said; dried ginger and sugar will be good sugar will given energy and dried ginger will pacify kapah one should not take sugar alone while keeping fast. Fetch sugar and dried ginger. We shall offer that Thakurji.
It was very late night around l1 p.m All the shopkeepers had slept. In shopper was waned. It was the Age of lanterns. In the dark, the shoppers took the pieces of aconite for dirked ginger and there after he weighted about five kg, of aconite is a jeadly poison.

The vaidayas who prepare ayurvidc ointments for boils etc. used to buy that front the shopkeeper. In the dim light sugar was ground with ancones and praashad was prepared. It was offered to Thkakurji. Now Thakuji saw that by morning all the devotees fleshed swami would die. Those poor guys didn’t know that dried ginger a deadly poison was brought. The compassionate Thakurji sucked all the poison form the Prasad. In the morning the merchant was horrified to see that the sack of dried ginger was as it was the he has instead given aconite by mistake. He thought My Good! What the hell has happened? All the devotees would have died. This will bring my ruin.
In a terrified sate the merchant came pruning to kasha swami and told him the truth. He asked weather anybody had consumed it. Keshav swami told that it was distributed as prasads yesterday night.
;Did anybody die? No nothing happened to anybody.’ Keshav swami while remembering god said lord you protected my honor.’
Keshav swami and the merchant entered the temple, They found that Thakurji ido had undergone discoloration. The ido has turned blued and was looking strange as if it been poisoned. Keshav swami under stood the poison by the power of behave but your are almighty. You suckled putana’s breast containing deadly poison but you remained eh same the venom of kauilya serpent could do no harm to you. Then how could the poison of aconite have such a cyanotic effect on you? Kindly get rid of the influence of this poison and becomes normal as you mere.

When they prayed this way the lord idol turned as brilliant and radiant as before in form of a the merchant and the devotees. How would you take this incident what shall you infer form it?
Inanimate conscious this whole world the ascetics consider all an embodiment of lord Rama. Find out the answer to this. Slanderer’s perfection revealed..

Ishwar naik disclosed the Truth.
Ishwar Naik who leveled fiats allegiants against the ashram in comp lice with the premeditated conspiracy the proselytizers at lat had to admit the truth during the special enquiry help by the justice D.K Trivedi enquiry commission. Pujya Bapuji’s had, out of compassion granted him anew lease of life by the lmahrmityanujjya mantra. When I fell ill in canda I was hospitalized . Then my wife contacted pujya Bapuji’s on telephone and according to his instruction she chatted the Mahranmrityanjya mantra sitting near my bed. I recovered by that I be liven in the power of mantras.’

He added pujya Bapuji’s does not charge any fees or accept anything form any person his her family member for curing him form any disease. This work of pujya Bapuji’s relieving the afflicted person of his sufferigfns is in my opinion a part of the social begins cared out by him. Ishwar naik so admitted that before condign the ashram his mental state and also of his family was disturbed and at the karma proofed by a person affects his organs. The physical state changes according to one’s actions.
Ishwar Naik experienced peace and bliss while living in the holy atmosphere of the ashram. He admitted, During my stray in the ashram practicing I experienced such a state I if was some divine world I was exhilarate and would laugh during mediation I expedited supernatural bliss. The inmates of the ashram before going to bed hold discussion on sculpture do mantra jape on their mala and also practice meditation. This is daily routine of the ashram.
The censurers and the newspapers inventing stories spread misleading rumors in the society regarding the Bada Basasha, (the wish fulfilling Banyan tree) of the ashram. Admitting the truth about this matter Ishwar nail said I know that by circumambulation the holy tree located in the ashram the problems of the sashays have been solved and they have also got material benefits. My wife had end started writing a book on the glory the Baba Baldheads after collecting the letters written by the people who had miraculous experices. Ishwar nilk also admitted a bandana had been organized by pujya Bapuji’s in a villages near pinched. Racal may tribal people came in that Bandar. After the meals pujya Bapuji’s gave me a bumble of currency notes in order to tribute it amongst the tribal people. I myself gave each tribal the notes of the bundle as dakshnia. At that time I realized that I number of notes remained the same even after disturbing to each and every tribal present there. I was surprised. I saw the miracle that the number of notes in the buddle given to me increased. There is no atonement for the sin of ungratefulness. Forgetting the innumerable favors of revved Bapuji’s, Ishwar nailk who joined had whit the conspirers has in a way acted against his own interests by which he has becomes despicable in themes of the noble man.

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