Monday, August 2, 2010

Protect your Health in the Rainy Season

The body which is extremely weakened in the summer slowly begins to get strength an vigour in the rainy season. The humid atmosphere in the season weakness the appellate. Pitta (the heat humour) is accumulate in the body and vata (the wind humour) gets aggravated. This leads to pitta and vata related diseases. There fore in this season one hold take foods that are appetizing easily digestible and alleviators of pitta and vata.

1. One should consume ginger and lemon, in this season. Lemons ar highly useful in diseases occurring in rainy season.
2. Take lukewarm water mixed with lime and honey in eth morning on an empty stomach there to four days in week.
3. Sit in Vajrasana early in the morning in such a way that sprays fall on your navel. Exhale and keeping the brathe our and contracting and relaxing the belly do japa of (ram) mantra. This will tone up digestion.
4. Take lukewarm water in the middle of the meals.
5. Fast for one day every week. During. It will be best if your can avoid food completely but if you can take a light meal only once in the day.
6. Dry fruits sweetmeats, fired foods fresh, garins portatoe shens Arbi peas, rajma arhar maize and river water are injurious to health and should be avoided. Indigenous mangoes juambu papaya old wheat and rice sesame and groundnut oils sahjan (edible tuber) prawal, ripe sweet gourd, tides turnips unripe radish berinjals dry, ginger and ajwain (ligusticum ajowan) are good for health in this season.
7. Do not consume green leafy vegetables and milk in Shravan and curd and buttermilk in Bhadrapah.
8. Do not sleep during the daytimes. Sleeping in the day weaknes digestion and aggravates the there Doshan. Do not bathe is a river. Do not get drenched in the rain: do not sleep on the roof or in the courtyard in the night.
Medicinal remedies.
1. During the rainy season keep in store 100 gram Harad (myrlobalan) powers mixed with 10 to 15 grams rock salt as an elixir. It is good to take 2 to 2/1/2 grams daily in the morning with fresh water.
2. Mix old gur in Harad powder and make small pill of the size of grams. Suck tow pills once or twice in the day. This is useful in all ailments of the season.
3. Once gets relief form cold cough and fever by consuming ginger or Tulis juice mixed with honey or by fusing. One des not need ambitious of these domestic remedies.

Fasts, Festivals and Festively.
21st July: Devshayani Ekadashi, commencement of steadfastness’ of four moth rainy season.
25th July: Guru Poornima, vyas Poornima, four months steadfastness for the Ascetics begins.
27th July: End of Poornima Beginning of Shravan month.
6th August; Kamika Ekadshi.
9th August: Somvati Amavasya.
10th August: Hariyali Amavasya.
14th August: Nagapanchmi. Kalki Jayanit.

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