Friday, July 30, 2010

The world beyond Human Perception..

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
There had once been a Mahatma by the name of Swami Ram not swami Ramtrirtha but another swami Ram. Thought he is not alive but this institution is there in Dehradun. He even owned helicopter had several followers around the country and world. Swami Ram guru was a sant of high class. He preferred solitude and did’ taking or meeting just anyone. He written I his autobiography that there was the price of Bengal’ Bhawal province before taking saunas diksa.After marriage he used to live with his wife in Darjeeling. His wife was already in love with some doctor but was married to this prince. Still That doctor continue to visit her. Her wife and the doctor in concert started injecting the price with the venom of serpent. The price thought it to the injection of vitamin. The doctor kept increasing these does of a the venom little by lifter. After some menthe the venom showed its effect and the price died. Pretension was made that is was a natural death.

Thousands of people gathered into funeral procession of the proc. For the last rites the dead body was taken to a cremation ground along side a mountainous water Channel a little form the city. The funeral pyre was ready by see the divine sport of God. Suddenly a heavy rainfall in that mountainous region Rain cones just anytime in Darjeeling. It was a heavy rain, There rain fame down in torrents such that everyone fled. The prey had been just pure to fire when the rain destroyed ever things. The rain caused a heavy flood in that water channel and the dead body of the price was carried ways init.

Swami ram along with his disciples was putting up in a case three miles ways form the cremation ground. When he was that dead body wrapper din coffin and laid to the bamboos flowing in the water channeling then he said to his disciples that Reigns that dead body here./ The dead body laws taken out of the water channel and untied. Its was brought ot him. Guruji said see it still has life. His may disciple of precious birth . some medical treatment the prince was awakened but he had forgotten all this incident of death and his former life. His guru once again gave him diksha and kept him with his guru of resin years and thereafter his guru said go child! Go on a long journey through the country, proceed whole rooming. Don’t falter any where neither should you stop in the factorable circumstances on nor consider ture the adverse situations. Keep engaged yourself in your daily relies observances and meditation. With time everything be all right.
He agreed to the guru’s commandment and set off. Guruji told his other disciples His sister will recognize them and when he shall meets his sister his lost memory would be relived.

The prince while wandering as an ascetic unknowingly stumbled upon his sister door. The sister recognized her dear brother and called him out by his name. The bother his entire justly. The news spread like fire. People satiated discussing amongst them selves. The price had died we had in fact dilated him to the creation ground!
The relatives of the price took refuge in the law curt. Babaji sent his how disciples in their help. When the disciples also. Never before had such a crowd gated in the court of Darjeeling as had assembled now for the sake of this case. People were curious as to what is the truth.
The price use to practices yoga. He recalled each incident by the streght of his memory and narrated the compete episode that this is how I was injected poison how I used to consider that I an being administered vitamin. This is how I died and my funeral procession was taken out. Heavy rain fell my carried away in the water and this is how my saved me.

Ultimately it was proved in the court that the prince wife in collaboration with her doctor a had given injections of snake poison to him and that swami considering the price his former sadhak had helped him an saved his raining life.

The price emerged victorious and he agisn retune to his Bhawal province in complicate to his Guruji directions. He live d for one year and then left behind his mortal body.
There stores revel one fact the world as much is seen or head is not only that much. It is far more than that but al this is with in the periphery of the eight fold nature. As long as we consider the nature or the body composed of the nature to I and the normal substances to the hours the turn is which is actually the supreme sould will ramin hidden and the jiva continually blazes in the sufferings and distress of the torments of life death infirmity affliction and in heart of attachment aversion and in the heart of attachment aversion, Sorrows affections etc. They are really the blessed some show have know their truth consciousnesses bills personified self a shier ture I and also belled are those who get the privilege of the darshan of such Binges.
“Only the very fortunate ones the darshan of a Brahmajnani.’
Keep this aim scuh high should be your aim and object.’
Ambrosial Maxims.
Success comes to those who shun guile and sloth and put in tremendous efforts.
Hw who possesses knowledge couple with purshartha (Industriousness) alone can accomplish his goal.

Good fortune eludes those who fail to seize opportunities. Be courteous towards elders.

Those who do not respect elders do not make progress.

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