Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Use All Circumstances

(Excerpts form pujya Bapuji Satsang)
The main purport of your life is to attain God. May you live in the worldly one physically but fix your mind always in God. Times in verity precious. Without wasting your time in useless gossip or in futile actions one should utilize it properly. Spending time remembering God singing God praises, in fact the good utilization of time. May every task of your be performed with divine feeling may it be for pleasing God keep this in mind.

What you have or don’t have is not important: What ever you have in what ever quaintly whet there you make good use of it and for what purpose is important. You have wealth, You hold a respectable position an you become arrogant about your wealth you hold a repeatable position and I am an big gun my family members are so and so showing of you wealth you try to influence others, Fog getting God this wrong automation of wealth will make you plunge into sorrow. You have wealth will make you punge into sorrow. You have wealth and plunge into sorrow. You have wealth and you wealth and you unitize it well in treading the path to God you humbly serve the needy you utilize if for the love go God to whom actually belongs then you wealth will do your highest good.

Don’t bother if you are poor if you have to work hard if you lack in resources. By utilizing them well you welfare will occurred. Whatever be your condition be it of sickness or health bait of insult or of honor, make good use of it. What you have is of no value in itself. However if you utilize if for the sake of Truth to attain God the your welfare will occur. Shabari a tribal woman was illiterate. She no very intelligent but she followed the commands of her Guru keeping in me I man Guru’s I am my Guru’s and she became great. King janka was a scalar and was rich. He utilize his wealth and knowledge for the welfare for the welfare of society and thus becomes great.
Suppose you fall ill. You traced the cause of illness and become careful to prevent the illness by not repeating the mistake. Illness has been transformed into a peance who God.

If you enjoy like then the you have made use of illness. You contracted a minor disease and you got worried.. you immediately got an injection administered without thinking ly9ou got operated and invited premature old age. You got your wealth plundered and also spittle you body. This implies that you misused you riles.

If people make fun of you the you should become alert thinking They are making fun of the mortal body. They are mocking it I am the knower of this Bliss you have made good use of the situation.

Whatever types of situation you have to face learn the are of attaining God or self knowledge by making good use of it.

Some one may say Maharaj I do have the desire to attain god but my husband passed away you see. I am obsessed with his memories. I was deeply attached to him.
It does not matter. Do not bother to give up you attachment. Don’t break the attachment your husband has passed ways. He has gone to the realism of God, God has merged my husband with himself Now my husband form my attachment towards him and passion for him have all gone. God remains, I am weeping for the god on god When will you meet? Thus you have made god use of your attachment and mourning.

Baba I have a habit of lying. What should I do? That is okay. You tell lies a lot but make god use of this habit. God will be pleased. Mentally decorate gods use of this habit. God’s trine and tell god lies. God cone I have made a golden throng for you. Many servants and attendants have k been appointed for you. Abutter and sugar candy are kept for you. Like this whatever emotion arises in you mind are it to please god by telling him lies. You have the habit of lying it does not matter. Don’t suppress it and don’t ever tell lies which create karmic bondage. Regularly tell lies to please God. Gradually you habit of lying will disappear. God love god glances and divine joy will manifest in you heart in the form of love and contentment. What a provision Santana Dharam has made.
Making good use to what is granted to you respecting the known sessile and having faith kin God will make you accomplished in karam Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakit yoga respectively.
Neither poverty not affluxes will eradicate your sorrows but the god use of both will root out sorrows and reveal God in you heart.

If you are poor then don’t get scared: Make god use of it then that witch the world years for will get revealed in your heart. Wheat ever are literate or illiterate erudite or ignorant healthy or unhealthy, make good use of you potentials. If you are a woman then good use of you womanhood. If you are a man then make god use of manliness. If you use the chief editor then make good use of your post. If you a journalist then make god use of you journalism. There is so much streght in proper tunitlaztion that with its support, you can attain god.
Baba can one attain god by making right use of suffering an accident or facing sorrows.

Certainly can one attain god by making good use of ignorance or erudition wealth and food? Yes Absolutely you will meet god. Can one attain god by making good use of his abject poverty?
The reply is yes:
Lord sir Krishan says: He who through the likeness of the self O Arjuna sees the equality everywhere be it pleasure or pain is regarded as the highest yogi.
Whatever circumstances you face don’t be overwhelmed with the make their god use. Wise people learn for suits form their satsnag discourses and by making proper use of their sorrow and joy they spread happiness Knowles and light for many other. Ignorant people are filled with pride in the times of happiness and get over whelmed with dejection in the times of sorrow destroying their own joy, Knowledge and peace. They even trouble other and depart form the world losing the battle of life. Of course everyone has to depart form this world I have to go you have to go only mortals come here who have to depart. Lord Rama sri Krishan Buddha, Mahavira all came and departed out grandfathers and great grandfathers have all gone. So till how long will we stay her?
This physical body is bound to go. Make good use of the perishable body before it departs and know the imperishable throng satsang end get fulfilled right now. Become blissful. Become perfected.

‘Blessed with the grace f the perfected guru And the knowledge of the Perfected Guru having descended upon ashamed him Asumal was transformed was transformed into sai Asumal.

So now what is to be done?
Should one became poor? Should on become rich? Should on ego abroad? What should be done?
Yu don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to desire for a change. You have to utilize properly whatever is happening. This should happen than should happen I should become like this.. Don’t get entangled in such things.

The fate was determined first and then came the body, Tulsidas says why should u worry on pray to Raghuvira (Lord Rama)

Self effort has it sown place. Fate has it own significance. One who makes god use of both becomes great. Whatever be the situation it will create modification of you mind I the form of pleasure or pain. But transforming that mental statues into a divine one is the result of making good use of the condition. You have got wealth you have got power you have attained qualifications and as a result if your arropogance increases then you have abused all these. With wealth if you develop the spirits of altruism for the welfare of many for the god of many.
And you utilize your obtained qualification and power in the knowledge of the embodiment of truth lord in annuity and in developing an intellect with divine attributes then you will keep progressing and elevating yourself . With detachment you will scale new heights. Whether the progress is visible to others or not you will expertise the fulfillment love and satisfaction of inner self in your heart.

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