Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Matter is Concise, and Tue it is!

Swami Sri Akhandanandji saraswati
what is the necessity of Guru?
In every sphere of knowledge a Guru is necessarily required but in the domain of self realization (Brahmajana), there is no other way. Without a Guru one neither gets to know the secrets of the path of worship not do the obstacles on this get removed. A person who want to tread the path of devotion cannot progress even the a single step without a Guru. In on Guru satisfaction lies one fulfillment. I will give you one example I had a childhood friend. We did not meet for letters. I once went to this hoarse but he did not recognize me I did not tell him my name and began relating with him in an open way.
He was bewildered. In the mean times some one called out my name hearing which he sprang form his seat land embraced me. Now observe that I was directly in front of him but being with in reach of ones eyes is one thing and recognizing the person is something different.

Out soul which is Brahman is not far form us. Throughout sleep wakefulness, while sitting and while standing it is with us. It is ever acquired. There is no possinlity of separation form it . But we are failing to recognize such an eternally acquired soul. If by feign established in one could comprehend it then we would have known it in the state of deep sleep or in state of trance.
Despite being close to it we are unable to recognize it so there is an need a for someone to tell us. Till there is no one to tell us that That Brahman is indeed you we will not gain knowledge about it.

In ode rot realize that Brahman in the form of ones soul a seeker who is endowed with spiritual enquistibvess should who is carry samidha (pieces of small braches of wood used to light a sacred fire) with himself and should surrender to an enlightedd Satguru who has sided the Vedas in depth.

Once we get a Satguru what should we do? Then render selfless services to him with humility and love him. Don’t find faults in him and while appreciating his value how for your welfare from him only. Like this through selfless serives and devotion make your satguru favorable towards you.
Till we are unable to behold satguru a do till we are a unable to accept to he godly wisdom flowing form him, and till we are unable to see every action of his as a lila, we haven’t yet been imitated by any Guru. We should understand it this way. After accepting him as out Satguru treating him any less then God leads us towards our downfall. He is the one on the form of God al the Gurus around the would are personification of my Guru divine sport. Everywhere only his wisdom and his favour are manifesting.
After receiving a mantra given by the Guru believing in the human form of the Guru this is just an imagination on the pat of the disciple. In reality Guru is only the supreme Being. By surrendering to such a Guru and by obtaining the portative shade of his lotus hands, a disciple becomes perfectly blessed.

A Guru relationship with a disciple depend s on the degree of faith and love that a disciple has for him an on the discoid level of awareness of his Guru value. With the mere uttering of the word Guru a disciple becomes overwhelmed with emotion.
An object which the disciple his guru makes the disciple thrilled. Guru is the supreme Guru is god personified Guru worship is guru, Guru mantra and the chosen deity are not there entitles but one. When a disciple even though devoid of eligibility takes refuge in a Satguru the Guru makes him qualified. Paras stone transoms only iron into gold not any other metal . But a Satguru transforms an undeserving person also it not a worthy an bestows upon him the supreme seat.
How does one express one gratitude towards the physical form which has acquire the satguru.

Utilise that physical form by rendering selfless to god an your satguru this is grated What is selfless service (seva)? Massaging your thought into his your resolves in his resolves your likes are followed . Surrendering one lie to one satguru is gratitude an this is god seva also.
Guru and god are one how should one develop such an intellect?
The sould and the supreme soul are one. As we come closer to this line of thinking we will begin to comprehend the oneness of Guru an God .Honesty one to what depth you consider a shaliagram rock to be god. With what level of honesty and with how intensity do you consider those idols of God crated in Jaipur or Vrindavan to be God personified? When we will able to comprehend with body of bones and flesh, Form action reaction form desire sand myriads of thoughts and sleep states of conscuonewss then the extend of subtlety with now set yourself free the cycle of birth and death. Put an end to the painful exercise of hanging upside down in mothers wombs you have immense streght infected power infinite momentum and infinite might! Arise strive upwards and march forward.
The deserving disciple immersed in the insuring sovereignty of Gustative, being to experience the words of the Guru reverberating within. Gradually his heart is file width illumination. The Guru inspiring message continues, O son! Wake up and set fire to all bondages. Shun all worries an doubts Realize your True self. This is your prime goal for the attainment of which you have been endowed with this rate human life.
O Son! Come, come to my kingdom with love. I welcome your in to this cosmis Kingdome the path of salvation. Come to the abode of absolute freedom. The kingdom of Freedom beckons you.”

Indeed the festival of Gurupurnima is surely pious and peasant enormously capable to blessing us with our highest welfare. You do worship gods an goddesses but you can never worship them all and tee your worship is not complete On the other hand, worshipping a self realize saint en compasses worship of all that is worthy of worship. It has been rightly said.
“All the gods worthy of worship including lord Vishnu and lord Shiva are worshipped when you worship the satguru.

Even after carrying out a host of duties and responsibilities some work or the other still remains to be do one. Even ancestries of toil would not suffice to complete them. But once one enthusiastically carries out the takes entrusted by the enlightened satguru. One al tasks are complete there by and nothing rains unaccomplished. The scriptures sate,

‘He who even for a moment becomes engrossed in self bliss as is experienced by the Enlighten Satguru has there by the Enlightened Satguru has thereby bathed at all the hold paces give all charities perfumed all sacrifices and satiated all means.’

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