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Supreme Benevolence of the Lord

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsnag)
Four exceptional kinds of supreme benevolence are mentioned. Even an atheist will utterly accept this fact. His foremost act of benevolence comes in to being when He bestowed us this human clock. As a matter of fact we not attained this body of our own accord Sir Ramayan Explicators.
It is great fortune that you have secured a human body which as all the scriptures declare is difficult even for the gods to attain’
As we come into this world, out mother diet was transformed into milk for us. No lineage of any scientist is capable enough to convert the staple diet into milk. This fact is good enough to stand in for the Lord’s compassion. When the child grows enough to ingest food, The mother milk automatically wanes. And when the next child takes birth the same process of feeding the child by mother milk restarts itself. This entire arrangement cannot be attributed to any insentient force; rather this discernment and only belong to the supreme consciousness.

The sound sort of compassion that has been bestowed upon us by the Almighty is that He blessed us with the power to discern the supreme knowledge of scriptures the practice the working the supreme power and to establish faith in Him.

‘All the faithful religious practices are bound to bestow dispread effects upon the doer. Faith helps in all accomplishment and it is faith only that pleases lord Hari.

Faith leads to the attainment of supreme Truth if the being succeeds in establishing his resolute faith in the supreme lord and the self realized great begins. His liberation form the worldly bonds into also becomes effortless. Steadfast faith is the only supreme wealth. It such an exceptional hirsute that the possessor mind and intellect verily attains the virus of the revered great being he has established his staunch faith in Faith holds such a great power that it can even transform the ordeal of pain into the boils of leisure and ultimately leads to the realization of the supreme or how is the epitome of Blissfulness.

Those who are deviled of this unique wealth may hold some higher position in the menace world nuttier blaze of unrest will gut his mind and intellect the rage of hostility will certainly blemish his actions .

The third kind of supreme compassion is that he has bestowed upon us the quest for the existence of Almighty as well as of the being the technique an method for God attainment. Scuh a divine quest can take the beignets the threshold of great saint sand through their sacred discourse can help attain the supreme knowledge which can ultimately help him to transcend the limits of birth an death. Out of the entire range of Lord compassion the final one is that He has made us reach the door step an of an wakened self realized and extant great being who is the supreme boatman of this mortal world. Those who are billful engorge to embark his sacred vessel certainly succeed in transuding the limits of all worldly woes an affection softie life.

Taking a dip in Holy waters blesses the being with one meritorious effect. The vainly of the saints imparts four kinds meritorious effects. With divine contemplation saint Kabirji articulates that the sacred blissfulness of revered Satguru bestows infinite range of emeritus effects upon the being.

Granting the vacantly of great saint is the absolute divine intervention of the lord kindness. Had I not intervention happened to come across swami lila shaji Mahrarji what to talk of ten births even in tens of thousands of btihs I not have reached the spiritual ascendancy that I could attain by dwelling in the sacked vicinity of my revered Guru dev and through his vanity of my revered Gurudev and thoughts his compassionate kindness. Reference f another such exceptionally elevated saint namely Mokalpur Baba comes to my mind. Sacred Gages had created a gulf in her stream to facilitate his dwelling. Amidst tow branches of the stream Mokalpur Baba ji sacred dwelling came into being. Thereafter with the passage of time the village also come into existence. The Baba of Mokapiur was a noble and self realized saint.
A gentlemen visited the revered saint and side, Babaji kindly help me to have darshan of the supreme lord l’ ve comprehended form your divine discourse that the sperm lord I our own soul. With the sincere and intense yearning for him and also thought the compassion of great saints the being verily succeeds in His divine darshan I pray you Babe please help me in having the celestial darshan the saint paid a ear to has parading.

Baba Till I attain the divine darshan I not leave This pas I neither eat not dirk anything The saint again paid no heed to his saying. Thus the time continued hour by hour 12.. hour, 24 hour 36 hours and then finally 48 hours passed.

Exotic are the ways of great begins Next morning with a baton in has hand Babaji stood in front of him. Hey you want to have the lord darshan? How carat what is that you perceive at the moment.
I am the rapidity in water and the light of the moon and the sun. In the trees. I’m the pipal tree. When you are un able to perceive the lord around at least you can recognize Him at place where he has predominate manifested himself.

I ma the sacred syllable in all the Vedas sound in ether and manliness in men. The lord manifestation in all pervasive. Who can dare summon any new enmity of the Lord? What an unintelligent fellow this man is With this the saint gave him a blow the baton. Out world the baton hit the body but the emptiness between him and the lord fasten down and the person become established in a state of traces.
‘The Guru is a potter the disciple a pitcher the guru chisels out the defects. He supports with his hand for with in though appears to give thumps form out side.

In order to remove the defects and blemishes of the disciple the Guru appears to hit form outside where as he imparts the support of his benevolence form with in. With the strike of the baton the Guru showered his blissful inspiration and the disciple become established in the supreme . You must not wish to get a band of baton form your Gurudev as this is not my way of practice.

The supreme benevolent has best owed upon us unshaken faith in our extant Gurudev. Does it not exemplify the great compassion of the lord? He has imparted us the divine notion that revered sat guru is accomplished enough to great us the expertise of supreme attainment. Is not the acme of His Divine compassion for us Had I not established staunch faith in revered Guru dev or had I not nurtured recurred resolute faith that my adorable sat guru will definitely great me the supreme experience of God realization perhaps like the rest of the lot, I too would too have gained virtual elevation by 5-25% only & fiddly. I‘d to under go more then enough orderlas but I did not quit.

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