Monday, July 5, 2010

The Supreme Companion

(Excerpts from Pujya Bapuji’s Satsnag)

Just as if you wish to become gambler a gambler would assist you and one addicted to bhang will embolden you to become addicted for the same. Similarly if you become a muktaatma one released form the cycle of help. What a huge support does the lord offer! God is a relapsed (From rebirth) soul and when you too aspire for the same then He becomes pleased that the man is entering in or (God’s) community. Just as when a noble person enters particular party then that party members becomes happy. Then man belonging to one party or another will call the sycophants to be good and will speak ill of the ones saying the truth. But in the eyes of God, nobody is bad. Rather God considers the one on the path of truth to be god and never gets pealed by the sycophants.

Foolish people say o Brothers Even God gets pleased be praises and when flowers or food are offered to him and thus guards us agisn sorrows.’
Stupid! Where from did you hear this or where did you see the that God approves of your praising Him. This is a misconception How much after all will you sing lord virtues? It would be like saying this to a billionaire sethji you are a millionare. You own a lot of wealth 12, 15-15 lakhs…!

Now saying this to a billionaire that he possesses 15 lakh would be equal to ablusign him. Similar bow would we describe or praise scuh lord whose every skin pore costs of infinite numbers of universe? Aren’t we disgracing god by praising him? Still God takes it this way they are children. At least they are purifying their speech in this way.

We should remove form our minds this delusion that God gets pleased we eulogize Him. By singing lord virtues and by praising Lord our guiltily mind becomes a bit exonerated. Other wise however much you may sign in Lord paisa but it would be a kind of childishness only because the lord is infinite while your imagination as well as intellect insisted so how can your sing lord glory. Still or says you will cross the entire array of boscages by establishing your consciousness in me. If become of ego your do not site to my words then you would suffer downfall. Then you well have to wander about in several base birth of insects. Fillies etc.

You could flatter any body and get your work done but this is not the case with God. You cannot do god to yourself by faltering God. When you affectionately remember God or offer him something then you are relived of attraction for those things and moreover y0ur reverence for the or purges your heart of guilis. God is not so senseless that he would approve of you faltering just like the politicians and other person who acknowledges your gifts or toadying?

Remember Him with love and what makes him contented love him just don’t anything else, don’t offer him an article worth a paisa that would do but do lovingly comfier
him yours and yourself of God.

The king of assssistance and help that God extends is simply beyond our imagination I could not reach this position where god has placed me even in ten thousand births. I could not elevate my self to this height by my penances or edueacvours. I possessed love for God which intern kindles loves for Guru. Guru is an embodiment of or simple . Saint Kabirji says lord is shapeless. If your wish to see him in form then a sadhu (ascetic) body in his amifest form. By considering Guru to be an embodiment of lord the same supreme Being over flowed through his guru heart.

Upon having attained the Brahmin state, Nothing does at al remain to be done; Delusion can then to more deceive with no desires in hearts no even one. Blessed with eth grace of the perfected Guru And the knowledge of the perfected Guru having descended upon Him: Asumal was transformed into sai Asaram.
During my stay in the sacred vicinity of my revered guru dev one day he asked one of his disciples to read the sacred Panchdashi scripture. Has reading the first verse of the seventh chapter.

‘If this being becomes awakened in the divine notion that this sold is verily Me, there after what else for the should deifies and make the sold under to hardships? This implies that self knowledge calms down all the desires of the bign, After becoming awakened in eth fact that physical mortal sheath is bound to perish but the soul is eternal why world he expend himself in the false appreciation amusement of this body? While this sacred context was on revered Guruji conferred his blissful glance upon me and Perfected the Ultimate Realization. The ether of the pitcher could get a glimpse of its comprehensive form. The lowly notion of a being vanished and become Brahma.’

After the supreme accomplishment Nothing else is left to be perfumed. Blessed are those their darshan and sacred discourse and approach their threshold to serve then. Blessed is the land of indai where scuh self realized saints continue to manifest them selves.

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