Thursday, July 8, 2010

Principles of Guru Bhakti Yoga

With humility approach the adorable feet of Satguru. Do prostrations to the life saving feet of Satguru. Take shelter under the lotus feet Satguru. Worship the sacred feet of Satguru, Meditate on the holy feet of Satguru. Offer the valuable gifts on the sanctifying feet of Satguru. Dedicate your life to the service of glorious feet of Satguru. Becomes the dust of the divine feet of Satguru the dust of the divine feet of satguru. Scuh a guru Bhakti becomes blessed by realizing the Truth even more easily and comfortably then the other yogis like Hathoogi layyogi or Rajyogi.
The one who surrenders at the divine feet of Satguru attains fearlessness bliss and freedom form anxiety very easily. He is thus benefited.

All that is wanted of you is sicners land effort in the path of Guru Bhakit yoga.
Devotion to guru is the greatest factor in the practice of Guru Bhakit Yoga.
The cram of the Guru Bhakit yoga is absolute (blind) faith in the thoughts, words and actions of the Braham Naphtha guru who is well versed in the sacred scriptures.
Guru Bhakti Yoga as a science
The highest and the easiest Yoga to Practice in this age is Yoga of Guru Bhakit. The greatest point in the philosophy of guru Bhakit yoga is to identify the guru with the Absolute.

The practical aspects of philosophy of Guru Bhakti yoga is to realize the oneness of Guru with his ishta Devata.

Guru Bhakti yoga is not a system, which can be taught by lectures or correspondence courses. The student should live under a preceptor for many years and lead a rigors life of assuterity discipline celibacy and practice of deep meditation.
Guru Bhakit yoga is the science of all sciences.

Fruits of Guru Bhakit yoga
Guru Bhakit yoga confers impartiality, eternal bliss freedom, perfection perennial joy and everlasting peace. The practice of Guru Bhakti yoga induces non attachment and dispassion for world objects and awakens discrimination saves one form ruing ones life hankering after the perishable and helps in attaining the eternal.
The practice of Guru Bhakit yoga will help the disciple to control the emotions and passion and will give him power to resist temptations and to remove the disturbing elements forms the mind and make him fit to receive Guru Grace which takes him to the other shore of darkness.
The practice of Guru Bhakit yoga will provide youth required strength to get rid of fear ignorance pessimism confusion of mind disease despair worry etc. And bestows immortality supreme peace and peace and perennial joy.

Sadhana of Guru Bhakti yoga
Guru Bhakit yoga is the transformation of the ego sense which consists in transmutations of individual feeling willing understanding determining into infinite consensuses.

Guru Bhakit yoga is a perfect and ideal of strict discipline achieved thought the grace of Guru.

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