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Be not a savant but the master of desires

Emperor Aurangzed had many people in his ministry. One of them a sindhi minister Valiram was a man of excellence. Being a finace Minster he used to look after the economic affairs of the country. Towards the end of each year for the completion of accounts he was required to hold meeting with the emperor.
Aurangzwed expected everyone to compliment him by glrtigung his name with several appellations like The king of kings the benefactor etc… And till he would acknowledge the commendations or offer the seat the person wealthier a mister or any other being was supposed to wait and stand.

Once Valiram brought his ledgers and books accounts to Aurangzed. Cisustmarily he wished the emperor but Aurangzed was pre occupied and didn’t Aurangzed, Valiram wished once agisn but this time also he didn’t pay any heed. Valiram inner conscience exalcmied this classic model of egotism and explosion doesn’t resound my commendation. Had I devoted myself to the main task of supreme accomplishment even half of what I ‘ve been to this man I’d have transcended all worldly limits.

Wordlessly he placed the ledger books and quietly h removed out. He made the announcement in the village that any one who requires anything can pick up form Valiram house. It is a proven fact that amassuing worldly comforts consumes the entire life but a single blow of death is enough to depart form them. Similarly dispersal or disposal of things hardly takes any time. A last one day everything is destined to be left behind. Valiram thought lest the death may compel him to do son it sin better to abandon the fondness and attachment of worldly possession in this life only He proclaimed the supreme renunciation. The villagers as per their requirement took ways his belongings. Valikram picked up a sheet of cloth tore in into tow pars. One part he used as his loin cloth and the other he kept on his shoulder as a saint world and walk off into the vast sandly region of river Yamuna. Stretching his legs forward he is sitting absorbed in the divine contemplation.

One day Aurangzed asked. Valiram is not to be seen around of the past few days. Where is he?

People replied your majesty he arrived here and wished you twice. Upon not receiving any acknowledgment form you he become annoyed and went away.

The king said Go tell that is this a royal diktat. Direct him to report me immediately.’
The information came that now he doesn’t dwell at a place form where he can be summoned before the emperor. He has remounted everything the emperor. He has renounced everything to become a medicate.

Aurangzed said what is do be done?
Your majesty since he doesn’t require anything and has become a saint Now we should arrange for meeting him.

Alright Make arrangements,
Aurangzed arrived at the banks of river Yamuna. Valiram is sitting with his gaze fixed on the divine contemplation of the supreme invisible., nonetheless his eyes are steady and this steady gaze verily helps in he concentration of mind.

Aurangzed stays around and calls Vailaram Valiram It appears as if Valiram is dwelling in soon other world. After a long wait aurangzed becomes irritated Valiram Eventually you my savant you worked l beneath me. The Emperor is waiting for you no courtesy to offer even a seat. How dare you do that?

Valiram replied Who is servant who is the master and whose master?
The being is servile only to his own stupidity and vices. Do not remain under the false impression that anyone is your sevan it was your servant. I was your servant n account of my personal dishes to own a palatial house a lovely carriage and immerse wealth . Virtual you I remained servile to my own desires or idiocy that I be happy If be happy if I enjoy this or I won that only now I ve discerned that the immerses ocean of blissfulness ripples in my own heart. Since I eradicated my diaries and eccentricity I’ m no longer you savant and you no longer my master . Once this absurdity I saver then no body is to any one. All around is the manifestation of the majestic lord the supreme consciousness.’
Thus Valiram delivers an intense and convincing discourse to he king Aurangzed stood there totally confounded and stupefied He said what could you gain for all this?

Valiram replied its effectiveness will be know afterwards but presently I can say that when I was bowing before the emperor, he was not paying heed to my respectfulness. After disregarding the emperor I’ve acquainted myself with the supreme lord and the emperor has abandoned his throne thrush towards me barefooted where’s today I’m short of time to look towards him. All the more now I’m rebuking the emperor and he is patiently listening tome. Yet all this wonder is nascent and preliminary only. The saints will also talk about me in their discourse because I’v surrendered myself at the lord feet.
And exactly that what were doing we taking and listening about Valiram in our discourse.

This entire world is enmeshed infertile hopes and desires. If you recognize who am I then you become the master of all desires;
How do the desires generate? The eyes see the wears listen the nose smells and the tongue tastes. The worldly attraction impact the sense and the mind concedes with the. When the intellect is replete with ture knowledge and detachment then the senses may aspire of apishness but the intellect will alert abut the dire consequences. The wakefulness about the consequences will diminish the aspirations. If you attend one to the obligations in you life you becomes not a servant but the master of desires.

Hankering after diaries makes the being subservient to them because conceding to the craving s of the mind ultimately downgraded the mind ultimately downgrades the being. To the contrary. One should try to fulfill ones wishes according to the ordain of the scriptures with simplicity and self restraint with dismissal of fancies and doubts of the mind . Don’t expand your desires. This intensively fulfils your obligatory requirements one should gradually renounce the resolves an counter resolves arising in the mind by the utterance of in an annotated manner and should keep increasing his time of getting established in the lord Narayana who is absolutely free of resolves. Read sri Yogavasishtha agisn and again.

Go to the burial grunge some times annexation to your mind Before the body arrives here and is burnt know you Ture self attain that Child Attain the supreme state of Brahama!

By practicing this way if one gets established in the self then even the wants and cravings of the worldly beings also gain realization through Him.

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