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The Secret of Success

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
(Continued from previous issue)
My own instance is before you. We were tow brothers. Had I tried to absorb myself in mediation after demanding my share form my brother and keeping in fixed depots or had I hired a room for meditation I’d have been turning the ends of rosary only till date. But when after abandoning everything aside, I slough refuge in The sole Refuge of the Universe then what has not the Almighty done for me?
The love lnacernate has not left any stone unturned for me Rather He ahs endowed me with everything. Only need is surrender ourselves absolutely at His louts feet. We don’t discern the majesty and the splendor or The Godly Indescribable so we can’t benefit form the divine arrangements made any Him. The splendor ineffable provides us practically everything.

We normally give instructions to our relations that when we away for mediation lead your life this way that way or spend money carefully. When we wrench the strings of our mind the futile things, then the faith in God Also remains underprivileged. Take a leap in the name of the Lord During our innumerable btihs few had been blessed with children and families. This time let them confront their own fate. God is mine and I belong to God. Those who set them selves with such nothings are surely benefited.
A lady was leaving her house. She told another lay in the neighborhood.
“Amathi Dadi I ma going to sacrifice myself on the pyre of my husband. The kitchen door of my house is lying open. Please close it. End my children to school after giving then bath.

Amathi Dadi started laughing. The lady asked why do you laugh?’ You don’t have the guts toile on the pyre of your husband.
Yes, yes I am going to do so. The can never be possible. The lady herself for the cremation ground but on the way she though that were husband who has left this world will never come back. At least she should remain alive, if it is of for her own small children home.

It is a common practice with people that they abandonee their house in order to do prayer and median but secure some money as depots with some moneylender how in turn keeps sending then some amount for their every day use.. Such prayer does not bring desired results because after for saking the supreme refuge they have sough ruge in a human being. Instead of relying in the indestructible they relied on the destructible.

There are some seers who circumambulate around the banks of Narmadea river and conduce protecting their valuables. The tribal snatch away their money. On the other had those who seek God haven by abandoning the worldly refuge are blissful enough to get everything in tauten. Naramadiji in the guise of a young girl or an old lady provides them everything as and when is nobody else to take care of. If has been observed in many people lives that after providing the things she vanishes with in no time.

The knowledge of Upanishads helps in eradicating one afflictions vices ignorance or weariness instantaneously He hw beholds supreme Brahma manifested all around attains riddhis siddhi gods and goddesses easily. You set yourself in the ture knowledge rest all will automatically get fluidized in you service. Get unified with his majesty then the army the commander in chief and the entire entourage will get in line of servility, Similarly you stay loyal towards the king of the Universe the Lord Almighty. Surrender yourself wholeheartedly at His louts feet then the whole universe with the is paraphernalia become yours only .what a striking bring! Or Other wise keep on flattering everybody form a peon to highest official and die at the end. Now chose is purely your!
He who remains fully loyal to the lord. Gets established in Braham. He who exits a pull towards the supreme lord all attracted towards him. Even the gods sacrifice them selves for such a being small bits of iron also get attracted towards is powerful magnetic filed. Why Become the pate has attained its unison with the magnet her for the small bits of iron have also impacted by it. Till the pate is fixed with the magnet, the small bits will also ramin under the impact of its power. The moment magnet leaves it the small particles of iron will also leave behind the pate.

Like wise till mind is set with the supreme magenta omnipotent Lord people will get set it you But the moment you turn your face away form him people, will also react like wise. The reason behind showing the back towards, the love incarnate is a being I ness ego and attraction towards earthly objects the feeling to of me mine take the man way form God whereas their surrenders take the man closer to him.
While the majesty of becoming great is being explained it cure is also described simultaneously. Those who have become impious are swami Ramtirhyt Nanakji Kabir, Taukaram Eknath Jnaneshwar mira, Ramakrishna Paramahamasa Raman Maharishi sant sir Lilashahji Bapu sehjobai medals Gargi Malukads Ramanujyacharya shakarahchra
After forsaking every worldly thing these saris took to The supreme path. They had carried practically nothing with them. Whereas those who took care of their regime, wealth power fame etc. were let with mothing in the end. Those saints who abdoandoned their ego and attraction towards perishable thins far still greatly worship lord Krishan lord Rama Janak and jahdarat. Those whose fate favors liberation form nundace activity will not have ample earthly possessions with them. But when it is governed by Pavarotti interest in mundane affairs they might possess them. Possession of these perishable objects doesn’t make a person significant or innocent if you attain faintly with he lord supreme you are and if your accept the secretly of these insignificant object you are lowly it is such of Vedas and Upanishads are truly obvious nothing is confidential.
Everything that is apparent or perceptible is in fact the supreme lord the Atman or the Brahma. And he who thus beholds is verily the ture beholder and only scuh a person is able to attainable the felictlse life. Salvation rests in their own hands. It is rather their personal wealth.

Some one think that when every thing is Braham then one should fully enjoy everything eat drink sleep and be merry. Yes one may enjoy everything but that will bring Rajas and Rams gunas. Consequently your faith in Him will get surprised because Rajas Tames virutes suppress faith in The self. The upsurge of those gunas will diminish the ture knowledge that everything is God because being neophytes the experience of sary barahm is yet too new for such people.
The Vedas have truly and aptly that when you start beholding the all pervading self in everything them affliction misers attraction dare no come near you These vices will certainly flee when you start beholding Him in each and everything.

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