Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Disciple’s Waywardness and the Guru’s Patience

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
The Guru agrees with his disciple on a hundred points tolerates a hundred mischief of his disciples and concedes to a hundred follies of his disciple with the only hope May this java attain to perfection sooner or later in this life or in the next. Other wise what does the Guru want? If one becomes a guru the sole interaction receiving something form his disciples, He isn’t satguru at all. The satguru is always eager to give. The who world collectively cannot helped a Satguru but the satguru can single handedly help the whole world. However for that the world should first understand him an accept him as the satguru an seek His guidance. This being not the case people are simply ruining their live.
All are being on attaining happiness by disparaging others, usurping the rights of one anther. But still everyone is miserable an languishing in the would otherwise is not dearth gifts like water fire air food fruits and earth. And above all we have even the self realized satguru present on this very earth. Thus we can defiantly lead a joyous like and become liberated too However. We are so much occupied with attachment hatred selfishness. Overeating over indulgence in sensual pleasure hankering after happiness and waywardness.
We are not interested in obeying the commands of Guru and hence to advance on the path knowledge. But those who are interested in obeying the Guru, are blessed with eternal and spiritual illumination by virtue of the knowledge imparted by eh Guru. They attain liberation even while living. They become established in the supreme joy land remain one with the supreme bliss supreme knowledge and the supreme Truth. The attainment of the supreme Truth is al lofty state the pinnacle of human evolution an summon boon of human life. If one attains heaven the has attuned nothing. Here is nothing on earth which an can be considered greater then heaven. But even such heaven is a trifle if compared to the knowledge to Truth. The kingdom of the earth is trivial in compaction to heaven. The post a clerk is petty as compared to that of the primogeniture which again papers insinuating in compaction to the post of Indian the king of heaven . The sates of Indra aging is very little value if compared to the sate of the supreme self can be attained by the one who keeps himself constantly engaged in assimilating the satire’s Grace. Feces, intensify the yearning for God realization in your heart. As the yearning of God becomes nor intense the passions impurities and vices of mind will be burin and rendered ineffective. Just as the roasted grains of wheat grams of wheat, grams or mordents cannot germinate to multiply themselves so also the seeds of desire once roasted in the fire of aspiration for god. Cannot lead one to the expansion of Samsara. The more intense a the aspiration for God realization the more sincerity does the disciple obey the commands of Guru Amazing is the Guru’s power of understanding an patience and no less amusingness the disciples’ waywardness Yet both get along with each other only by virtue of the Guru’s compassion and disciple faith .the disciple will fall down in either case if he gives up faith or if the Guru with draws his compassion. A syntheses of the Guru’s mercy and the disciple faith actually works. Otherwise their is not compaction between the guru and the disciple . they stand way apart! The Guru abides in the disciple lives in the illusory non existent world. Normally there is no question of a union between the tow . Ca, their be a meeting between the darkness of new moon night and the effulgent afternoon sun? Btu here there is a union . The guru distends down la little form his lofty sate to the lower level of the disciple while by sheer power of his faith gets ready to elevate himself above lover disserve s and march ahead. Somehow he at least hopes to rise to the Guru level gradually he shall reach there sooner or later.

Gods picture is imaginary and is a creation of human mind but the great man , in whom god has manifested himself in his asbnosulte glory is before us in flesh and blood. Scuh a great man is worthy of worship and reverse. In the Maundakopnished it is aid that both who desires for happiness and prosperity in this world and the other who aspire for a berth in some higher world and the other who aspires for a berth in some higher world should adore the enlightened should .;

The man of pure mind wines those which he mentally wishes for the enjoyed things which he covets. Therefore one desirous of prosperity adore the knower of the self.

Which ever world the enlightened should mentally wishes for the and resolves to send his disciples to the disciples goes to that very without fail.

There one should adore the self realized should even if it is for the fullfimnet of desire. If you worship the self realized sold it is well and good gut I am more interested in seeing you become a self realized sold yourself. All my efforts yourself. All my efforts are towages that end only.

The self realized soul has arched such a supreme estate his consciousness is all preceding and placed on such heights form where even the sun sand moon paper to be in the nether worlds. A moraml person cannot even undusted this. Vasishthaji had told this fact to lord Rama. Who was so staidly devoted to taurth that he would not lie even while joking. It is not possible for an ordinary guru to instruct lord Rama and lord Rama world never accept any ordinary person as His guru. One bow Sony before him who is may times more elevated than oneself. Tom, Dick or Harry however much however much power one possesses or how blatantly he shows off his adroitness, he cannot he given the pace the throne in the heart which is reserved but the for Guru alone. I come across any stains with height spiritual caliber in my life but my relationship with them was limited to that of friendship. My satguru is one and only one pujya Bhagabvtyapad sir Lilashahji. May political leaders and duties come to be acquainted with me Btu has guru dev in my heart till date?
I knew even such yogis as could becomes inevitable could suit on viand would stay on tress but everything is travel dot the Bliss of self relation attained thought the Guru’s grace. So the seat for Guru is strictly reserved for guru is strictly reserved for Guru alone boby sells can very concept that supreme majestic place. What will you do if both god and the Guru stand before you? In kanirji’s words.
“Should the lord and the perfect Master both appear together at whose feet ….

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