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When will you Peregrinate the Temple of your Heart?

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)

There lived tow brothers together in Kolkata. Both were prosperous and had lot of wealth. They has their only son prabnakrishan sing. He was the only heir to the wealth of both brothers. He also had only one son whose name was krishanchandra singh. His grandfather, father used to call him lala lovingly and the servants would call him Lalababu was appointed as an Additional Collector larder on he was appointed as the senior most Diwan of Orissa.

Time passed Lalabua’s father expired. All the responsibility of taking care of the property an wealth of his father fall on his shoulder. His grandfather was the Diwan in eth British rule, and he owned a lot of wealth.

Lalababu would take out time form his world in the evening and would go for a walk to the bank of Ganges in Kolkata same Accountants, Massagers an flatterers world accompany him. Servants would set a declare and keep a silver hukka. Lalababu would enjoy the wave of river Ganges.

One evening when Lalababu was sitting at the of ganges some mother was waking up her family member. Lala!
It is evening. Till when will you sleep? Wake up it is getting late the day is passing by. Lalababu it is late wake up.”

The virtuous Lalababu though, indeed it is ture it is getting late. Later half of my life has begun heir are turning grey. Now I must wake up. For how long shall I linger on to the society thins applauds!

He came home and told his family: Now I will go to Vrindavan, The evening of life has arrived it si getting late. I want to wake up.

He left everything and came to Virndace. He would beg alms like other mendicants form Annakshetras and would do the japa kirtan of Radhe- Radhe , Radhe- Krishan. HE thought now I subsist on alms and other saints and sadhus also are begging for alms. Have lot of wealth a home. Way not send for money from home an make Annakshetras and ashrams for sadhus and saints.

When he went to have the darshan of Rangji Them he though that seth Lakshmichand has got this temple cercted, I should spend a lot of money to get constructed a grander temple then this.
He asked for some Bihariji builit. Now his yearning for God made him enquire that if the Prana Raitshatha in the Takurji’s idol is perfectly done it should have in it.

It was winter season. Lalababu gave butter to the temple priest and said keep it on Tahakurji head. IF the idol has life in it then due to the body heart the butter will melt.

Due to his good resolve the butter over lute head of Tahakurji stated melting. He got over whelmed with spiritual emotions and stated calling out Glory to God! Glory Govind! He prostrated a the feet of Tahakurji. Just as lord Krishan left his flute and picked up the bow after being demanded by Tulsidasji to assume the form the lord Rama same way Bake Bihari heard hi prayer. The evidence of heart in Bake prayer. The evidence of heart in Bake Bihari idol was found. He was satisfied that Tahakurji idol is alive an conscious. After some days he again thought of testing He gave a very thing wish of cotton to the protest and said Keep this on the nose of Tahakurji.the idol is alive then it should breathe as. Let see if Tahakurji breathes or not.
When the priest kept the cotton wisp near the nose then they saw that it was moving due to the exhalation of Tahakurji! Lalababu was awe struck. Btu after some days the thought” I still don’t have the knowledge of the real my pure worship I do get the feeling of life in Thakurji’s idol but if would be better if my prana and mind are in dalliance with Thakurji’s.

This time krishandashji Maharaj was well know in Virndace. Lalababu went in him and pray3ed. Maharaj! Help me meet God let me have darshan impart me the knowledge of God bless me with devotional love.

Krhandasji Maharaj said you re not qualified for that at present. When you will become eligible I will my self come and intiate you.

Lalababu though I have renounced everything I am educated my devotional feelings showed sings of life also in the idol of Tahakurji but Guruji says that I am not yet qualified for initaion is my drawback.?

If you seek your weakness sincerely you find it soon. We know our faults more than our family or neighbor or any other person. By covering our weaknesses our intellect and inquisitiveness get suppressed. If we throw away our weaknesses then god will revealed easily in our hearts. Like with boring the soil and stones are removed and underground water springs are fond which constantly provide us with ever new uninterrupted streams of water same way if we remove our weak points the we keep getting continuous supply of even new joy of eternal happiness eternal love, knowledge and health. But we have suppressed it with stones an soil of our desires that is why stone an soil of our desires that is way we have to take medicines for health we have to cram books and have to wander in clubs for pleasure. One having access to divine bliss done not nee to wade clubs for joy his gracious glace is enough to make other blissful. Lalababu genuinely delved with in and fond I do have short comings I rivaled seth I Lakshmichand who got constructed the temple of Rangji if filled a case against him. I won the case I am prideful about that also.’

One cannot attain god till there is ego. Make your self so lofty that before god writes your destiny.
He world ask you your desire. Right now the self is in egoism it is not lost in God. Outside Rangji temple the poor people used to get food in the Annakshetras. Here the beggars would stand in a queue. Lalababu went and stood amongst those beggars. A servant t told seth Lakshmichand Lalababu who got constructed a similarly magnificent temple as Rangji’s and also opened Annakshetras for the sadhus an saints is himself standing for alms at our door.

Seth Lakshmichand presented himself before him with cooked food grocery and one hundred shrifts Maharaj Please accept this.

Lalababu side you have brought this for me mendicant it does not behave a mendicant to accept it you have brought so may things this shows you have respected my wealth. not deserve this I fought a sake against you, now please for given me. Think me a beggar standing at your door and give me a handful of grain. I shall subsist on that only.
Listening to such words of modesty end humility seth Lakshmichand heart was brimmed with diction for the lord residing in everyone’s hearts, the supreme Being. Tears in his eye love in his heart.
Lakshmichand said what are you saying Lalababu?
Lalababu said Lakshmichand! Forgive your sinner.

The embodiment of love the supreme being manifests himself through the eyes of both while they are abound in emotions. Both embraced each other and started prostrating at each others feet. In the mean time krishandashji Maharaj arrived and said. Lalababu come… come it is time for you citification.’

Krishandashji initiated Lalababu and said if you want to attain to god then don’t meet anyone stay in this cave until you attain him I will convey the alms to you here itself.

Enjoyed luxuries to such an extend that we sold all gold.
Become fakir in such a way that come to live Krishandashji cave.
There should be constancy in diction ! we do little sadhana but we do lot of things contrary to sadhan. So than path to attain God become otherwise god is our very soul. Who me cannot ever leave is god and that we cannot keep forever is Samsara.

So Lalababu attained his highest god. He arched the reached the feet of a Brahmajnani and treaded the path to god abiding in the temple of heart . He did not get trapped in attachment to sons and wife. He got sanctified with love divine. Lalababu accomplished his goal. When will we finally free ourselves form this Maya and follows the path to benediction?
Should I taken prostrate myself I would my matter feet for he is way show showed the invisible lord to me.
Who can ever weigh the true knower of Brahamna the personification on God on earth? By what weight will one weigh him? Is there any measure equal to him? If anybody wants to invite treble and unrest he may complain that he did not gain anything form the guru his own negative would bring only negative results for him . However the on who nurtures reverse and positive thoughts for the Guru is sure to progress in leaps and bounds.

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