Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your welfare is not possible without Believing God is mine!

Without believing god is mine your welfare is not possible. Those who don’t feel god as their own get so much tormented by Maya that god forbid! When one is over come by lust body is completely devitalized. Possessed by anger one becomes incensed and hot tempered. When one becomes greedy then all one sass is rupees and dollars. You are driving the car very fast.. When are you going? I am going to the pace of my services or job. What will you get? You get dollars? Then what? You bought something. You sold some thing. Then what? Oh! Your frittered away your life.

The young man says life is full of joy but the wise man says life is full of sorrow. This world is like a dream. Fools go to seek happiness in it. One who doesn’t beige I belong to god and god is mine gets completely reigned by Maya. On churning curds one gets better. When the Mays puts squeeze on the on the man trouble are produced. Then we becomes horses donkeys dongs and cats. Bharts (after whom the country has been named), the monarch of Ajanab kneads loved a deer very mach and thus becomes a deer in the next birth. King Nrug a became a chameleon. King Aja become a pythom Mays destroys you like this!
Mays is a serpent clinging to the world. Whoever server her, the ultimately devours.
The mays serves a person a much as he /she /god not suffer. Mays favors that person and does not cause him a trouble. Maya torments the person a much a she coves for her.
Consider a woman how hails form a good family. If some one looks at a her as if she is his wife the will he not be beaten up? He will Goodness Lakshmi is the consort of lord Vishnu. Similarly myas belongs to god an if some one covets for her will he not get hearten up? He will just a waterman picks up cloths to be washed and swinging then around vigorously dashes the on the slab, similarly mays beguiles him and finally fling him into the species of a donkey dog, a buffalo.. implying now becomes a buffalos a dog a crocodile or something else oh I am a woman devoted to my husband god and you have come to posses me you want to become my owner. God is yours. You are god. Lord Vishnu is the becomes the husband of mays to possess her. Then surely you are being driven by a false impression.

How karate experts beater! They beat the person in such a way that they leave no visible marks of injury. Not even la signal of bedding is seen but the person thrashed yells out in pain. God florid! Mays hits you even more severely then this. After being beaten up by karate experts you may get some relief after tow but you keep being continually thrashed by maya in the cycle of eight four lakh species. Even while dying you are haunted by the thought, what will canoes of my sons what will becomes of my sons, will happen to my business what will becomes of may shop? Man’s bad luck is beyond imagination.
How unfortunate that being god he still appears a man.

Man is unreality a part god. He is actually consciousness, ‘pure an blissful by naught. But he is so badly trapped by the maya that he is howling. He is torments against and again. Smareth Ramdas says that one suffers the death and others lament for the dead. Also the foolish people who lament don to know that they will as depart in the same way. Something it so happens that while leaving a dead person in the cremation gourd. The person himself passes away.

Someone passed ways today someone passed aways yesterday. Some one is standing realty depart. This is the law of the samovar. No one land envy it. Then what should we do now? Realize god the consciousness’ that is beyond the clutch of death. Love that recognize. That that is all.

How should we recognize that ? says. To then who are ever steadfast worshiping me with love I give the yoga of discrimination by which they come to me.” If one man can see the sun, the whole of mankigncna seen the sun .One man can see the sky a can see the say. One man can realize the earth is round. Then all mane can know is. Similarly if one man can realize his self then all men can realize the self. Then why get dejected? Why get disappointed? Why deprive oneself of this great benefit or why consider it difficult to attain? One man becomes the prime minister of nation. Then other has to wait and make efforts till first one leaves the post. But here it one attains self realization all the other should get really there is not need to watch or make nay efforts. The P.M seat is only one but the self like the chair of prime Minster but the former is infinite Brahman while the later is finite.
For example the space is one an there are many earthen pots in it. Now it one earthen pot realizes it identity with the all pervading space the until it brakes will the soother posts by unable t realize the same? Will they not be able to find it? Oh if one has had the realization the others get enthusiastic. Other pots can also know their identi9y with the all pervading suspect. Similar if seems can realize god within himself the other people cans also attain this realization.

One person becomes the prime minister Then the chances of another getting this post get delayed by five years. But here, when one person gets self realization then chances for thousands to get the same are in creased. Self realization will take place in future . Nut even now you emperies the glimpse of it as divine bliss, and truthful life full of joy. This is absolutely true. It some one has attained a post the joy the that cannot be obtained by some one else till the first person resigns or dies. But I you have attained the state of supreme self Divine bliss the even when the you remain in the same state many get the taste the joy that and the enthusiasm, and help to attain that. That is way path unifies. There is harmony on this path. There is disharmony path sense enjoyments. That path is divisive joy obtained form sense enjoyments slimed and god is infinite, joy contained form sense enjoyments is transient and god is eternal. Even the individual soul is eternal. Until the individual soul which is ….!

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