Friday, August 27, 2010

Satsang Yoga

-Maharishi Men Him Paramhamsaji.
With out Guru Bhakti it is impossible to attain one’s supreme liberation through petrifaction in devotion to the lord of all the supreme lord by practicing the Nada anusandhan yoga (surat shabda yoga).
Kabri says that one with out having a perfected guru cannot become a perfected disciple; when a greedy disciple comes across a greedy master then both are drowned in the ocean of transmigration. Some day when we will get a perfected and true Guru only then we will attain the goal of supreme liberation through his help. Getting a perfected and true sat guru is equal to getting the supreme lord.
All other filed of knowledge apart from the knowledge of attuning the supreme lord are not collectively as beneficial as meeting the supreme lord. A variety of takes about different other educational fields cannot be as useful as even a little talk cannot be as useful as even a little talk about a the teachings on the attainment of lord. Hence ether cannot be a teacher more beneficent then the Guru who gives instructions regarding this science and there after no other Guru can be equal to him. Any highly eminent scholar of any of the physical sciences is not necessarily free form the such instrument by which this veil can be cut off.
But a true and perfect sat guru definitely is free form the veil of ignorance. Even a slight indication about the technique of removing the veil of the ignorance given by the true and perfect guru is more beneficial then all other teaches of the world. If you desire to gain knowledge form your Guru the surrender to him you ego. Many ego centric fools warier carried away in this worldly ocean.
Devote your body and mind to him who hears no worldly allurements; He word obliterate all your ego to establish you only in the lord. The fruit of attaining a true and perfected guru is infinite but finding such a guru is very difficult. IT is possible that the disciple having a self realized great man as his Guru gradually benefited by his virus became one gets influenced by the kind of company one keeps. The good wishes of the guru for his disciple will surely benefits them in some way or another becomes the aura of the great man is highly beneficial. Entrant by nature does not get the joy and the of the eternal (supreme Self) through union with That, nothing unattained of the impermanent nature can come in his permanent possession.
Where are the wealth son wife you had in the past birth now? Where is your hashand of the past btih? The same thing will happen with your present life. Know your real hashand the god Then the wife will ramin faithful to her hashand, the will ramin faithful to his wife. When one abides in god then even one’s worldly dealings are improved. One worldly dealings are improved. One becomes tactful even in that. Desire getting all a certificates of the world man cannot becomes as skilled as by getting repose in the supreme self.

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