Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anadmayi Maa sent me to Bapuji

the feet of Sadguru! I got Mantra Diksha sitting near the feet of Anadmayi Maa. I the good fortune of being in Maa’s company for two and a half years. Then Maa left this world and Salutation got abs orbed into the Supreme Brahman. When I met Maa for the last time then Maa said, ‘’Dear daughter! Keep the God always in mind and keep on increasing Sadhana’’ After she left, I became very sad and used to cry remembering her. In the year 1989 Maa came in my dream and said, Daughter! You go into the tutelage of Bapuji. Rest of your Sadhana will be completed there See me in Bapu. I and Bapu are not different.’’ Then I took diksha from Bapuj!. After I had various spiritual experiences. I got from the company and satsang of Bapuji bliss of the same kind as I used to get siting near Anadmayi Maa’s holy feet.

I had 100 disciples whom I had given Mantra Diksha but after I had Bapuji’s Darshan, I felt th bapuji is one saint who can do good to all and give dirve direction to all. He ca uplift all spiritually. I took all my disciples to Bapuji and got them initiated by him. I and my disciples got by bapuji Bapuji bestowing Mantra Diksha us. Really those people are fortunate who reach the feet of Bapuji. I will remain indebted to Bapuji for my whole life. I have full faith that Bapuji will complete my whole Sadhana which was left half way after Maa passed away. Bowing in the feet of Bapuji with faith and total surrender I salute him.

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