Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Science bows before the power of Vedic Mantras

Revered Bapuji says, “I ve recounted the majesty of (OM) to you but a few scientists have studied the magnitude of the power of word by testing the same in observatories as well as in the real life of people for as long as seven years. Therapists tried it out in New York, California, Boston etc. and reached the conclusion that by pronouncing the world one gets relieved from the ailments of stomach ach, debility of brain and heart etc. But these hedonists are interested only in curing physical ailments. In such countries this therapy has become quite common.

Prof J. Morgan has carried out research and found that the chanting of (OM) produces a kind of vibration in the stomach, chest and brain which revives the dead cells, revitalizes the existing ones and produces new cells. Even the materialists, who have nothing to do with God, and to whom this physical body is the be-all and end-all of life, benefit greatly from ‘Omkar therapy.’ However the saints alone know from personal experience that God-Realization itself can be attained by japa of (OM)

These scientists have reached this conclusion omly recently after a series of research works but we use the therapy of OM-japa culminating into exhilarated laughter in the beginning of the satsung session and also in the end and in the course of satsung. How immensely our sadhakas must be benefited from this wonderful exercise! The instruments of these scientist are bound to collapse in evaluating the amount of benefit attend through this exercise. Hardly do these poor researchers know that chanting of (OM) only for seven times makes the pious vibration transcend the bounds of this universe and attain unison with the infinite domain of countless universes. This is the reason for my initiating the practice of (OM) Japa. The ambrosial effect of this practice is too enormous to be gauged by any computing machine. A tangible machine can size up only that which is tangible of gauging the subtle or subtler, what to talk of gauging the subtlest? OM takes one to the realm of pure Consciousness, the subtlest of the subtle. The harvest of enormous gains reaped by my devotees from the reverential japa of OM is beyond the comprehension of these reserechers and scientists.

The glory of OM is not limited to what the doctor say; it is much more that . In fact it is much more than many times of even what I say. I can not say how many times. You just carry on with the reverential japa of OM and keep on unfolding the mystery behind it”

Today in the entire world, human ailments are being eradicated through OM therapy. Besides Morgan, several other scientists have also put forth their views on the subject:

In the ‘Columbia Presbyterian’s Heart Institute’ of New York, surgeons prescribe the chanting of OM before surgery because its repetitive japa calms down the patient’s nervas. Renowned surgeon Dr. Naresh Trehan adds an interesting insight, “Having a chant such as OM in the background, builds a feeling of confidence among surgeons and staff. The use of a chant such as OM prior to surgery helps patients think positively.”

Dr. Sanjay Chugh, a psychologist says, “When the body goes through native stress (distress), the level of steroids shoots up as the body experiences what we call the fight of flight response. Pre and post- operative meditation chanting or counseling reduces the level of steroid and is, consequently, good for the body.”

After studying the body’s “relaxation response” for nearly 40 years, Dr. Harbert Benson, the chairman of ‘Mind/ Body medical institute’ and associate professor of ‘Harvard Medical School’ recognized the need of chanting of mantras, yoga, meditation etc. and said, ‘’As time goes on, we’ re understanding this phenomenon in ever more advanced scientific terms. And why it’s so important to-day is because over 60 percent of visits to the doctor are in the stress-related realm.’’

After comprehensive research, even the science has bowed before the science of Indian Vedic Mantras. Our great scriptures and illustrious sages have already extolled the majesty of Not single day of revered Bapuji passes without without the pious recital of This sacred word is naturally and habitually repeated by him several times day. For the past 40to 42 years, pujya Bapuji is uplifting the devotees through reverential recital of During his satsang sessions, pujyashree helps his disciples practice Sadhana and experience its ambrosial effects. Pujya Bapuji’s delightful voice in person or through VCDs and DVDs like ‘’Madhur kirtan,’ ‘Hari naam sankirtan, ‘ prabhuji reverberates in the atmosphere and exhilarates the whole being of the atmosphere and exhilarates the whole being of the listeners.

The above mentioned research of scientists is limited to the physical body only whereas according to our illustrious scrip tures, the effect of is all-pervading. Even after death, it accompanies the soul of the being. Lord Sri Krishna says in Srimad Bhagwad Gita’:

‘’Uttering the monosyllable the Brahman-remembering Me always, he who departs thus, leaving the body, attains to the supreme goal.’’

‘Sannyaas Upnishad’ in Saam Veda says: ‘Anyone who reverentially does twelve thousand japa of pranav verily realize’s the Supreme within twelve months only.’

If anyone sets himself sincerely and dili gently on this practice, an anushthana (a religious undertaking) of twelve months helps him attain Supreme Enlightenment. Twelve thousand japa of coupled with abstinence from evil deed nad determination to attain God-Realization will God-Realization in one year!

Maharishi Veda Vyasji says is like a bridge to transcend mantras or to attain supreme beatitude.’

Sri Guru Nanak Devji also says: is the only truth. Yajurveda says: ‘in the letter Brahma pervades like ether.’ (Yajurveda:4017)

Maharishi pushkarji says: ‘parshramji! Pranav is the Supreme Brahman. One who by standing naval deep water repeats one hundred times and drinks the water thus con secrated, gets and drinks from all sins.’

(Those who are unable to take a dip in a pond can carry out this procedure at home by taking some water in a bowl.)

The scientists have accepted the wonderful merits of only for eradicating physical ailments whereas consecrates all the five sheaths of human body and fills them with ojas and radiance. Ailments and vices affect the inner sheath. If the same is revived by re verberation of mantras as commended by Yajurveda and Atharva Veda, one can easily gain longevity, vitality and sound health. Physical healing is an absolute remedy. Physical cure is not complete cure. Conse quently in spite of all the medical facilities. The patient remains afflicted with one disease


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