Sunday, October 2, 2011

Even your husband will come!

I offer salutations to the lotus feet of Sri Satgurudev.

My wife took Diksha from Pujya Bapuji in 1985. At the time of Diksha she thought “My husband does not believe in Bapuji”. The omniscient Bapuji cast a gracious glance on her and said: “Not only you but your husband will also believe in Me; you just see. You will be surprised to see how staunchly he follows Me.”

After a few days. With his grace I also got deeply interested in Bhakti and took Diksha. Words of Pujya Bapu came true. It so happened that a man was not giving my money back to me. So I took a vow before Barhdada of visiting the ashram for having Darshan five times on Sundays on getting my money back I got mu money back and also got the benefit of Bapuji’s Darshan and satsang.

Formerly I had a small paan stall and used to live in a rented house. From the time I came to Bapuji and started doing the seva of distributing Rishi Prasad, my business grew in leaps and bound and so did my peace and joy. I am very happy and blissful. I get success even where there is no chance. I have attained not only material but also spiritual gains. Our group of 16 people made 15000 members of Rishi Prasad and we were blessed with a gold medal awarded by Bapuji. Even at present I do the seva of distributing Rishi Prasad. While doing the seva, we feel that some Divine Power always accompanies us.

For the sadhakas committed to the seva of Rishi Prasad Every day is festival of Diwali and even mountains of sorrows crumble.- Dineshbhai Joshi, Ahmedabad. Mobile No. 8905599922.

Tulsi mala became a protective shield

My husband and I both have taken Mantra-Diksha from Pujya Bapuji. Once, I was circumambulating the Bada-dada (the sacred Bunyan tree in Goregaon ashram, Mumbai. A co-disciple was enquiring from people in Prasad seva?’ Some invisible power inspired me say, “Yes” I resolved to enroll 100 members. On fulfilling my resolve, I got a Tulsi mala from Pujya Bapuji as a Prasad (Blessing). On reaching home, my husband said, ‘I feel that Bapuji has given this mala only for me.’ I gave that mala to him. Next day, he was going to office on a scooter. He saw one oil tanker driven recklessly rushing toward him. He lost control over the scooter. Collided with the tanker and fell down. The onlookers said, ‘he is gone!’ My husband happening to me; please save me.’ Pujya Bapuji appeared instantly in front of my husband, placed him on one side of the road and disappeared. My husband’s clothes were soaked black with oil and torn; but he was completely unhurt. Due to Pujya Bapuji’s kind grace, my husband’s life was saved and he had a narrow escape from death.

From that time, I decided to do more and more of the seva that had saved my husband’s life. I decided to distribute the Rishi Prasad magazine, the gracious Prasad of Pujya Bapuji, to many more people. Millions of salutations at the lotus feet of the Almighty, Protector of devotees, supremely compassionate Sadgurudev!

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