Friday, November 26, 2010

God Refuge

(An excerpts from Bapuji’s Satsang)
Seek god refuge I haven’t hared of any way other then seeking god refuge. Even god says: Verily this divine illusion of Mine made up of the qualities of Nature is difficult to cross over those who take refuge in me alone cross over this illusion..
Illusion is unequalled and is difficult to cross. It is not impossible it is difficult Illusion is associated with three qualities. A tama sic India dual even by causing his won loss will derive great joy in casing a greater loss of anther such a person will derive joy form laziness sleep alcohol an kebabs, quarrels. He is caught up in the illusion tamasic quality. A rajasic individual will waste his life in enjoyment in hoarding in establishing his won fame. Such a foolish man is bound by illusion rajasic quality. A sarttivc individual has perfumed religious rituals of fire sacrifice has given some donations has done some good act. And so people say of him, he is good, virtuous he thinks It is good I own a house my son is well settle I have got my daughter married god blessing are with me. That sativa person is entangled and bound by the sativa aspect of illusion so this is the nature of illusion someone dreams of goings to heaven or to bisht that: it I am contend it is unconquerable but one who takes refuge in god is able to cross it even god has said.
Now Eknathiji Maharaj says my Vista my god what does taking shelter in you mean should I go to the Himalayas? It that taking refuge in you or should I enter into Samadhi a deep meditative state in a cave? Is that taking your refuge on should I keep doing arati and worshipping you in pandharpur you tell me what does it mean to seek your refuge?
One should take the refuge in god in guru. You heard the word sharan to seek refuge. Artists who have created paintings of god form their imagination and the photographs which were made from those paintings and printed in shiv Kashi. These photo reached our hose. It holding the fee of the images in that photo seeking refuge. Or some one saw that photo and made an idol out of stone we of come pay obeisance is it is good if we worshing it. So that idol that has been brought front in which life has been infused through feelings does taking refuge mean sitting an idol made out of any of god mineral or out of stone or holding on to and embracing a stone kept in Jerusalem it that seeking god refuge.
If just sitting and holding one to an idol feet is seeking regred in god than hold one the idol feet set delivered. Let your good happen. Sant Eknathiji reached the state of repose by conversing with the indweller lord by reflecting over him by entreating him. Then the Truth Consciousness. Bliss absolute that supreme Being that Gurutaattava guru essence in which he was established as if gave him the insight that the state devoid of resolves which occurs in the times interval between rising of one resolve and the other that state is essentially the Truth consciousness Bliss Absolute. Peacefully resting in that sate of Truth consciousness Bilss Absolute impels taking god shelter joy and sorrow leave us. Yet that which does not leave us to get established in that state implies taking god regred during faceable circumstance joy arises an during unforurable circumstance sorrow arises. Joy and sorrow attachment and aversion are, the nature of the mind such a mind changes joy and sorrow change. Yet to get established in that supreme Being the lord who is witness to such condition of joy and sorrow i.e. means to take regue in god.
A fisherman spread the fishing net in all four direction an sooner or later both small and big fish get trapped but those fish that wander around the fisherman feet are not caught by the fishing net. similar, one who takes his mind near god such a person gets form the web of illusion created by god.

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