Monday, November 15, 2010

Rajjab you created a mess..

(Excerpts form Pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
Dadu Dayalji was a great saint. His people used to visit him in order to have his darshan. Once a youth named Rajjab was passing along with his wedding profession. Some body informed him that Dadu Dayalji ashram was located nearby Rajjab said.

“Alright! Let the wedding ceremony wait. Once I’ve reached the corseted of a saint, I’ll first go to have his darshan..
Daduji Maharaj was delivering Satsang in his ashram. Meanwhile Rajjab and a few members for the wedding party arrived there to listen to the sacred discourse. The members said Let’s proceed as we getting delayed for the wedding.
Rajjab said dear! The real wedding is of the individual soul with the supreme soul.
We’re availing that opportunity. The wedding rituals in be perfumed after wards.
After some time Maharaji Daduji concluded his discourse Rajjab came nearer to have his darshan and a conversation. He bowed with great humility. Observing his humbleness, Daduji cast gracious glance on him and said what the matter?
Rajjab said Bapuji, I’m going to fall into the entanglement of marriage.’
Maharaji ji said:
‘Rajjab you’ve created a mess by tying the nuptial head wear. You were born to worship the lord instead you’re heading towards hell.’ Will you destroy your mind intellect and finally you life by indulging in carnal pleasure loving a physical body composed of flesh and bones? You had actually come in this world to worship the lord! These couple of words form Daduji penetrated this heart so deeply that it became the turning point in his life.
He said my gracious saint! From today onwards I will earnestly meditate on the lord, Though Rajjab disciple of revered saint Daduji e engrossed himself others to do the same. He awakened himself in the japa of and also in inspiring other so do the same. He awakened on the path of attaining to his supreme self. Really blessed is the moment when Rajjab reached in the shelter of Daduji and even more blessed is the discrimination and intellect Rajjab that once when he took refute in Guru then he remained faithful till the end and also achieved everything that was worth.

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