Friday, January 7, 2011

Answer Divine:

Question: Gurudev There is a yearning in my mind to take the path to god realization but I can not get rid of the restlessness of mind. In such a situation what should I do to successful proceed towards god realization?
Pujya Bapuji: if the restlessness of mind can not be over come let it persist. Say to the lord sire the mind restless but I am yours, don’t worry about the mind being nestled and restless. It you try to quieter the restless mind it wants activity if you want to dance to so for god if you desire to sing. Do sing the hymns in the praise of god , if you want to weep do so for god if you want to run , run away form the samsara to seek refuge in god but Baba It runs after the world let it do so and think I ma not concerned about what the mind does and where it goes I belong to the lord the lord belongs to me. Surrender yourself to god. Once you do that the mind will son get tired running after the world if the power supply is disconnected the fan will stop automatically after a few rotations. Surrender yours to god it is very simple. And it you ask me how to stop your mind form wandering I can not tell you as, frankly speaking I am to able to stop my own mind.

Question: Bapuji: I want to remember god with every broth but I ma unable to do that I have been trying really hard to do so. Kind do something about it.
Pujyashree : Is that so it is just not possible that you should fail if you really try to remember god with every breath of courser, you sleep at night . Everything does so practice remembering god with every breath while you go to sleep next morning if will happen spontaneously. Or you can practice this on getting up in morning and you find it happening automatically time and again in the day. And if you are still not able to that don’t worry and pary to the lord I am unable to remember you with the inhalation an exhalation. Nevertheless I ma Yours.
Do you practice Mr X is my housand you simply know and accept that so and so wife of Mr X now is to you whether you recites remembering god with the inhalation and exalting or you just accept the truth Bette it to accept the truth that you are god you are unable to practice remembering god with the Hilton and exhalation indifferent to the pain or peruse raftering the mind just know an accept pleasure and pain gain and loss worries tensions all belong to the and loss worries tenuous all belong to the world I belong to the or Acceptance to this fact well being the same results as are sight to be achieved by remembering god with the inhalation and exhalation.

Question: At all times and under a conditions one should maintain a non attitude but never ever so with the guru kindly elucidate the wisdom behind this precept.
Pujyashree: it is correct that at all times an under all conditions one should monition a non dualistic attitude but never ever so with the guru. Modality means I am all if you believe yourself to be the.

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