Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Relation between the Guru and the Disciple.

The Disciple must have faith in the Guru Teacher. The relationship with the teacher is the grates in life. My dearest and nearest rear nearest relative in the life is my Guru; Next my mother then my father. My first reverence is to the guru if my gather says, do this my guru Says, no not do this I do it. The guru frees my soul. The father and mother give me this body; but he guru gives me rebirth in the soul. We attend lectures and read books arguer and reason about god and soul, religion and salvation these are not spatiality because spirituality does not exist in books or in theories or in philosophies, it is not in leaning or reasoning but in actual growth. Even parrots can learn things by heart and reaped them.
If you become learned what of it asses can carry whole libraries. So when real light will come there will be no more of this leering form books book learning. The man who cannot write even this own name can be perfectly religious and the man with a the liberates of the world in his head may fail to be. Leering is not a condition of spiteful growth scholarship is not a condition.
The touch of the guru the transmittal of spiritual energy. Your heart the will begin the growth. That is the read baptism by fire. No more stopping you go on and go on.
The guru must be a man who has know has actually realized the divine truth has perceived himself as the spit. A mere talker cannot be the guru A talkative fool life me can tall much but cannot be the guru.

I have seen such men this in life I have read the bible an all such books they are wonderful. But the living power you can not find in the books the Power that can transform life in a moment be found only in the living illumined souls those shinning lights who appear among us form times to times.

We must wait till the guru comes. And the guru must be worshiped as god. He is god he is nothing less then that. As you look at him the Guru gradually melts await an what is left the guru picture gives place too god himself the guru is the bright mask god wears in order to came to us. As we look steadily on gradually the mask fall of god is revealed.
I bow to the Guru who is embodiment of the Bills Divine the personification of the highest knowledge and the giver of the greatest beauties who is pure perfect, one without a second eternal beyond pleasure and pain beyond all thought and a equalization transcendental .Such is in reality the guru no wander the disciples looks upon him as follows him unquestiongly. This is the relation between the guru and the disciple.

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