Tuesday, January 4, 2011

“We get Sattvic Knowledge in Ashram”

Dinesh Kanparia alias Bhana who had been duped by the conspirators Raju chandak and Amrit Prajapti though fabricated stories himself revealed the truth of the allegations in front of justice Mr. D.K. terrogations which lasted for tow days.
Bhana said by getting the benefit of the satsnag discourse of sant Asaramji I stated thinking about good realization and to some extent dispassion also arose with me I went to the Motera Ashram for a 40 days mantra anushtham. There every body had to wake up between 4:30 a.m to 5:00 a.m.
After performing regular daily rites they would do japa with mala and meditation etc. and would also plant tress I would also take benefit of the satsnag of sant Asaramji I want to live in the ashram only he replied sincerely. Live in the ashram its yours.
Bhana admitted sine the time I got acquainted with the sant Asaramji ashram, I experienced during my stay that only sativa knowledge is given there. I found the atmosphere of the ashram pious and Sattvic. During my stay in the ashram experienced spiritual peace and developed self- confidence. I lived in the ashram willingly with out any king of kind of pressure and did seva. During that period I experienced gradual sprigtail development. There are Manu Mandirs (a secluded place to perform sadhan while observing silence) also in the ashram. I have done sadha in the Manu Madir of surat ashram. I used to read spiritual books, do japa of the mantra given by Pujya Bapuji and do seva as a resident of the ashram. I have read hanuman chalisa also where it is mentioned.
“ Evil sprits and ghosts do not cone near, when they hear the name of the great hero Hanuman disease and sufferings are destroyed when the Name of Hanuman is repeated always.’

When I was at the Ahmedabad Ashram they many mentally disturbed people would come and pray to Bapuji or relive then of their affections. I have seen about 20-25 times Bapuji alleviating the sufferings of such people while sting on the vyaspeetha. I have seen people being benefited by Bapuji spiritual powers. I have seen Bapuji eradiating miseries of the people in pubic.

The smear campaigned new paper leveled false allegations against the ashram misleading the society about the constructions in ashram in the matter Bhana said I used to do the seva construction work in ashram. In the matter Bhana said I used to do the seva of constriction work in the ashram I have not seen any such construction in the ashram where in there is any under ground passage or cellar.
Regarding an issue Bhaan said when I me Asaramji the he treated me very affectionately placing his hand on my head, and talked to me.
Bhana who was duped by the false talks of the slanderers admitted I don’t know anything about tantrum the rumors that I have heard regarding Bapuji, Narayan sai and Ashram, I have personally not seen anything of that sort. I have not seen any nitric rites being practiced in caravan sai ashram this Is true adage there is no cure for the doubting and that was the reason I left the ashram.
Dinesh Kanparia alias Bhana who left the company and satsnag of the most pious and blameless sant sai Asaramji Bapu and joined hands with the slanderers has himself invited his misfortune.

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