Monday, January 24, 2011

Worship of Sun god ensures all round development of life.

(Excerpts from Pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
Bhagwan suray Naraynan Sun god removes darkness the its bright rays. If you offer water to the sun every morning, reacting the following mantra seven times o lord sun please bless me with brilliance and devotion it will make your life glorious with devotion you will gorw in tapas.
Whatever power and strength we have in our body and mind is obtained directly or indirectly form in sun so we will absorb light of the sun in our begins.
Looking upon the light above the darkness e have come to suray. God among the light is most excellent.
His bright rays bear him up aloft the god who all lives surya that all may look on him. If you determine to make it your daily, observance to offer seven handfuls of water as an oblation to sun reciting the above tow mantras, then you will get ability to give up the meanness egotism irritable nature which are bad habits that bring you down form the height of sadhan. Take water in a jug out of that offer seven handfuls of water to sun god that it. Then such a person becomes endowed with remarkable light of knowledge, theses mantras are capable of destroying your metal affiliations. They can also allay physical pains.
If you it difficult to pronounce Vedic mantras then you can just pronounce or think their meanings in vernacular.
The god presiding over intelligence is surya Narayana. So this daily practices will increase your intelligence it will enable you to digest your ability and it will also to over come emotional outbursts. These mantras of Rig-Veda will prove to be a veritable boom for children.
Countant as his guru an thus the enemity an jealousy of all the other accountant turned into love affection unshakable faith and devotion. Even you and me are also feeling respect or him in our hearts.
“If you gain on (the union with God) you everything . But if you after all the worldly perishable thing s you end up losing everything.
If you accept only this, whatever I ve received is all because of god grace only so it belongs to him only and to me. Mine is god alone then the best Seth of a sets god will awakens as in his very nature and makes us one with him only.
God is away form us till the feeling of “I” my an me exist unit the proud feeling of I ness or ego feeling is there we are never makes any spiritual progress until the existence of the seed is destroyed the tree can’t cone out of it. The see has to destroy its existent (it self) only the tree can Likewise the living being has to destroy his ego (feeling of pride) only then he can become like god.
:Destroy your ego feeling if you want to progress just as a seed destroyed itself to become a flowery tree.
My beloved god I bow to the keep going deeper and deeper in god’s meditative thoughts to finally become his own darling. There is nothing difficult in it as simple as that.

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