Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sri Yogavasishtha Maharamayana

The discriminative under standing obtained though the Company of Saints.
(An excerpts from Pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
Sage Vasishthji said o Ramaji! Just as a moonflower blooms on looking at the moon just as the wind merging with flowers becomes fragrant and just as a sunflower bloomer when the sun rises similarly the in tellect gets happiness in the company of saints. Just as a devotee ecstatic when his mental mode assumes the form of go, a yogi becomes blissful in the state of Samadhi similarly, a person feels himself blessed when his intellect gets instilled with discrimination peace equanimity and happiness in the company of saints.
One can not attain intellect permeated with divine peace by practice of any degree of penance, earning amount of wealth or acquiring any position of power that one can attain in the company of men of god saints, no matte how many bulbs you light, a sunflower will bloom as it gets in the sun. Make as many blooming artificial fowers but you won’t get that fragrance from the wind that you get form natural flowers, similarly in the company of saints pat tined of self knowledge spiritual peace and in starting divine wisdom our intellect gets inner joy and discrimination. It is not over whelmed by circumstances but crosses beyond all circumstances.
There is no overcame fasting penance or pilgrim center can help man cross the ocean of the world easily. Doing panacea and making a pilgrimage to any pilgrim center can bring about the purification of the gross mind. However I did a penance I visited the pilgrim center, I did this I did that thus the ego gets embellished in a more subtle way with satsnag g the ego getting transformed into divinity acquires absolute purity.
This sense of reality in the visible world vanishes in the company of self realized saints. There exists nothing but self with the complete vanishing of the visible world the world apes to be real butting fact it is changeful.
My eyes see the world as passing by what should ask for nothing the lanka of Ravan the City of Hiranyaskahipr and its people nothing is sees now. Everything is heading towards nothingness. It seens that the water of Ganga seen yesterday is the same toady a but is has flowed on to a far off place. A person appears just the same as seen an hour ago but the cells of his bound and thoughts of his mind are not the same. Everything is flowing everything is changing Nothing is still the moon is moving the stars are moving the sea is moving the seashores are moving.
Every drop of blood is moving in the blood vessels of you body microbes are moving. Everything is moving on the ground of the Immovable Reality. Which is the Consciousness Bilss Absolute. All is moving on the substratum of That Immovable all that is moving is Maya and the knower of movement is self supreme self. You are the immortal son of unqualified formless Narayan you are witness consciousness. You just assimilate your satsnag grace.

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