Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Memorable Tributes

Shri Ashok singhal international president Vishwa Hindu Parsihad:
Prama Pujya Bapuji is a great illustrious saint who is engaged in revving our eternal culture to re- establish its tents in our society.
The society a large will forever remain in debited a debt in can nave repay to Pujya Bapuji for his magnificent endeav our of rekindling faith in our culture among the tribal people inhabiting forests of the country a takes which he continues to pursue with a vigor. The great personage initiated many projects to serve the people kluging in tribal Ares. It is verily those who could not tolerate such service projects who have tried to malign sant Sri Asaramji Bapu though hiring the media speeding cores of rupees in the same manner in which they had tried to malign shankrachary shri Jayendra Saraswati, Amritanandmani Maa and Satya sai Baba, such things how ever failed to have any impact on the society.
Pujya Bapuji epitomizes the synthesis karma yoga Bhakti yoga and jnana yoga. Today Bapuji is guiding tens of millions of devotees. If the nation will follow the saints it will progress. I tell big political leaders to get blessing from saints. If they will take refuge in the saints they will be able remain in power only they can righteousness be establish.
All of us should be vigilant an alet to the attacks that are being made on us from all sides. Not on that we should propagate the truth because we live in the age of publicity.

Saint being maligned at the indication of foreign power.
Siddharthnagar, 22 November: The sabhus and saints are being implicated at the dictation of the foreign power. The saints have a very tender heart. The foreign powers by intriguing are trying to malign then by ensnaring then in their fabricated trap. This was the reason Bapu by leveling baseless allegations against him. The above statement were give by yoga acharya Ramdasji during his conversation with the journalists on Sunday in the ground of Rajkiya Kanya Inter college after the conclusion of the yoga Shivir.
The words of saints:
Prostrate yourself before the Guru: pay thousands of obeisance’s to him. A Bumblebee make a worm its equal not knowing its pettiness.
The Creator of the cosmos him has appeared in the form of the guru.
The guru makes on see the Truth imperceptible to eyes. There is no relative like the Satguru there is no donor like the saint. There is no well wisher like the lord there is no caste like devotees, Revere your guru obey his commands; none in the world can frighten such a devotee says kabirji. Surrendered to Satguru discourses kabirji is pat al fears the glory of Satguru is infinite; infinitely obliging is he. He opened my eye of knowledge to show me the infinite.
Sanin Kabirji-

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