Friday, September 3, 2010

Doubt and Acceptance

(Excerpts from pujya Bauji’s Satsang)
If we need to know the material world we need to understand it through analytical process to remove the suspicion, how this and that has happened? And in order to know the truth we will have to accept the world s of self realized guru. In order to analyze the material world we need to be skeptical and for knowing the absolute truth we need to have an attitude of acceptance.
When were enter any temple and see an idol of lord Buddha we portrait before him. If have is an idol of lord Vishnu we sin the prayer.
‘O lord Thou art my mother thou art my father Thou art my relative and my friend;
Thou art my learning man my wealth; thou art indeed my all.’
We do mot think they cannot speak how can they be my parents? These are brought and purchased jaipur for repress eight thousand and five hundred. This is not the way we think. In this context we do not leave room for any doubt. That is god because the rites prank Participate have been perfumed. Thus we nee to believe an benediction to m. When we go to Ambnaji, we chant Hail Mother Ambe. Millions of devotees visits your place to seek your blessings. My children are sick please be merciful and take care of my children. Place show your blessings on them so that they are cured and be happy here we do not doubt are cure believe that your sons will get cured by the grace of Mother. So in matter pertain into Dharma we do not doubt but we simply accept. Once we tread the path of acceptance we get rid of dogmatism. Thus this understanding of approval turns is to firm faith. When you reach near the self realized saints with implicit faith you start accepting the deep philosophical concepts taught by them. The n physical body with which lentil now you indigenized yourself is nothing but a statue. You also accepted the though which come in you mind as yours. When you saw with your eyes said. I am seeing when you heard with your ears your said, I ma hearing when you smelt with your nose you said I an smelling These nothings i and mine nose is mine and I smell eyes are mine and I am her seer errs are mine and I am hearer I have my stomach and I am the seer ears are mine and I am hearer, I have my stomach and I am the eater all you my stomach and I hearer I have my stomach and I am the eater all your entries old notions are illusory guru will remove then. Now when you are treading the path of acceptance on the strength of faith, guru will explains you that are not that doer the vision is seen when the main is associated with the eye. Hearing becomes possible when the mind is associated with ears. The on who sees all these processes, the one who sees the mind and it thoughts, the one who sees the intellect and is decisions is sell find that is actually you Thou art That Believe it. Have faith. When you start believing these superior fact you get realization of the supreme Tattav. This is called the Janna (the knowledge gains through study) accompanied with vitamin (knowledge of direct perfection)
I am atman soul you can enquire how I am Ataman? if you have faith and ability to crept the truth, only then the answer given will find a place in your heart. Other wise even logical answer will be rejected by you. There is no world which does not have a counter. There is no answer which cannot be refuted means all reasoning is validated by that. All resonating is created and dissolved in That Truth pesondided supreme self so it sin not the object or resigning. It is not be object to belief. All objects are created the dissolved in that. When one has faith in That has the ability to accept That has devotion love for god then one gains knowledge of God true naught in its entirety. Other wise on livings to only a pet go dahlia is the supreme lord then chatting julela jahuileal will give joy nut if you chant the name of any other god joy will disappear. Or suppose my presiding deity is lord Rama. If one pronouns loudly hail Rama hila Krishna my elation will fade away. When one realizes the truth consciences Rama Tatta, conduct and considering that Uttaka was a fit object to charity took off her ear rings and gave then to him. And she said These earrings are very much sought after by dashiki the king of the serpents, Therefore you should carry them with the greatest care. Taking eave of the Queen Uttaka left for his Guru place with the ear rings.

On the way Uttaka put the ear rings on the ground an dent for water. In the meantime Taksaka in the form of a human came quickly to the spot an taking up the ear rings ran ways Uttaka pursued the thief with the utmost speed. Btu Taksaka assumed his real form and speedily entered a Alger cave and proceeded to his won abode the religion of the serpents. With indra help Uttaka reached the region of ate serpents. There he prayed to indra and having gratified indra by his adoration , with his help conquered the serpents. Agin with indra help he arrived Krishna Tattav jhuleal one comes to now that they are in Reality figures are many. Power is one form are many similarly with in your body the power is one but the yes see many form ears hear ears heart many words nose smells many fragrances. The power is one and the same is all human bodies. The power is same no only in all human begins, But also in all living being. The power which enables the vow or the buffalo of see is the same which enable you to see. There may be a doddered in the intellect of a buffalo and that of yours or between the cow intellect and that of a buffalo but there is no differed in the power . In this way there is diversify in vises Jana. There is no diversity in the samara Janna( general Knowledge) . It is dental everywhere underestimated and always of the same nature. The dashiki becomes free form pairs of opposites (pain and pleasure etc. ) and all doubts. Tithe the ear reigns before his perecpturesss. His preceptors was sight pleased and said I bless you with all good fortune and with all the psychic powers.
Then Uttaka waited on his guru. And his Guru indra who is my friend showed you favor. The dung you ate was amrita. It is for this that you could to region of serpents. I am very happy with you for the courage shown by you. Now you many happily go back to you home . Having obtained blessings form his preceptor and his preceptors Uttaka went home.
Nothing is impossible for the one how has undivided faith in the Guru the embodiment who has absolute trust in the Guru words who steadfastly obeys guru commands. Later Uttaka become a great ascetic and a jinni lord Krishna had exhibited to him his cosmic form which on his way back to dwrik after the Mahabharata war.

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